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    MONEY & DESIRES: The Goddesspreneur Radio Show with Christina Sander

    in Spirituality

    Join Christina Sander for another episode of The Goddesspreneur Radio Show where she'll talk about MONEY and DESIRES.

    Christina will offer mini Soul Money Readings™ and tune into your soul's purpose so you an ignite the life you desire.

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    Fun Friday: Cuba, Terror, and Bernie Sanders

    in Politics Conservative

    Well today is the typical rantomatic kind of day.  So many things to off on at this point.  I guess if you are looking for in depth investigative repoting today you have come to the wrong damn place.  It is time to get some things said.And that is what we are going to do today. 

    Cuba: Misguided policy that will make things worse for the Cuban people.

    Terror: It doesn't m in atter what you call something. It is always what it is.  What we hae seen in France in the past few weeks is terrorism, And the terroist have been Islamic.  Is this true? Of course it is.

    Bernie Sanders: Bernis Sander (I-Vt.) Independent my ass!  This guy a liberal democrat that has one sole purpose for the next two years, grind any republican progress to a halt.

    Republican Renaissance: It is time for a rebirth, a renewing, a re awakening.  That is the purpose of the Willie Lawson Show in 2015.  I will need you help to do it.  Please help us on this mission.  go to www.willielawsonshow.com and help however you can.

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    I was just thinking…The Redman and the Blackman in America--Who were the first Indigenous Americans?

    in Education

    Most of the world believes the BIG LIE but choses to only discuss the little lies.

    But the Big Lies are:

    African people had no global history.

    African people were not human sentient and highly intelligent mothers and father of every people on the planet.

    Land boundaries were and African invention.

    We, human being are derived from the African male and females and we are millions of years old.


    We who exist today are unaware of the heights in which humanity has reached in the distant pass and that in order to get on the doorstep of the intellect of our ancestors have to use technology as a substitute for our metaphysical and intuitive intellect.

    We, the parents of the world must regain our parenthood and teach the next generation how to harness the power of spirit, soul and body to enter into the 'cycle' t in order for the human species to take the necessary steps back to the path of enlightenment.

    Tonight my guest will be Marsha Stewart-Sander and we will discuss the African origins of America.

    This is a LIVE call-in show Friday-Dec. 12, 2014 from 5-7pm pacific time and 8-10pm eastern.


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    My King's Service Worldwide Fellowship Network with Evangelist Montell Fields

    in Religion

    Evangelist Montell Fields with special guest speaker a powerful man of God Bishop Adam T Sanders. He has his own tv show and has a recording studio. God is good I work hard and He rewards me. You can call me today anytime. I want to welcome Bishop Adam T. Sander to to the broadcast tonight Bishop Sanders was born on Apr.3,1964 in the small town of McGehee, Ark. His music career began at the age of 5 where he played drums. Later at the age of 13 began to play Piano as well and was then the Min. of Music at the First Church of God in Christ - McGehee. Adam went on at the age of 14 to join the High School band and won numerous awards as well as to play at Walt Disney.

    At the age of 18 Adam went on to join the Military where he payed for the 434th Signal Corps Band where he played for many National Figures such as General Colin Powell and many others. There he traveled overseas while still a musician and played for churches in the Country of Korea and Japan.

    In 1986 Adam came back to the U.S. where he began to study Music at places such as The Univ, of Houston, and the Texas Southern Univ.to name a few schools. While in Texas he played for many National and Internationally Known Recording Artist such as Fred Hammond and Shirley Ceasar just to name a few. 
    Adam moved to Jackson,Mississippi where he continued his study of Music Education at Miss, College and to continue to pursue his career in Music. 1n 1998 Adam founded Prosperity Records which has a network of 31 Artist in 19 States in the U.S.

    Prosperity Records has artist such as Min. John Taylor and Manuel Johnson who has shared the stage with many National and International Recording Artist such as The Canton Spirituals and Dottie Peoples to name a few. Prosperity Records is now distributing music in more than 30 states and 15 Foreign Countries


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    HEALING & AKASHIC RECORDS: Goddesspreneur Radio Show with Guest Barbara Schultz

    in Women

    Join me Christina Sander, Goddesspreneur, and Guest Barbara Schultz as we discuss HEALING & AKASHIC RECORDS.

    Barbara Schultz is the creator of The Soul Midwife. As a nurse-midwife, healer, and mom for over three decades, she passionately assist women to birth their abundant lives.

