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    Pizza, Money, and Sarcasm Radio Show with Tom and Larry

    in News

    Tune in every Wednesday at 1030AM EST to hear local news, popular topics, and good ol fashion humor from Pepicelli's Pizza owner Tom and Heroes Academy owner Larry. Call in's are welcome if you dare! 646 652 2512 and press 1 to speak to the host!

    Sponsors:  Heroes Academy  Pepicellis Pizza  Rita Ricks  Off The Vine

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    DEEP THRUSTING SARCASM Being Naked & The Ascension Of The Spiritual Smart Ass

    in Comedy

    http://www.neverbehave.com/SpiritualSoldier  <== Click Here to purchase Spirtual Soldier 

    This is the first Episode introducting the Spiritual SmartAss movement & Spiritual Soldier. 

    This is the Deep Thrusting Sarcasm Show 



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    Sarcasm Awareness Week

    in Comedy

    Matt-Man and Jayman have realized that there are a lot of people out there who just don't get sarcasm. There are even more who don't understand satire, parodies or absurdity. So, as usual, the IWS Radio crew is here to help. We'll break this all down and explain it fully. In our own way, of course.
    Plus we'll have Poet's Corner w/ Paul Piatt, a Redneckville Report from Dixie Ozark and all kinds of other fun and games. All this and YOUR CALLS!

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    Tuesday Morning Thoughts

    in Lifestyle

    In this edition of All Subjects Everything, we'll discuss the Houston Texans stirring [/sarcasm] win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football, knocking the Bengals from the ranks of the unbeaten and pulling the Texans into a first-place tie with the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South.

    Also, WWE segment! Today, we'll talk about the legacy of the Undertaker as we head into Survivor Series, which marks the 25th anniversary of The Deadman's debut.

    Lastly, our favorite band The Internet has released a bonus track from their critically-acclaimed, unviersally-loved album "Ego Death," and we'll play it along with some thoughts about the song and hopefully the direction of their next album.

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    in Religion





                                           CRITICISM,  DEPRESSION, CHOICES  AND MORE


    EVANGELIST LACEY KAY GREEEN  laceykayministries.org 

    pray it's,"your good pleasure" ya know, for all nations, the church, the lost, widows orphans Peace of Jerusalem




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    Facebook says you cant use the name Pastor! - Showering with transgenders!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Do we really need to use foul-mouthed kids cussing at Donald Trump in a video to make a point? Is this really what we've come to?

    Radio host, Pastor Greg Young says Facebook won't let me be titled Pastor without govt ID, but I do have 21 genders to choose from.

    Should Christians run for public office?

    If the Bible were still read in schools, we wouldn't have the issues that we have in schools today.

    Hr2   Forcing girls to shower and change with transgenders is causing an uproar.

    Gov. Cuomo is begging companies to stay in New York. Gee, I wonder why they want to leave? **sarcasm**

    Media personality, Xander Gibb talks about shared school facilities and transgender teens. Why not make accommodations by revamping the shower stalls to be more private rather than forcing the shower issue? Common sense.

    Woman of the Year and heroes... does it mean anything anymore? We've watered down the meaning of heroes and bravery.

    Using foul-mouthed children to get back at someone is the lowest of the low. Why would a parent allow their children to be involved in something like that?

    Hr3  Jobs report... it's not looking good.

    NY Gov Cuomo begs companies not to leave the state and take jobs with them. Over-regulation kills jobs.

    Nearly 20% of NY's insured about to lose health plans. Gov Cuomo blames Obama. Another Obamacare FAIL.

    NY is learning the hard way... $15 minimum wage is not going to work. The cost? 200,000 jobs!

    Sexting in schools surpasses epidemic proportions... now it's just an everyday occurrence.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

  • Sacred Sunday~II Corinthians Chapter 11/Paul VS Corinthians/Where is the Respect

    in The Bible

    The Corinthians & Paul have Issues. 

