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    Living and Laughing with Dave Sandoval

    in Health

    The purpose of this show is to inspire people to embrace the amazing and magnificent gift that we call life. During the show, we will explore holistic philosophies and teachings with an emphasis on self-love, self-respect, and self-improvement. Our audience will be inspired by how easy and fun it can be to learn and practice these life-changing lessons. Follow as we explore everything from the way we eat and exercise to how we live and love.

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    Sandoval Gains Weight While The Bruins Lose Defense

    in Sports

    When Pablo Sandoval arrived at camp he was a little bit bigger than expected; however, the Bruins defense has been getting slimmer and slimmer as the season wears on.

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    Arturo Sandoval

    in Entertainment

    May 11 - Multi-Grammy Award Winning Trumpeter/Composer/Humanitarian  Arturo Sandoval
    My friend, Maestro, Arturo Sandoval, once again graces the Jazzin Em Up With Cres O'Neal airwaves to discuss his brand new  release, "Dear Diz (Every Day I Think Of You".  This project is already receiving great buzz around the jazz scene.

  • 01:33

    Jeff Sandoval, Mike Araiza, and Kurt Arft

    in Music

    Bleach Bangs talks with songwriters Jeff Sandoval and Mike Araiza about their new release "It's All I Need". We will also be joined by Chicago native ,bassist Kurt Arft who has been working with Jeff and Mike!

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    Pastor Age Sandoval founder of the MYX International

    in Christianity

    Dr Daniel Haupt talks with Pastor Age Sandoval about the journey of being a fallen PK kid to being a prisionor with a miraculus release from jail, to the transformative pulpit and community base outreach ministry on an International scale. With Kingdomcentric thoughts and wisdom on how to break through the ethnic,racial,economic boundaries and have a impact with the Gospel of Jesus Kingdom Culture.

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    Arturo Sandoval

    in Entertainment

    May 4 - Multi-Grammy Award Winning Trumpeter/Composer/Humanitarian  Arthur Sandoval
    My friend, Maestro, Arturo Sandoval, once again graces the Jazzin Em Up With Cres O'Neal airwaves to discuss his highly anticipated, soon to be released CD, "Dear Diz (Every Day I Think Of You".  This project is already receiving great buzz around the jazz scene.

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    The Inspectah Ant Show : Racism at OU

    in Sports

    We will talk about the racism controversy at the University of Oklahoma and the impact that it is having at the University of Oklahoma.

    Also, fans in Chicago hold a memorial for Derrick Rose.

    And did the San Francisco Giants disrespect Pablo Sandoval?

    Plus,we continue our WrestleMania ranking as we will discuss which WrestleMania ranks in at #19.

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    It's Just A Fantasy Sports Show - The Third Basemen

    in Baseball

    This episode was originally taped on February 2nd, 2015. Join the Living Legend as he takes a fun look at the fantasy baseball third base position. He gives you his unique take on the best superstar and sleeper candidates. He'll also give you his fantasy baseball draft tip of the week that will help you stay one step ahead of your competition. You never know who will stop by the podcast! Buddy the Elf, Peter Griffin and even the Geico Camel check in to give the Living Legend Joe Gallina a hand in providing you with his tongue and cheek look at the world of fantasy baseball. This week Joe gives you his view of the Super Bowl and talks about former baseball commissioner Bud Selig's legacy. The show is fun but most of all informative - listen in !!!!

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    YGY Radio Show: State Of The AL East - Boston Red Sox

    in Baseball

    On this episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show, brought to you by KNODA.com, host and senior staff writer Ricky Keeler will give his take on what has happened in the first three games of Spring Training for the New York Yankees, including Alex Rodriguez's first game on Wednesday. What has stood out to Ricky so far from the action in Tampa? 

    At 9:05 PM ET, Ricky will be joined by Brandon Nickel, the co-editor of BoSox Injection, to preview the 2015 Boston Red Sox. They will talk about the acquisitiosn of Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez to the lineup, the signing of Yoan Moncada, should Boston trade for Cole Hamels/Cliff Lee, and the latest on the injury to Rusney Castillo. 

    Then, at 9:35 PM ET, Michael Florio of RotoExperts.com will join Ricky to preview the Yankees season from a fantasy baseball perspective. Which Bronx Bombers should you draft in your fantasy league this year and which should you pass up? 

    You can interact with the YGY Radio Show at anytime by tweeting us: @YGYRadioShow or calling us at (347)-324-5455!!

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    Boston Red Sox Spring Training: Open Mike Program

    in Sports

    Tonight we take a look at the Boston Red Sox. A team that has seen it's fair share of ups and downs the past three years, the Sox look for consistency in 2015 with the additions of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. But, does Boston have enough pitching? We discuss.

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    2015 MLB Preview Podcast; Division Predictions w/ Ari & Gerry (03-04-15)

    in Sports

    Our two hour MLB Season Preview Podcast!   Ari in Philadelphia and Gerry in Piscataway join Dave to break down the best of the American and National Leagues.   In this podcast, we'll cover some of the changes in MLB this year such as new commissioner Rob Manfred, the proposed pace of play rules, life without Derek Jeter in baseball, and the many big pitchers coming off Tommy John surgery including Matt Harvey and Jose Fernandez.  Who are the contenders to win the World Series?  Will the Dodgers overcome their foibles vs the Cardinals and take the crown, or will arguably the Majors' most talented roster in the Nationals win it all?   What's to come for the San Francisco Giants having lost Pablo Sandoval and others?   Can the Orioles have another big year despite losing Nelson Cruz to free agency?  Will the Angels have a big year despite some questionable pitching and personal issues for Josh Hamilton?   Ari, Gerry, and Dave offer the answers along with predictions for the West, East, and Central divisions in the NL and AL.  Hour 1 we'll cover the AL teams and Hour 2, we switch to the NL.  Join us for a most comprehensive preview of our national pastime 

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