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    Sarcasm Awareness Week

    in Comedy

    Matt-Man and Jayman have realized that there are a lot of people out there who just don't get sarcasm. There are even more who don't understand satire, parodies or absurdity. So, as usual, the IWS Radio crew is here to help. We'll break this all down and explain it fully. In our own way, of course.
    Plus we'll have Poet's Corner w/ Paul Piatt, a Redneckville Report from Dixie Ozark and all kinds of other fun and games. All this and YOUR CALLS!

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    Sarcasm in Relationships & How It Keeps Us from Connecting LGBT Talk Radio Q017

    in LGBT

    What we are talking about on today's Connect, Support & Empower Hour

    This show is a perfect place to start your weekend.  It's our weekly interactive, lively LGBT Talk Radio show focusing on today's LGBT community.

    This week we are talking about:

    Host Chat - Your Weekend

    Connect - What's Happening In Colorado Springs

    LGBTQ Community Calendar

    Gay Men's Book Club returns to the Pride Center

    UCPPE's "The Lovely Rose Anniversary Show"

    Discussion Topics

    What Does Being Sarcastic Say About You?

    Sarcasm in Relationships.

    Why do people use Sarcasm?

    Six forms of Sarcasm.

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    Debunking The Myths Around Money

    in Lifestyle

    Today on the DEEP THRUSTING SARCASM SHOW we're debunking society's myths around money.

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    Native actors to Adam Sandler, "Our dignity is not for sale!"

    in Culture

    In news making international headlines, several Native actors were told "If you guys are so sensitive, you should leave,...", in response to their concerns of denigrating and racist portrayals of Native people. They left the production.
    Hollywood has long been known for stereotyping Native characters, or portraying the white hero who saves the day for the Natives as if they were incapable of overcoming insurmountable adversity.
    One Navajo actor, Loren Anthony, originally refused to participate in the film, but changed his mind when he was told a cultural consultant was hired to ensure a "tasteful representation" of Natives. They told me it was going to be a comedy, but it would not be racist he said. Other Native actors and actresses expressed their concern, but were ignored and told they should leave. When they left, including the consultant, the story went viral and was reported on CNN International.
    Critics say they should have expected anything different because it is satire. The definition of satire is:

    1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

    2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.

    3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.
    Netflix, who signed Sandler defended defended him, "The movie has ridiculous in the title for a reason: because it is ridiculous. It is a broad satire of Western movies and the stereotypes they popularized, featuring a diverse cast that is not only part of -- but in on -- the joke."
    David Hill, Choctaw, says the producers has called back the consultant and those who left. We'll be speaking with David Hill and others about their experiences with this racial stereotyping. Please join us friday evening on Eaglemanz: Chahta Nation.

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    Asylum Fantasy Sports Show 244- We're The Rubes

    in Sports

    Another week, another series of technical difficulties compliments of Blog Talk. Please enjoy this simulcast of our weekly Fantasy Sports Network show thanks to our live show disappearing deep into the black hole of cyberspace. Listen in as we talk Tebow and go through two rounds of our first mock draft of the season. You also may not want to miss it as we subtlely (sarcasm) vent our frustrations with the technical issues that continue to plague the show. You need to check this one out.

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    The Weekly Read, Will It Go Around in Circles?

    in Current Events

    Rubio, Clinton, O'Malley, and more?  Seems the sides are lining up to make their 2016 ring with great ferver now.  This is more exciting then the new season of Game of Thrones.  Speaking of which, Game of Thrones, season 5 started last Sunday night!

    So a Tulsa Oklahoma "volunteer deputy" who is over 70, accidently confused his service pistol for a taser, and shot and killed a suspect in a sting operation.  Guess what?  The "deputy" was White and the dead suspect, yeah, we said dead, was Black.  Did I miss something where there was a call for a national culling of Black men by cops in this country?

    Focusing on the major and sometimes overlooked topics affecting us in America today, the Nitelifer Circle of Sanity examines what is going on in Baltimore MD, Seattle WA, and all parts of the country in between.  The “Media” is or isn't talking about it, but regardless, The Nitelifer Circle of Sanity is! We hope to enlighten and educate while delivering the seriousness of the issues with sarcasm and humor.  Whether it is politics or social issues, The Nitelifer Circle of Sanity will be there.

    Call in to join us (347) 205-9763 or just click the link to listen in

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    Exit 3 Comedy Podcast with Roundboy Jimmy Graham

    in Finance

    You may have heard Roundboy Jimmy Graham perform with Artie Lange or local Sarcasm Comedy stars and may have heard him on The Howard Stern Show but tonight he's hosting his own podcast called Exit 3. We're back with another episode of comedy's best podcast. We'll catch up on what's going on in Jimmy's world and what he has upcoming in the near future! 

