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    The Purpose of The Black and Latino Conference. Why Now?

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    This is a platform that deals with Invincible Truth from the Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We will deal with the purpose  The Black and Latino Conference that is set for June 12-14 2015. Why is it so important and needed in this hour. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that there is 17Million with the 2Million Indians in North America at the time of 4 Billion 400Million all over the Planet Earth. We have to Unite as a solid wall in this crucial hour as Blacks and Latinos. Although we understand the airways are clouded with propaganda and filth that clouds the minds of the people. That doesn't allow them to think clearly and freely. This suppresses The God within and The God without of each and everyone of us. We will also deal with the importance our our Black and Latino Unity Conference. The Weekend of June 12th-14th. It is Our duty as TheGodSquad is to spread the Message and The Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad through His His National Representative The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So Join us this Sunday at 6PMEst to deal with this great topic. Invite your friends and family.

    Tell a friend to help us in Our great Mission to resurrect the dead by the thousands.

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    Twitter Page:@Thegodsquad1God

    Call in speak with the Host;(347)857-1256

    Listen in/ archives:www.blogtalkradio.com/thegodsquad1

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    Via paypal: Ministryofjustice85@yahoo.com

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    The National Brotherhood Conference of the Nation Of Islam Radio Program

    in Social Networking

    The National Brotherhood Conference of the Nation Of Islam Radio Program

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    Enter The Womb Conference!!!!!

    in Spirituality

    It's that time! We have been building up to this for a month! Join the ladies of Divine Wisdom Radio as we come together to talk about what we are planning at the Enter The Womb Conference. We are going to talk about our experience over the past 30 days and the growth of sisterhood and why it is so valuable for sisters to heal together!!!

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    Mompreneurs conference talking about mothers & free samples

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    #mompreneurs #call #radioshow 

    Mompreneurs is a conference about mothers. . It's important that you understand parents are or should be the best thing today 

    There are times we need to understand mothers put allot in you and when will you move forward and thank your mother for being who she is today 

    This conference I hope has touched somebody you can shout out and tell us where your calling from today. We love when you to shout out a couple of mothers and make it happen on a daily basis 

    #mompreneurs are where it's at today 

    Www.facebook.com/jaimesjournal or jaimesjournal@gmail.co

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    LivingEden: Building a New World Conference

    in Spirituality

    Special Blessings ALL MOTHERS!!  When all Divine Mother energies (which are part of both men and women) are gathered in a crusade of erotic love a change will happen in the world the likes we have never seen.  And I introduce you to "BUILDING A NEW WORLD CONFERENCE"

    The world needs a positive vision and a concrete strategy for planetary peace and sustainability. Equally important are the universal principles of justice, prosperity, and spiritual freedom for all.

    The Building the New World Conference ("BTNW") will focus on the reality that planet Earth is endangered in multiple, interconnected ways. We also need to recognize that it is no longer feasible to reform the current corrupt institutions. Therefore, in order to “Build the New World,” humanity must quickly shift from imperialism to social democracy, from materialism to altruism, from a global war-system to a worldwide peace-system, from unsustainable environmental destruction to resilient organic networks, and from religious separation to the redeeming state of spiritual unity. In sum, we must collectively move from fragmentation to holism … and fast!

    The conference is based on the "Wheel of Co-Creation" designed by Barbara Marx Hubbard, who is opening the conference.

    Please engage in this adventure of a lifetime either by being there in person or supporting it with us on LivingEden or supporting in any way mother/father Divine source inspires you.  We are the ones we are waiting for TOGETHER!!

    Our show will be covering and supporting what BTNW is offering and include meditations.  Send in your requests for meditation, sharings, insights. www.blogtalkradio.com/livingeden in comments at botton ov page.

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    NBA Conference Finals / Deflate-Gate Over? : INtheZONE

    in Sports

    This week's podcast features the breakdown of the opening games of the Conference Finals. Will the winner of game one in the East and West prove to be the favorite in each respective series going forward? Not so fast though, the Rockets proved that no lead is safe, not even 3-1. Concerning the East, LeBron has owned the Eastern Conference Finals, so the Hawks have a tough road to haul in order to stop his NBA Finals appearance streak at 4. In the West, James Harden gets the opportunity to prove that he is the real MVP in his matchup vs Steph Curry. Last but not least, the Patriots Robert Kraft has agreed to take his medicine. Is the end of the Deflate-Gate saga? We have the answers is this week's podcast of INtheZONE!

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    Second day of #Mompreneurs Conference with a guest

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    #mompreneurs #conference 

    We have a guest out of the williams town area and we have been friends for a couple of months. 

    Ginnie Calabrese is a birth and post- partum Doula and Co-founder of Loving Birth Services. After the birth of her daughter is 2011 she felt empowered and desired to help other woman during this amazing time. Since co-founding Loving Birth Services she has

    enjoyed serving many families in the area . She is a proud Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula, is  Pre-Certified with Pro- Doula. So we have been great with taking to each other about procedures and how she could make it for this great Mompreneurs Conference. . . 

    Www.facebook.com/jaimesjournal or jaimesjournal@gmail.com 


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    Mompreneurs conference with a #author with her new book

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    #coffee #tea #mompreneurs #authors

    Giving away free coffee and tea today but here is the second chapter of my book this is a preview only! 

    Mothers today are unstoppable but we got to keep on pressing 

    We are helping mothers today become better at what we do and we need to understand we are unstoppable but are you taking care of you first 

    There is enough violence going on so what are you doing to take care of you 

    Mothers need to be celebrated because you are unstoppable in how you present and take care of several things before you even think of yourself and we are thankful for where you have placed us today 

    How unstoppable are you today? Unstoppable is how we should be despite the craziness and past mistakes 

    We gave to learn pot build your unstoppable self up and one a day do u instead of worrying about others 

    #mothers #conference 

    Www.facebook.com/jaimesjournal or jaimesjournal@gmail.com 

    #facebook #mom


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    Conference Call *Dragons

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    Conference Call Wenonah Young Dragons Staff