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    Yes, folks ... callers under 12 years of age will have an opportunity to speak directly with... the REAL Santa Claus, speaking from his village at the North Pole.

    Santa will speak to us through the beloved channel, Nancy Tate.  

    We spoke with Santa last year and learned much about his workshop, sleigh, Mrs. Claus' gingerbread baking, and his village. Listen to last Saturday's call and learn from Zorra a bit about the 3,000 year history of Santa Claus. The original Santa, an Ascended Master, St Nicholas, began 3,000 years ago.  He is still in body; however, there have been several generations of Santa's now, each fulfilling this loving Mission of Giving to the children of the world.  .

    We welcome your little ones.  Have them prepared with:

    My name is _____________________.

    I am __________ years old.

    I live in ____________________.

    My question for Santa is ____________________.


    See you tonight!


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    La Ferviente Vida De Santa Jacinta

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    En Temas Espirituales hablaremos de una conocida santa. Recordemos que los santos son modelos de un verdadero cristianismo y una ferviente espiritualidad. Cuando observamos y reflexionamos sobre sus vidas podemos aprender muchas cosas que contribuyen a nuestro propio crecimiento. Este día estaremos aprendiendo de una santa que celebramos este próximo 25 de febrero y que lleva un nombre que significa "flor de buen olor", su nombre es Jacinta y nos sirve de gran ejemplo de que la cercanía y conversión hacia Dios es enteramente posible hasta para el mas mundano de los mundanos. En la vida de Santa Jacinta Solo debemos mantener la vista al cielo y orar para pedir la conversión y el amor de Dios en nuestros corazones. Aprende como esto puede ayudar tu vida espiritual.

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    Santa Claus - An Exclusive Interview

    in Entertainment

    We have an exclusive interview with Santa Claus.  Hear from the jolly old man himself some personal information that will amuse and delight you.  A fun show for people of all ages and all faiths.
    Santa was introduced to us by Stan Hayes.

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    La Vida De Santa Eulalia y Reflexiones Espirituales

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    La Vida De Santa Eulalia y Reflexiones Espirituales, este es el tema de hoy. Escucha para que aprendas sobre la vida de una santa que lleva el nombre de Santa Eulalia; esta santa con su vida nos demuestra como debemos vivir y que como debemos luchar para acercarno mas y mas a Dios. Esta santa es un gran ejemplo a seguir. Ademas aprendermos sobre algunas frases populares de algunos de los santos mas conocidos y entenderemos que significan para nuestro crecimiento espiritual. 

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    St. Odillia

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    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. Odillia -- About the year 300, Saint Odilia and ten other virgins set out from England on a pilgrimage to the East. By accident or plan the ship in which they sailed went up the Rhine. They were captured by some soldiers and taken to Cologne. There the young women were killed in defense of their Christian faith and their purity. St. Odilia's future role as the Patroness of the Order of the Holy Cross is pictured by the Crosier standard and her motto, "I have chosen the cross."

  • A Christmas Visit from Santa Claus

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    Santa Claus joins us for a Christmas Visit On The Dean's List.

    Santa will take time out from the busiest day of his year to phone in and share some thoughts about the upcoming holiday, as well as offer his takes on the stories and legends surrounding Christmas. So, make your self a cup of cocoa, light up the tree and give a listen to what promises to be a wonderful episode. 

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    A Night Of Poetry and Q&A with Host C. Maria Wall

    in Women

    YES for one night only join Host of HEALing THrough Hurt i-Talk Radio C. Maria Wall as she reads from her latest book "Silent Noise Lip Service"  Maria will be sharing some of her favorite pieces from her book while discussing the inspiration behind the pieces.

    "Join me as I share a piece of my heart, spirit and soul.  My life has not been easy but I am still standing and willing to share my secrets of survival and success.Lets walk this journey together."

    Get Silent Noise lip Service 

  • Sold Saturdays In Santa Clarita Realty

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    Sold Saturdays In Santa Clarita Realty by Paris911

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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: "Santa Claus" Jim Stevenson "I Am Santa Claus" !

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    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts, The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Professional Santa Claus, Jim Stevenson, One of the stars of the hit documentary "I Am Santa Claus" Directed by Morgan Spurlock and Starring Mick Foley! JOIN US!

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    Saint John de Britto

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    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. John de Britto -- Jesuit martyr in India. He was a native of Lisbon, Portugal, was dedicated at birth to St. Francis Xavier, and was a noble friend of King Pedro. He entered the Jesuits at the age of fifteen. In his effort to promote conversions among the native Indian people as a missionary to Goa, he wandered through Malabar and other regions and even adopted the customs and dress of the Brahmin caste which gave him access to the noble classes. In 1683, John had to leave India but returned in 1691. Arrested, tortured, and commanded to leave India, he refused and was put to death. Pope Pius XII canonized him in 1947.

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