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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Sara Deutsch and Sarantos

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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. We ask authors the hard questions. You'll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative.  Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass. And remember to take the red pill.

    Today's Guests are Sara Deutsch and Sarantos

    Sara Deutsch

    Sara Deutsch, M.S., is an author, multi-media artist, Creative Arts Therapist, and teacher who focuses on creativity as a healing force and the art of collaboration.  Her journey led her  into many worlds. She trekked alone in the  Himalayas, and lived in virgin jungles of Hawaiian Islands, eating only fruit and wild vegetables. Sara draws from doctoral study in Psychobiology and East/West Psychology, years in a contemplative  order, 28 years of private practice, college teaching, and multimedia explorations.

    Sara's books include:

    Remember to Float

    VIOLET MOON--Fairy Tales with Art to Heal the Heart

    Sara's website: http://www.artwanted.com/Saraphael


    Sarantos unique sound has been best described by industry insiders as "an emotionally powerful vocal style masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic 80s rock blended with modern soft rock and pop music!"

     And now, Sarantos has just revealed that he is also going to start releasing a new Chapter from his fiction/fantasy book each month with the book also coming out at the end of the year.

    Sarantos' book is: Not Where I Want to Be

    Sarantos' website: http://www.melogia.com

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    The Healing Curve: Sara Chetkin

    in Spirituality

    What is our true potential to heal and awaken? Sara Chetkin has a powerful personal story to share about her own healing journey, as revealed in her critically acclaimed book The Healing Curve: A Catalyst to Consciousness.

    Diagnosed with severe scoliosis at the age of fifteen, a curvature of the spine causing debilitating back pain which often leads to deformity and loss of mobility, Sara embarked on a life path of astonishing discovery, profound healing and dramatic spiritual awakening. Sara traveled the world in search of healing for body and soul, encountering gifted healers and shamans. Ultimately she realized the key to healing and awakening was releasing her own deceptions and illusions, embracing true humility and acceptance of her place in the Universe. Her life completely transformed, Sara finally saw through the blinding limitations of her own fears, unfolding a life of true Joy and vitality.

    Now a Ro-Hun therapist and an ordained minister, Sara has a BA in Anthropology from Skidmore College and an MS in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture.

    An interesting synchronicity, Frontier Beyond Fear host Susan Larison Danz was also told she had scoliosis at a young age, though thankfully a mild case.

    "As thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is inspired and inspiring, Sara Chetkin's introspective commentary on her personal life experiences is a deftly written and thoroughly engaging story from beginning to end." - Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review

    Sara's web site:  TheHealingCurveBook.com

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

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    SARA BALLANTINE: Filmmaker/Producer/Actress/Director of "Troupers"

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    SARA BALLANTINE is a talented Filmmaker, Producer, Actress, Voice-over and Co-Director of "Troupers," a valentine to actors over 80 still pursuing their show biz dream. In her film, you'll meet 12 talented, successful people who beat the odds, followed their dream and are still working well into their 80s and 90s.  Troupers takes a humorous look at how this fearless group survived parental disapproval, the black list, poverty, divorce, rejection, disappointment, depression, bad acting coaches, critics, nasty casting directors, and decades of auditions to do what they wanted to do: Act.

    Sara is the daughter of comedy magic legend Carl Ballantine and actress Ceil Cabot.  She provides the voice of Mary Jane on the "Spiderman" animated TV series.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/saraballantine

    Movie website: http://troupersthemovie.com/

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    RRR Tales from the Pages Welcomes Sara Jayne Townsend and Alma Alexander

    in Books

    You may have noticed my show time has changed. Just for the months of November and December my dear friend Fran Lewis has given me her times. Thank you, Fran.

    Today's show welcomes two authors Sara Jayne Townsend and Alma Alexander. They will be discussing their books. Sara Jayne Townsend is the author of Dead Cool and Alma has written many books. She will be talking about her new book Random, which is part of the Were Chronicles. 

    Also, I will be talking about my NaNo experience and update you on how far I have gotten.

    Just a note of apology for October's show. The time was messed up due to the change in time. I hope this one will go smoothly. Thank you to all who listened last month.




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    Glass Ceiling- Sara Stroud-Colvin

    in Entertainment

    No Progress for Women in Business Says 2013 Census of Fortune 500

    Sara Stroud-Colvin

    Director of Development, School of Business

     To support the strategic initiatives of the SIUE School of Business through the development programs and alumni relations programs. 

    Analyze and assessing needs for philanthropic support based on School of Business strategic plan. Develop and execute plans to pursue resources that will enhance the reputation of the School of Business. Develop engagement strategies and communication plans for prospective donors. Direct and organize scholarship committees to select recipients. Work with donors to increase relationship with the School of Business and scholarship recipients. Work with donors regarding gift stipulations, insuring that stipulations are followed. Managing and overseeing outside contractors who provide communication services, developing and communicating concepts and overseeing production. Work with other departments across campus to coordinate efforts such as Alumni Affairs and University Relations. We ask her the hard questions about business, and  Stereotypes vs. Generalizations, The Glass Ceiling is it real? Join us

