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    Inside Sarasota City Hall,Whats Goin' On?

    in Politics

    Hey Sarasota??,What the heck is going on at city hall??,Alot of termoil and stress as the community begins holding those elected responsible.Is this the begining of a "new" sarasota and is it good or bad that this is happening??

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    Sarasota Home Inspector Talks Dishwasher Maintenance

    in Education

    Sarasota Inspector Talks About Dishwasher Maintenance

    Tim Beavers, inspector at Above All Home Inspecting (AAHI) in Sarasota, Florida says dishwashers require maintenance as does all appliances. In order for your dishwasher to operate correctly with no issues there are a few simple steps one should take.

    This episode is going to discuss dishwasher maintenace routines. What is required and how to address it.

    Tim Beavers
    Above All Home Inspecting, LLC


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    A Sneak Peek At Sarasota Underground – Frank Maggio

    in Politics

    View the original version of this article at http://raymmar.com

    In this episode of RayDO uncensored… Raymmar talks to Mr Sarasota himself. Frank Maggio talks about being a young professional in Sarasota County and other nationally noteworthy topics. Stay tuned to the very end to get a sneak peek at Sarasota Underground and what I am working on here locally in Sarasota Florida. 2:24 – Start here to skip […]

    The post A Sneak Peek At Sarasota Underground – Frank Maggio appeared first on Raymmar.com. You can read more from Raymmar here Raymmar Tirado

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    Steve McAllister - Write-In Candidate For Sarasota County Commissioner

    in Elections

    Some people do things by the book. Others write the book. Enter Steve McAllister. He is running for Sarasota County Commissioner District 2, but hopes to find his way onto the ballot and into a seat on the Commission via write-in votes on November 4th.

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Steve McAllister, Director of Operational Development for Sarasota's The Flow Factory and Common Wealth Time Bank, to the show on Tuesday, August 12 at 12 pm Eastern Time to discuss his creative and compelling campaign.

    Addressing the same old problems with the thinking that has caused them needs to be abandoned, according to Steve. He will discuss why he chose to run and do so as a write-in candidate. We'll also hear how his eight-point platform can help Sarasota "move past the status quo by opening up to a larger world view." 

    For more information go to WriteInSteveMcAllister.com

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    Spring Training in Sarasota

    in Baseball

    Is the Orioles' return to glory somehow related to having a top notch spring training facility in Sarasota, FL

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    Guest: Karen R. Koenig, author of Starting Monday

    in Relationships

    About the book:

    Starting Monday is based on the simple premise that when our behaviors don’t align with our expressed intentions, we’ve got a conflict going on, often outside of our awareness. The book helps readers dig deeply into their psyches to figure out what mistaken beliefs and needless fears are holding them back from achieving their health and fitness goals. The polarized feelings for disregulated eaters to identify and resolve fall within these 7 key areas: 1) create lasting change, 2) making conscious choices, 3) feel deserving, 4) how to comfort themselves, 5) know what’s enough, 6) manage intimacy, and 7) developing a healthy identity.

    Starting Monday first helps readers unearth their mixed feelings in these seven areas, then teaches them how to change their beliefs and behaviors to resolve them. Using humor, plain talk, examples from her clinical experience, reflection exercises, case studies, and homework, Koenig lets troubled eaters know that their yo-yo patterns of eating and self care are due to conflicts. She shies away from easy answers and, instead, provides hope and concrete actions to developing a permanent, positive relationship with food.

    From the author:

    I am a psychotherapist, national educator, international author, and an expert on the psychology of eating—the how and why, not the what, of it. For more than three decades, my mission has been to help people with eating and weight problems learn to eat “normally” and maintain a healthy, stable weight for life without dieting and deprivation. My therapy practice is in Sarasota, FL, where I do tele-coaching and Skype consultation worldwide. As a recovered chronic dieter and binge-eater, I meld my personal recovery wisdom with my professional knowledge and experience to resolve eating problems.