    Paul thinks he's pretty great when compared to the "super-apostles" (ah, sarcasm! Good one, Paul!). He may not be a fancy public speaker like these guys, but Paul knows his stuff. After all, he learned it from God. Apparently, some of these false apostles have been circulating rumors that if Paul were a real apostle, he would accept a salary from the Corinthians. Instead, Paul continues to work as a craftsman (he was a tent-maker) and accepts support from other Christians, but not Corinth. What gives? Paul tells them it's not because he doesn't love them. It's because he does—so much!  But yeah, when Paul came to visit, he didn't take money from them for his personal support. He didn't want to be a burden. He just brought them the good news of Christ Jesus free of charge. Is that a problem, Corinthians? Paul accuses the false apostles of being in league with Satan. Does all this bragging make Paul seem a little foolish? Well then fine. Paul is cool with that… even though he knows how ridiculous this all sounds. Besides, the Corinthians love fools. They listen to them talk all day… and even get convinced by some of their stupid arguments. We're looking at you, false apostles. If these guys want to have a brag-off, then let's go. Are these guys Jewish? Well, Paul is, too! Are they serving Jesus?  Paul has the far more impressive credentials. Five times he was whipped with 39 lashes. Three times he was beaten with rods. More ouch. Once he was stoned. Three times he was shipwrecked. He was lost at sea for a day. He is constantly in danger wherever he goes. Wow, people do not like Paul. See, unlike the false apostles, Paul doesn't brag about all the amazing things he can do or the fancy speeches he gives.

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    Sarcasm in Relationships & How It Keeps Us from Connecting LGBT Talk Radio Q017

    in LGBT

    What we are talking about on today's Connect, Support & Empower Hour

    This show is a perfect place to start your weekend.  It's our weekly interactive, lively LGBT Talk Radio show focusing on today's LGBT community.

    This week we are talking about:

    Host Chat - Your Weekend

    Connect - What's Happening In Colorado Springs

    LGBTQ Community Calendar

    Gay Men's Book Club returns to the Pride Center

    UCPPE's "The Lovely Rose Anniversary Show"

    Discussion Topics

    What Does Being Sarcastic Say About You?

    Sarcasm in Relationships.

    Why do people use Sarcasm?

    Six forms of Sarcasm.

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    Show Hosts Charles Irwin, Marlene Milner and Jack Danielsen

    During LIVE broadcasts Call In (646) 716-9729 or Tweet us @cosPRIDE or Flash Chat with us below. 

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    For Show Information Contact Us via eMail at info@cosPRIDE.org or call us 719-471-4429

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    The Friday Night SuperShow

    in Current Events

    This week, Join the Tag Team Champions of talk radio and their manager, as they return with this week's round table discussion, including the dog and pony show elections, the start of WW3, the disease of statism, and the new Monsanto lawsuits... also, truth with humor, information with a slice of sarcasm, and as always, the BEST music you've never heard! All this and YOUR CALLS on the #1 talk radio show to kick off your weekend, The Friday Night SuperShow!

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    The Beauty and The Beast Show

    in Entertainment

    This show is for MATURE audiences only. If you are not 18+ please do NOT tune it. We do not cater to young minds.

    We are envied and often duplicated, but there's NOTHING like the original!

    Want to laugh and forget about some of the stresses you had during the day or week? I know I do! Want to lose a few calories and get a mini workout in w/little effort? Who doesn't, right? Well come one, come all! Come exercise those cheek & stomach muscles and loose calories by laughing with (or at) us! Forget all of your worries and stress for at least the next 2 hrs and JUST HAVE FUN!!! We GUARANTEE that you'll at least chuckle at the antics of that Saksy Saks and Delectable Daryl plus other guests for the show. Catch us LIVE every Friday night at 9:30 EST (6:30 PST) by calling in to interact with us (516) 531-9975 or just listening to our craziness. Talk to you all at 'Show time!' ;-)

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    Interview with Dana Bowman, Author of "Bottled; A Mom's Guide To Early Recovery"

    in Lifestyle

    We are so excited to have special guest Dana Bowman, Author of "Bottled; A Mom's Guide To Early Recovery" on the show! 

    About "Bottled":

    "An unflinching and hilarious memoir about recovery as a mother of young kids, Bottledexplains the perils moms face with drinking and chronicles the author’s path to recovery, from hitting bottom to the months of early sobriety—a blur of pain and chaos—to her now (in)frequent moments of peace. 

    Punctuated by potent, laugh-out-loud sarcasm, Bottled offers practical suggestions on how to be a sober, present-in-the-moment mom, one day at a time, and provides much needed levity on an issue too often treated with deadly seriousness."

    This book is fantastic, and we highly recommend it for anyone in recovery, who is struggling with drinking, or who loves someone who is in recovery or dealing with addiction.

    Dana's prose is poignant, vulnerable, honest and funny; this book is a must-read for anyone navigating early sobriety. We are thrilled to have her on the show!