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    90 Day Savings Challenge

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    Jessi Fearon, blogger with The Budget Mama, stopped by to chat about her new challenge - The 90-Day Savings Challenge. Over the next three months she wants to help you stop using credit cards and rid yourself of the cash-back excuse by creating your own 5% savings perk! Are you looking to add a spark to your debt free journey, tune in and be inspired!

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    State of Savings Institutions

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    Caroline Jones, commissioner of the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending, joins the show to discuss the state of savings institutions in Texas. Latresa Powell of the Texas Bankers Insurance Agency answers the question of the week, "Is there a specific protocol for reporting potential financial bonds or D&O claims?"

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    Connected Health & Health Savings Accounts

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    On this week's edition of HealthCare Consumerism Radio, hosts Ron Bachman, Doug Field and Andrew Dietz are in the studio for an in-depth discussion of the future of wearable devices, workplace wellness, health savings accounts and much more.

    For the first segment on the program, the hosts welcome special guest Cédric Hutchings, CEO, Withings, to the program to discuss connected health and wearable devices in the workplace. As a leader in the connected health revolution, Withings creates beautifully designed, award-winning products that bring long-term engagement and a measurable health impact to workforces. The Withings ecosystem allows employees to track and improve activity, sleep, weight and heart health. In this interview, Cédric and the hosts discuss what's next from the connected health revolution and the importance of companies adopting a data-driven approach to employee health and wellness.

    For the second segment on the show, the hosts welcome Liz Ryan, EVP and group head of Wells Fargo Health Benefit Services (HBS), back to the program to discuss the importance of an HSA as a long-term asset and safety and security a successful HSA program. In this interview, Liz and the hosts look at HSA industry growth, the keys to successful enrollment, the value of an HSA as a long-term asset, the challenges to containing health care costs and much more.

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    How to Build Savings? Information.

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    We're trying to get through this maze called life and what crucial information are we lacking?

    Please join us and if you can't, contact us for a free informational meeting.
    There's a lot of needless fear and bad feelings about money.
    We go to school. We get English, Math, Science, History. What course don't we get? Anybody ever take My Money, Money 101, Building Wealth?
    We use money every day, all day. And no course? What's up with that?
    Tomorrow night we'll get the essentials --and solutions for:
    – Reducing taxes (and give yourself a pay raise) 
    – Reducing credit card debt, student loans 
    – Saving up to $150/month on Auto/Home and Life Insurance 
    – then using that money to maximize your Roth IRA, 401 (k), your NYS pension plan, Start a 529 College Savings plan for your kids  
    Let's get financially well:
    In the Capital Region, come to the Family Money Fair at the Rotterdam Library Wednesday night July 30, 1100 N. Westcott Road, from 6-7:30, drop in. Go to bitly.com/yourmoneyny and sign up for your copy of How Money Works, the must-have guide.  bitly.com/yourmoneyny  
    See you Wednesday.


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    Health Savings Accounts and Self-funding

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    On this morning's program, the hosts will explore all of the latest trends in health savings accounts and self-funding with two special guests. The first guest will be Chad Wilkins, EVP and head of HSA Bank. The rise in health care costs, a shift to consumer-directed health plans and legislative changes are driving the future of health care and are expanding the role of health savings accounts. Additionally, recent studies have indicated a majority of Americans are not prepared to pay for essential expenses in retirement – including the cost of health care. In this segment, Chad Wilkins joins us to bring HSA Bank’s perspective on these industry trends and their impact on employers and consumers. We’ll also explore opportunities for industry providers to participate in emerging trends and maximize the value they provide to their constituents.

    For the second segment, starting at 11:30 a.m. (ET), the hosts will welcome Cheryl DeMars, president and CEO, The Alliance, to the program for a discussion on self-funding. The Alliance, a cooperative of employers that self-fund their health benefits, developed the QualityPath initiative to create a path to high quality care at a lower cost. The Alliance QualityPath program is one of few nationwide that measures the performance of a specific doctor at a specific hospital. Other innovative elements include bundled payments and paying close attention to the patient experience with 100 percent coverage of procedure costs, a 90-day warranty and shared decision-making.

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    Year 2 of the 52 Week Savings Challenge -- Year End Wrap up

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    Did you participate in the 52 Week Savings Challenge? Call in and share your experience. Did you use your savings for Christmas Shopping or did an emergency come up?

    What challenges will you try in 2015?

    What made this easy or difficult?

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    Health Savings Accounts & Private Exchanges: The Power of Choice

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    HealthCare Consumerism Radio is back on the Internet air waves! Following a six-week winter break, hosts Doug Field and Brent Macy kick off the new year with three familiar guests. The first is Todd Berkley, president of HSA Consulting Services. Author of The HSA Owner's Manual, Todd is one of the nation's most respected experts on all things health savings accounts. In this interview, Todd discusses his newly published book, the 2015 outlook for HSAs and his upcoming Private Exchange FORUM workshop, The Game-Changing Combination of HSAs and Private Exchanges. For the second segment, Brent and Doug welcome John Young, CEO, Consumerdriven, and Ernie Harris, EVP, Exchange Solutions, Maestro Health. As co-chairs for the upcoming Private Exchange FORUM, Ernie, John and the hosts discuss the 2015 landscape for private health insurance exchanges.

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    ThanksGiving & The Savings Are Good

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    Good Morning Family, Happy Monday today we are talking about Thanksgiving Savings. You know that is one of the days that we spend a lot of money on eating. So why not find ways to save money and eat good to. That is just waht we are talking about Saving for that day. Have a greta Thanksgiving be safe and be blessed.



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    Solar Energy. Are you taking advantage of the savings. Some towns are

    in Real Estate

    Solar Energy. Are you taking advantage of the savings? Some towns are 

    making it difficult. Listen in to find out what is happening in Hawaii

    and how you can make sure you are benefiting in your town.

    Ivy West is our guest and will fill us in..... Listen in, call in....

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    Free Up $, Build Savings for Today and Tomorrow

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    Who says you can't build wealth? 

    Working Americans have the power to build savings and investments.. And it doesn't mean winning lotto.

    By freeing up $500 or more each month--by not overpaying taxes, by reducing debt, by rescuing cash in life insurance--individuals and families can get ahead of the game. It's a necessity.
    Here's where your money should go.
    1. Emergency Fund: This is your reserve fund in the event of an unforeseen emergency, job loss or an unexpected expense.           
    2. Short-Term Savings: This account is for money that you set aside for expenses like a new computer or perhaps a vacation.           
    3. Long-Term Savings/Investments: This is where your retirement savings, college fund and other long-range savings will go. Because these savings have more of a long-term time horizon, you can use investment vehicles with potential for a higher rate of return, such as equity mutual funds.
    Let's get financially well:

    In the NY Capital Region, come to our Money Health Fair, this Wednesday night, July 30 at the Rotterdam Town Library, 6:00--7:30 pm. 1100 N. Westcott Rd. Call 952-1257 for more information. 
    See you next time.


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    Younger Generations Face a Savings Deficit

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    WSJ's Tyrone Johnson on how more fine restaurants are offering takeout and the savings deficit that younger generations face.