    Eric Butz from PotStockRadio.com will join Jimmy to discuss about his adventures in comedy and also cover what's going on in "comedy news"....and sometimes even have a surprise guest call in or hang with the Exit 3 guys in studio,

     Whether it's about his stand up comedy, his job as an actor or just his life as a father, husband, grandpop, coach and mentor the talk is always entertaining and it's 100% Roundboy!

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    Fade to Blick *Friday Fastball*

    in Current Events

    HEY we made it thru the week and didnt pull a Clarkson and punch anyone, so join me for topics of the day, sarcasm in the highest order and mayhem like no other on air.

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    Lucas Matthysse vs Ruslan Provodnikov Preview

    in Sports

    At this point, with the schedule as full as it is, we should just dispense with the smart-alec remarks and sarcasm and just tell you what you should expect during the show. But we won't do that, because we're mouthy. Still, there's at least one fight going on this weekend that's about as can't miss as they get, and that needs to be addressed! This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor will eagerly preview Lucas Matthysse vs. Ruslan Provodnikov, and likely with the masculinity of 17 wolverines. Terence Crawford fights Thomas Dulorme on the Matthysse-Provodnikov HBO undercard, and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. makes his comeback from a hiatus to fight Andrzej Fonfara on Showtime. Oh yeah, and there was another Premier Boxing Champions card on NBC last weekend featuring Danny Garcia vs. Lamont Peterson and more. Thanks for tuning in!

    (Photo: Premier Boxing Champions)

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    Steelers in the News, What's Left and an Epic Rant - Next Fan Up 4/11/15

    in Football

    PodVader talks to Bengals SuperFan, English Simon, Chargers SuperFan, Ken Priest, and Patriots SuperFan, Patrick Siska, about the retirement of Troy Polamalu, the suspensions of Le'veon Bell and Lagarrette Blount and who's left in NFL free agency from a bargain perspective.  

    First off, Troy Polamalu retires.  What's this mean for the Steelers and is he really a first ballot Hall of Famer?

    Next up, Le'veon Bell and Lagarrette Blount are suspended.  Bell for 3 games and Blount for 1.  Oh how will the teams survive?  Do you note the sarcasm?  How important is a "factor back" in today's NFL?

    Potential bargain free agents remain - anyone want Greg Jennings?  Ahmad Bradshaw? Joe Barksdale? Chris Meyers? Da'qwon Bowers? Brandon Spikes?  Is Michael Crabtree a bargain option at this point?

    Quiet time as the NFL Draft approaches and just as we're about to wrap up, Patrick let's loose with an epic Patriots rant that is not to be missed.

    Still looking for a Cardinals SuperFan - apply at nextfanup@gmail.com - or just send us a note. 

    Follow on Twitter: @nfupodcast @therealpodvader @kennethjpriest @simonhunter_


    And subscribe on iTunes: https://itun.es/i6LL2mT


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    in Health


    Join Cherise, George and Scott and special guest Rick Phillips, T1D and Rheumatoid Arthritis


    In 1974 I was a typical guy; I loved the outdoors, riding bicycles, cars and of course I had an interest in girls. My diagnosis was not at all unexpected. My mother had type 1 diabetes as did her sister who unfortunately died when Mom and she were children. But the truth is; I had lived with diabetes my entire life, first in vitro as my mother had gestational diabetes and then as a child when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

    Then while visiting Disneyworld, I became very ill, was rushed home to Indiana and admitted to the hospital. I had my first insulin injection even before I was admitted. I was released from the hospital on my 17th birthday. I learned two things that week. Illness can happen any time and Disneyworld is not always the happiest place on earth.

    For the next 26 years I was reasonably self-sufficient. There were no major illnesses or issues. But then I started to feel awful all of the time and I was having difficulty moving, walking or even sitting. That was when I was introduced to the new world of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was in the middle of my career and having RA was not a part of my plan.

    I worked for 12 more years after diagnosis with RA until I was unable to keep pace and had to find a different purpose in life. So in 2008 I accepted (with great reluctance) disability retirement from my employer.

    The truth is often forgotten however. I am first and foremost a husband (Sheryl and I have been married since 1977), a father (2 wonderful sons), and grandfather to 3 of the most charming, intelligent, and awesome grandchildren (I know opinions may vary).

    But through it all I still love bicycles, collecting things, laughing a lot (mostly at me), sarcasm, and most importantly having a good time.