    Through intuitive mentoring, she supports women struggling with stress, fear, depression or other health issues. Barbara reflects to women the truth of who they are, which enables women to discern their soul purpose and utilize the power inherent within them. Shifting old patterns and releasing limiting beliefs by accessing their Akashic Records allows Barbara to help women to create joyful and purposeful lives.

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    PASSION & PURPOSE: The Goddesspreneur Radio with Christina Sander

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the first episode of The Goddesspreneur Radio with Christina Sander where we'll talk about PASSION and PURPOSE. Christina will offer mini Soul Money Readings™ and tune into your soul's purpose so you an ignite the life you are really passionate about.

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    DIVINE FEMININE: The Goddesspreneur Radio Show with Guest Lynan Saperstein

    in Women

    Join me Christina Sander, Goddesspreneur, and Guest Lynan Saperstein as we discuss THE DIVINE FEMININE.

    As a Business Strategist, Mentor and Retreat Leader at TheBigFactor.com, Lynan is fiercely devoted to turning solopreneurs into the impactful CEOs of their innovative companies. Lynan believes when you express your soul's true purpose abundance will follow, she teaches how to create the sacred containers to receive that abundance. She is living her dream, by authentically sharing her Big Factor, and intuitively adventuring around the planet while running a location-independent business.

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    Sponsor Energy - Save $ on utility bills and support your favorite charity

    in Business

    Sponsor Energy Inc. is an electricity and natural gas retailer that donates 50% of its margin on each unit of electricity/natural gas consumed by its customers to a local charity of that customer’s choice.

    Their unique model harnesses the power of everyday consumption by splitting profits with charities based on energy consumption.

    They have partnered with 50+ well respected Alberta charities dealing with social issues (poverty, homelessness, addictions) with formal profit-sharing agreements in place. We plan to roll similar partnerships in Ontario and nationally prior to launch in those markets

    Sponsor Energy have recently been selected as a finalist (out of over 270 nominees) for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce  (Business of the Year Award) for Community Impact.


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    BSL - Ravens Rap #92 (c/o 800.Razors.com)

    in Sports

    Matt Jergensen and Mike Randall of Baltimore Sports and Life discuss the latest on the Baltimore Ravens. Topics include- Ravens 20-13 loss to the Colts in Week 5, Injury update, Asa Jackson, Terrell Suggs, Breakdown of Week Six as the team travels to Tampa to play the Buccaneers, Week 6 around the NFL and much more! Special Guests: Sander Philipse (Bucs Nation - SB Nation) and Roy Cummings (Tampa Tribune)

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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Steven R. Shallenberger: Author of "Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders," http://www.BecomingYourBest.com

    Holly Matson: Author of "The Spiritual Virtual Assistant: A Guide to Supporting Holistic Practitioners," http://www.LightseedsOffice.com

    Jim White, Ph.D.: Author of "What's My Purpose? A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth," http://www.whatsmypurposelifemastery.com

    Sander Biehn: Author of "The 30 Year Paycheck: Destruction and Redemption in Corporate America," http://thought-horizon.com

    Aaron Lamont Curry: Author of "This is Why You're Single," http://www.AaronLamont.com

    Celeste M. Gonsalves: Author of "Teen Wise: Acquire the Power of Self-Definition," http://www.teenwisebook.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    Latest in Governor Walker Saga: Prosecutor Dodges New Questions about Ethics

    in Politics Conservative


    Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm, a Democrat, has criminally investigated Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker and his political allies since 2012.

    The so-called “John Doe investigation” – coming on the heels of an earlier, similarly sweeping, two-year investigation of Walker and his staff – has been accompanied by highly unusual court-approved “gag orders,” barring the leaders of 29 conservative groups and other Walker associates from speaking out.

    Stuart Taylor, Jr. is an author and freelance journalist focusing on legal and policy issues, a Brookings Institution nonresident senior fellow, and a National Journal contributing editor. He has coauthored two critically acclaimed books: In October 2012, Richard Sander and Taylor published Mismatch: How Affirmative Action Hurts Students It's Intended to Help, and Why Universities Won't Admit It. In 2007, Taylor coauthored with KC Johnson Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Fraud. Taylor has covered the Supreme Court and other matters for National Journal, The New York Times, Newsweek, The American Lawyer, Legal Times, and other publications, winning various journalism awards, and has appeared on all major television and radio networks.



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