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    Into the Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi w/ guest author Sara Brooke

    in Paranormal

    Meet The Hosts
    Steve and Naomi are from the paranormal group S.T.U.R.S., which stands for Seeking the Unknown Realm Society. Steve is the founder of S.T.U.R.S. and Naomi is an investigator. The group was started in October of 2010. STURS has investigated many locations throughout New England, including Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, NY, Pennhurst Asylum, The Houghton Mansion in North Adams, MA, The Haunted Victorian in Gardner, MA, The Governors Inn Hampton Falls, NH, The Paine House in Coventry, MA and best known for their appearance on A&E's My Ghost Stories for their story on the investigation of The Seacoast Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth, NH. Steve and Naomi also perform together singing which includes performing live at the 2013 Paranormal Awards.  Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi are norminated for Radio Show of The Year for the 2014 Paranormal Awards and STURS was a nominee for the 2013 & 2014 EVP Of The Year Award, 2014 Video of the Year & 2014 Comedy of The Year.  Naomi can be also seen in the benefit calendar for 2014 Women of The Paranormal as Miss January.  They are often joined by their teammates from STURS, like Steve E as they affectionally refer to him as "Quiet Steve".  Always a fun show filled with some pretty amazing guests!! 

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    WMAD #03 Interview with Childhelp Founders Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson

    in Television

    CBR Radio

    WMAD #03 Episode #3

    "Women Making a Difference"


    THURSDAY, December 4, 2014

    9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT

    “Women Making a Difference “Highlighting women who are making a difference in the lives of others in their own unique ways. Strong, intelligent, beautiful, caring women be it famous women or non-famous women each one has gone beyond their own daily lives to make lives better for others be it one person or many people they  pave the way for women around the world to do the same in their work places and own communities.


    Special interview with Childhelp  Co- Founders  Sara O/Meara and Yvonne Fedderson

    Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson worked together to grow Childhelp in to one of the largest child abuse prevention and treatment non-profit organizations and operate today as Chairman and CEO (Sara) and President (Yvonne)

    Chairman and CEO, Childhelp

    Sara O'Meara is the Co-Founder of Childhelp, a non-profit organization providing assistance and programs for abused children both domestically and abroad. 

    All photos and audio clips used on this broadcast are copyright of ChildHelp, Sara O'meara and Yvonne Fedderson

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    Gems of Wisdom-Sara Speer Selber, Sustainable Change

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Gems of Wisdom Radio with Teresa Maron! Tune IN!

    Helping You, So You Can Help Others!

    Join Teresa as she continues her Rocktober series, "The Day That Changed Everything" with guest star Sara Speer Selber. Sara is a woman who has mastered the art of bringing out the best in everything she touches, peoples lives, events, businesses and worthwhile causes. Her journey has been rich, and her influence, although felt by many, has many times been behind the scenes.

    The Gem of The Day is Sodalite.

    Sara will share with us a traumatic experience, her Day That Changed Everything, bringing into intimate focus the things that really matter to her.

    Sara is being honored this month by Brigid's Place,

    The Beauty of Friendship: An Evening Honoring Sara Speer Selber, Becky and Dora Cisneros
    October 16, 20 Contact Lauren Santerre

    The portrait featuring our honorees by Anat Ronen, Houston premier Urban Artist, will be available for purchase at the event! 

    Informative and Relevant Content with a Self Help and Motivational theme, committed to your personal growth! Sign Up for the Gem of the Day for Guest Updates, Specials, and Free Gifts. 

    Contact Teresa

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    Adventures of Life and Death with Sara Deutsch

    in Spirituality

    Special guest Sara Deutsch, an inspirational teacher, author, artist and psychotherapist will be here to talk about her three Near Death Experiences and how they transformed her life. 

    Drawing on what she learned from her doctoral study in Psychobiology and East/West Psychology, her multimedia explorations, 27 years in private practive, and years of teaching experience, Sara has traveled the world in ways very few people do, She has ventured alone into remote jungles,surviving solely off the vegetation of the land.

    Save the date to hear Sara tell her remarkable adventures of living and dying.



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    Ligatures - Novel by Sara Rich

    in Books

    Sara Rich (author) and Timm Tayshun (publisher) join us for a special episode to discuss the new Novel "Ligatures"!

    Stanza Thompson knows how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but she can't read the signs of the times. Not, at least, until the witching hour. Stanza is a young American scholar working in Belgium when her husband, Pierre, is killed in a tragic bicycle accident. Devastated by her soul mate's death, she moves back to her family home in rural Kansas. In her five-year absence, Stanza's homeland - and especially her hometown - has become darkly twisted, creating something dangerously inhospitable to outsiders. As rebellious as she is brilliant, Stanza is a stranger in the university where she teaches, even in the town where she was born and raised. With ghosts and feral hounds as companions, she stumbles upon a carving in the woods that harkens back to Ozark magic, promising to single out and kill a witch. This discovery sends Stanza on a tornadic quest into regional folklore, a string of historical murders, and the occult - and ultimately, into the mysteries of her own bloody heritage and fey destiny. Composed of idiosyncratic characters and idiomatic prose, Ligatures combines elements of the weird, southern gothic, and magical realism to create a world that is familiar and terrifying at once. Between the suspense and the quality of writing, you won’t be able to put down this spellbinding book, even long after it’s finished. Reviewers of the Kindle version have called Ligatures “perceptive” with a “dimensional and complicated” protagonist that “brings to mind the early work of Barbara Kingsolver and Margaret Atwood.”

    Available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Ligatures-Sara-Rich/dp/150072145X

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    Sara Canning

    in Entertainment


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