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    in Lifestyle

    Kory Souza Originals on Wide Open Radio

    Standing Out in the Custom Motorcycle World

    We talk with custom motorcycle builder Kory Souza of Kory Souza Originals in Sarasota, Florida. Kory will discuss his path to success in the motorcycle industry and what he does to ensure that his shop and the bikes he builds stand out amongst the crowd. We will be discussing common issues that arise when people leave their bikes to be worked on at a custom shop – and how you can avoid being taken advantage of and make sure you get your money’s worth. Also, Kory and one of his favorite customers and friends, Mike Concannon will talk about the 2012 Road Glide from KSO that was featured in Urban Bagger Magazine’s February 2015 issue – and the steps they went though from design to fabrication, paint and assembly to make this build come together.




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    5-7-15 Kathy Lixing Sun 'Interview - Talk'

    in Spirituality

         Kathy Lixing Sun speaks about her interactions and affiliations with Dzogchen and Kadampa Buddhism, Tibetan knowledges and the KS perspectives of them. Her story of the psychomatic discovery of the 'J-seals' mentioned in Voyagers 2 while in a Buddhist sect, her own family coding, her definition of 'purge', and the move back to the 'Grual' in Sarasota, FL.




    INTRO: 'Happy' - Pharrel Williams ... OUTRO: 'Long Time Sun' - Snatam Kaur

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    2013 Sarasota Film Festival Spotlight

    in Movies

    The Movie Geeks speak with filmmakers whose latest works are represented at this year's Sarasota Film Festival, including director Tom Donahue (Casting By), director Janet Tobias (No Place on Earth), writer/director Andrew Brotzman (Nor'Easter), director Kevin Schreck (Persistence of Vision), director Matt Reynolds (The Great Chicken Wing Hunt), writer/director Will Slocomb (Pasadena), and director James Ponsoldt and producer Andrew Lauren (The Spectacular Now).


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    Tom Holland & Sarasota Slim & COUCH KID NEW MUSIC: Corey Lueck & Damon Fowler

    in Music



    Growing up on the south side of Chicago suited Tom Holland well, its where he learned first hand from the blues worlds top players.

    Holland has been a member of the legendary James Cotton’s band for about 11 years.

    While not playing with Cotton, Holland fronts The Shuffle Kings, a true Chicago Blues band.  Their album, No Fluff, Just The Stuff is filled with great music and Tom will join me to talk about his career and the album.

    Gene Hardage is known as Sarasota Slim. He grew up in Sarasota, and has been playing music "longer than I'd like to admit, luckily this makes me somewhat legendary in certain circles", as Slim likes to say.

    He toured with Lucky Peterson and earned his "Sarasota Slim" nickname from local legend Rock Bottom. His latest album is Get Up - Get Down and I will chat with Slim while we listen to the music.


    First, Corey Lueck joins me to talk about his latest release, Live At The Hamilton.

    I'll chat with Corey about what he has been up to since his visit in December of 2012 and listen to tunes from the new album.

    Then Damon Fowler returns to The Couch.  He has been here as a solo before and also came with Southern Hospitality.

    His new album, Sounds Of Home was released in January and is a collection of 9 originals and 2 covers produced by Tab Benoit.

    Damon and I will catch up on his frentic touring schedule, the new album and how his home has kept him grounded throughout it all.


    "Musicians You Should Know"

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    That's Novel! interview with TM Lazar

    in Books

    Join Stephanie when she interviews TM Lazar on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 from 8-10 PM EST.

    You can find her on Amazon here:  http://amzn.to/1BFHi0S

    T.M. Lazar lives in upstate NY. She started writing her debut novel, The Last Glass, at the age of 16. At the age of 19, she made her dream a reality and hit publish on the first book in The Creatures of Grimmsburg series. She also published a short story in the anthology, Eight 'Til Chrsitmas, with a collection of other indie authors. She is currently working on book 2 in the Creatures of Grimmsburg series, as well as developing another series, Sarasota Boys. Along with writing, she is an avid reader, and loves to spend time with her family and friends, camping, swimming, drawing, dancing, and just hanging out! She will also be starting college soon, and majoring in Liberal Arts and Literature.


    You can find her on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TMLazar?fref=ts

    Authorgraph:  http://www.authorgraph.com/widgets/author/TMLazar

    GoodReads:  https://www.goodreads.com/tmlazar