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    The Voice of Hope: "Saving Faith" with Derek Prince #11

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    Welcome to the Voice of Hope! Our show is designed for English and Mandarin learners who are seeking a deeper, richer life. In today's show a message by Derek Prince will present "Saving Faith." Please join us. YOU are the reason for this show. We want you to discover HOPE for living. God bless!

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    Your Faith Time = Your Prayer Time

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    Hebrew 11:1 says, "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Often times, individuals get faith mixed up with just the act of believing. The reality is, Faith and Prayer work together- as one. God sees your faith through your ability to pray and activate His word in your life. So how is your Faith Time, today? Learn how you can grow your faith through prayer and daily bible study.

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    Introducing 15 Minutes Of Faith

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    Over the last couple of years my life has gone through major ups and downs. God has put my feet to the fire and tested me in a varieties of ways. This has led me to hosting a radio show talking about the importance of faith and prayer if you hope to make it through hard times. 

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    Life Sucks Without Faith

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    In modern times we've been so conditioned to think it's possible for us to control everything in our lives, right up to the point where things fall apart. It's in those times that it's essential that faith in God is there to help us through the hard times.

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    Saving the Planet with Poop Bags

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    It's All things Toby Thursday at PAWSitive Radio.

    We'll be talking about a Toby Tested Toby Approved Product we love!  The Original Poop Bags.  Your go to show  for living a well life with your pets!  

    Join Host Charmaine Hammond, business and leadership expert, professional speaker, bestselling author and Toby the dog's pet parent.  Guest Paul Cannella is owner and founder of The Original Poop Bags - they have been saving the earth for more than 10 years! The Original Poop Bags are also partners on the PAWS Across Canada Tour.  Charmaine will also be talking about how to build powerful pawsitive collaborations that make a difference!

    Follow Team Toby's PAWS Across Canada tour live as it happened via Team Toby's Twitter Feed To find out about PAWS Across Canada Visit our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalTeamToby   To order a copy of Toby’s books

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    Grow In Faith Bible Study

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    Join us as we continue to seek The Word of God as it pertains to His love, mercy and purpose for our lives.  He has been faithful to us and desires that we have great faith in Him.

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    Isa 59:15  Yea, TRUTH has been CONCEALED; and he that departs from evil, who would compel men to seek true righteousness .. makes himself a PREY: and the MOST HIGH saw it, and it DISPLEASED HIM that there was NO JUSTICE. 16 And when HE saw that there was NO MAN, HE was ASTONISHED that there was NO INTERCESSOR:.. (Psa 14 & 53)

    Where there is NO EXPECTATION for SOLUTION beyond CONFUSION, there is NO FAITH!  I the EAST, the ancient hope of SHILOH, "He unto whom the gathering of the people shall be", was the blessed expectation KEY to securing integrity of the FAITH; pure perfect knowledge preserved invulnerable to all vain worldly partialities and pollutions.   WESTern ROME knew that SILENCING the EASTern HOPE of SHILOH would cause ALL to remain by default under PAGAN PRETENSES UNawares!   Indescriminate designs intent to protect and preserve UNruly opinions are a survival of POLYtheist WESTern culture which always counted pursuit for  the ONLY SAVING GOSPEL of TRUTH to be a thing "UNlawful" lest the RULERS be known FOOLISH!   Imperialist Greco-Romanism has literally MURDERED MILLIONS across generations that the FOUNDING KNOWLEDGE of the TRUE FAITH be SILENCED to this day!  DIVERSE OPINIONS are NOT SAVING FAITH, NOT KNOWLEDGE of the RIGHTEOUS PLAN of YAH beyond ALL WORLDLY CONFUSIONS!    Where the ONE WAY OF PEACE is NOT KNOWN, ALL are beguiled UNrepentant under BONDAGE; far from  the WILL of YAH!   Till men KNOW and EXPECT the foreordained DIVINE SOLUTION, man worships DECEITFUL VAIN DAMNATIONS!      BLESSED are they who beyond the veils will believe in Him YAH foreordained to again show again ALL the WAY of HIS RIGHTEOUS PURPOSE PLEASING unto HIM! (Isaiah 44:20-46:8-13, 48-51)

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    The Broken Family - Saving Our Sons

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    You are cordially invited to join me on Monday, Dec. 15th @ 9pm ET. 

