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    Voting Day in Santa Monica

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    The moment of truth arrives.  A bright day in Santa Monica entices lots of voters out to vote early.  Callers are happy to talk about why they voted for the candidates they chose to represent them on the new City Council..  And in this city the vote is only the beginning because a recall movement is gathering steam already!

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    In this show, Santa Claus has taken a break in his busy schedule to talk to your Childern "LIVE" on The Special Santa Letters "Talk To Santa "LIVE Show"! If you have a Child and they would LOVE to Talk to Santa Claus "LIVE", this is the show for you. CALL SANTA AT: (646) 595-3217 - 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM PST This Year 2012 - Santa will only be taking (15) Callers this evening because this is a (90) minute show. Next Year 2013 - Santa will be doing a 2 hour show per day from November 1st 2013 until December 23rd - From 8:00 PM till 10:00 PM. To have Santa Claus in your home this year, go to VIRTUAL SANTA @ http://virtualsanta.us
    To order your Special Santa Letter for your Child or grand-Children, go to SPECIAL SANTA LETTERS @ http://specialsantaletters.com E-Mail Santa Claus directly - santa@specialsantaletters.com
    This EXCLUSIVE Talk to Santa Claus "LIVE" show is sponsored by - Internet Business Services @ http://ibscorp.us
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite!
    Love Santa and Mrs. Claus

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    Up With Jesus Down With Santa Part 2 #ReDistributeThePain

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    The Flag of Islam reads under Justice/The Star: "The Stars are witness bearers. Every believer in Allah(God) is like the Stars of the heavens above us. The believers bears witness to his Creator, that He is God, the Supreme Being over all. And since we belong to the Creator of Heaven and Earth we are justified by the Creator as being His people." ~The Honorable Elijah Muhammad~ Welcome to TheGodSquad Radio Broadcast. This is a platform that deals with Invincible Truth from the Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Part 2 Up With Jesus and Down With Santa will deal with the origin of where this practice of Christmas came from. This was never the Teachings of Jesus. The principles of Christmas originates from pagan prictices. In these practices the enemy has used this to capitalize on our ignorance to make money off the people they do not care about what so ever. So please hold on to your seats for this hot topic of Boycotting Christmas and Black Friday.

    Tell a friend to help us in Our great Mission to resurrect the dead by the thousands.

    Like our Page on Facebook:www.facebook.com/platformforthegods

    Twitter Page:@Thegodsquad1God

    Call in speak with the Host;(347)857-1256

    Listen in/ archives:www.blogtalkradio.com/thegodsquad1

    Please donate: http://bit.ly/1w0tM

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    Episodio 10 - Cómo Vivir La Semana Santa

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    Dado que mañana es jueves santo y tenemos misa, adelantaremos el programa de radio para esta noche. La entrevista será con Don Ramón Domínguez, originario de Cuba y activo miembro de la parroquia de San Judas Tadeo en Rockville, MD. Tiene una rica historia de fe y de testimonio del cual abarca toda su vida; su familia, su juventud, su carrera profesional, su membresía en la Agrupación Católica Universitaria, su participación en la revuelta contra el programa comunista de Fidel Castro, su salida de Cuba hacia los Estados Unidos, el llamado especial al sacerdocio de uno de sus hijos, el fallecimiento de su hija querida en un accidente de coche, y muchas cosas más que nos dejarán con ganas de entregarnos más al Señor.  También tendremos la reflexión semanal de Antonio que se enfocará hoy en cómo vivir estos días de semana santa. Esuchen y pasen la voz. El link es el de siempre www.blogtalkradio.com/escueladeliderazgo o pueden llamar al 347-857-3183 para escuchar. Si no pueden escuchar hoy, pueden ir al mismo link de arriba y escuchar el programa cuando lo deseen. 

  • Sold Saturdays In Santa Clarita Realty

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    Sold Saturdays In Santa Clarita Realty by Paris911

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    Ann Blake – Midland County Secret Santa Program

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    Ann Blake is the founder of the Midland County Secret Santa Program, an event she started to help children experience the real joy of giving during the Christmas Season.  After adopting a family of nine children on her own, Ann and her family, friends and some generous businesses now help hundreds of less fortunate children and families every year and have been doing so for over 20 years.

    In this interview she shares her experiences with the long running program and how others can join in and help.  To learn more: Email Ann at a1grannieannie@aol.com with Subject Line: “Secret Santa” or by phone at 989-689-3275. You may als visit https://www.facebook.com/MidlandCountySecretSanta

    The post Ann Blake – Midland County Secret Santa Program appeared first on InspiLeaders Radio with Anthony D. Smith.

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    Episodio 37 - Santa Teresa de Jesús - Entrevista Tomás Reyes

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    Hoy en la radio tenemos a Tomás Reyes. Tomás es un laico consagrado del Instituto Secular Stabat Mater.  El sábado pasado se fue, de misionero, a El Salvador, a fundar el instituto y a trabajar con los jóvenes de allá. La entrevista fue grabada el jueves; escuchemos sus últimas palabras antes su partida.

    Y en la reflexión semanal, Antonio hablará sobre Santa Teresa de Ávila, cuya fiesta es hoy!   

    7:30 PM - Rosario

    8:00 PM - Reflexión "Santa Teresa de Jesús - Antonio Pérez-Alcalá

    8:20 PM - Entrevista - "Tomás Reyes"

    8:45 PM - Llamadas

    Dele un "Like" a nuestra página en Facebook. 

  • Santa Clarita Open House Radio

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    Santa Clarita Open House Radio by Paris911

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    Santa Clarita Lending - the approvals

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    Meet the approvals - there are three different ones - The pre qualification - the approval and the DU approval. These are great to know, because they mean way different things to some that are in the real estate business.

    We are local real estate agents head quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and we have a real estate radio show that we produce each day of the week in the SCV Cities.

    We have a seven day a week format and you can find more about our show at Paris911.com. Our Main Santa Clarita Real Estate Website.

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    Santa Clarita Open houses

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    Good day everybody, I am Connor MacIvor with Remax of Santa Clarita and welcome to our daily real estate radio show.




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    countdown to city council elections in santa monica

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    interesting chats with callers about the symbiotic relationship between urban planners and developers using Santa Monica as an example.
     This is also a forum in which ordinary people can call in to express their opinions about life in a city

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