    Visit: www.realtalkwithchrisrichardson.com 

    The topic: The Broken Family - Saving Our Sons

    We will hear from Dr. Bobby Manning regarding his new book titled: Saving Our Sons.

    Dr. Bobby Manning is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of District Heights. Widely considered a “pastor of the community,” he leads FBCDH to continued service to the physical and spiritual needs of the residents of the Metropolitan DC area.

    Under Dr. Manning’s leadership in empowering the community, FBCDH has been recognized in local and national publications such as The Washington Post and Outreach Magazine.

    Dr. Manning holds a Master of Theology degree (Th.M.) from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min) from Regent University. He is a native of the Washington, D.C. area where he and his wife LaVera currently reside with their three sons Levi, Reuben and Joseph.

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    Transition, what is it? Join, General Manager's, Dr Shirley Canniff and her husband, Dr Jeffrey Canniff and their son, Jean-Pierre as they begin to explore this intriguing topic. In approaching the 12 days of Christmas many times, we find ourselves on a journey of multiple transitions some happening all at the same time which can be a bit overwhelming for some of us especailly during this time of the year. In many cases we are hit with the reality of how these changes have often times affected our friends and family around us throughout the years. However, nothing can compare with "THE GREATEST TRANSITION OF ALL" when a young virgin from the House of David gave birth to a little baby in a lowly stable in Bethlehem as foretold by the prophets of old. This child was destined to save many from their sins. This baby is our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ who soon would die so that others may live in Him, thru Him, with Him and for Him.  Christmas is the time to bask in the Glory and Presence of  Our Lord & Savior, Jesus and to begin to see others as Jesus would see and to remain humble at the same time.  At the top of the hour, Dr Shirley will share the interviews of Tim O'Leary, the voice behind WSCIRO station identifier, Jack Yates, a friend and advocate for those who are challenged in their disabilities, and Jean-Pierre who ran away with the topic at hand . At the bottom of the hour, the team of WSCIRO would also like to share with the listening audience, " A Lesson In Caroles" presented by the Stoughton Catholic Collaborative, an outgrowth of the successuful completion of transition in order to furnish positive growth in the spiritual development of Parishes within the Archdiocese of Boston.  Here at WSCIRO, we hope and pray that you & your family will truly have a very Merry & Holy Christmas.





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    Grow in Faith Bible Study

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    We have been discussing growing in faith and what that looks like.  God's desires that we BE STILL and PERSERVE - trusting and KNOWING that He will be glorified in our situation.  We can't have real FAITH without KNOWING GOD.  Please tune in and hear an encouraging Word of The Lord as together we strive to Grow in Faith!


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    SDG 129 The Saving FAITH that Transformed Rahab

    in Spirituality

    Hebrews 11:31 and Joshua 2

    You know as Christians we’re on a stage of sorts.

    People are always watching how we live.  So is there enough F.A.I.T.H. operating in your life to be different?

    Remember this is your one life and opportunity to showcase the power of God working in you and through you by His grace and gift of Saving F.A.I.T.H.

    This message focuses on the transforming power of F.A.I.T.H.

    In chapter 2 of the book of Joshua we find the story of a lady named Rahab who had a wonderful transformation.

    Now early on in the story she certainly wasn't a lady because she was a whore, a trashy street walking prostitute.

    And she made her living by selling her body down in Jericho, near the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth, where she practiced the lowest profession: prostitution.

    So she could be called “The shady lady of Jericho.” and yet, this woman got saved, incredibly saved!

    And on top of it all she was a pagan, living in spiritual darkness.

    So here was a Canaanite prostitute, living in sexual degradation. And Rahab was destined for divine destruction, because God said  He was going to destroy the city she lived in.

    And yet, Rahab was so radically and dramatically changed, saved, transformed, that she supernaturally received a pure life.

    Then get this!!!  This pagan Canaanite, a former whore, marries a prince of Israel, and becomes a great, great grandmother of King David, and part of the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Wow!!! Now that’s an incredible story!

    Be sure to tune in to see the three fundamental truths of this supernatural transformation: 1.  The Providence that Confronted Her. 2. The Evidence that Convicted Her. And 3. The Confidence that Converted Rahab


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