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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #22 Guest Lena Romano)

    in Entertainment

    YEAHHHHH we are finally back, hope you missed us!!

    Today on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage our sexy guest is Lena Romano

    Here is a little about Lena if you have not had the chance to get to know this sexy cam girl.

    Lena is a natural curvy Mexican, Italian, Brazilian mixed girl with a splash of sexy fun (Hello that's a whole lot of sexiness).

    She is very dominanat and loves the way she gets to free herself on cam. Lena has been camming on and off for about 6 years and she loves driving men and women crazy, and messing with your imagination, it's the best part of cam for Lena.

    Lena offers couples shows and she'll get nice and naughty and invite another sexy woman into her cam show, but Lenas favorite thing is her vibrator HMMMMMMM..... She says just thinking about it drives her crazy and gets her wet. Lenas wish is to have a guys cock vibrate while pleasing her and well hello girls wouldn't we all go bananas for a vibrating cock that would mean we would wanna have sex all the time just saying.

    Wow this is going to be one hell of a hot sexy show so make sure you break out the lube and toys boys and girls cuz it's time to cam with Sammy & Sage.

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #20 Guest Paige Little)

    in Entertainment

    Today on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage our sexy guest is the very talented Paige Little.

    Here is a little about Paige and make sure you catch her live cam shows so you can really get to know every inch of this beautiful woman.

    Paige is your typical Midwest housewife with a really naughty side. 

    Paige has been a model and camgirl for 10 years and she totally loves it, sharing her wild adventures with her fans is always a blast.

    She is working on her new site PaigeLittle.XXX, once it launches watch out she is going to have even more interactive goodies for all her members!

    Paige is a busy bee she is also Co-Producing and hosting @Camgirl411 and interactive twitter chat with tips, info and much more for  camgirls starting out or current camgirls looking to improve their shows.

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                                              Paigelittle.cammodels.com & coming soon PaigeLittle.XXX

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #17)

    in Entertainment

    Today on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage we are going to be talking about how to help cam models with building their business.

    So whether you are a new cam model or an established model make sure to tune in we are going to have lots of good advice and helpful ideas for you.

    Also you never know what might cum up during our show it is always a sexy time when you get me and Sage together.

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #19 Guest Black Rainbow)

    in Entertainment

    This week on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage our beautiful sassy guest is Black Rainbow.

    Here is a little bit about this fun cam model that I know you are going to fall in love with, Black Rainbow has been camming for 2.5 yrs. You may have caught her flashing on chat roulette when she was a shy cam girl, but she has opened up now that she is on Streamate she loves  sharing her sexual side with all of you. She is submissive by nature but longs to please you and is very open to trying new things. Her sex drive is out of control and says that her #1 problem is masturbation.

    Good thing none of you are a vibrator this sexy lil chica has killed 10 vibrators already, now that is one powerful .. Black Rainbow has also discovered swingers clubs so watch out you never know where you might spot Miss Rainbow either masturbating in your computer screen or getting down and dirty at the swingers club!!

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    Curious Times - Guidance and Readings by Vicki Johns and Sherri Gamble

    in Spirituality

    Vicki Johns, aka Starsinhereyes is a working psychic, medium and healer, and conducts meditation workshops open to anyone who wishes to join.  These workshops are focused, guided meditations to assist participants with stress management, self esteem issues, healing, and introduction to their own guides and spirit around them. 

    Vicki has been working with spirits and guides since 3 years of age. She had extensive training at the age of 15 in the areas of Meditation for life management from the Creator of Silva Mind Control, Jose Silva. 

    She is also a Certified Mediator and works with families and people assigned from the courts to settle disputes.  Her abilities have allowed her to achieve a greater connection and success with individuals she works with. 

    You can contact Vicki via email at vicki.johns@suddenlink.net or via Skype at vickijohns.

    Sherri Gamble, aka Wingstosoar, is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, a Healer and a Full Empath. She finds it very rewarding to help people through their life journey, and believes we are all connected, and that each of us is a teacher and a student.

    Sherri works with Angels and Guides, delivering messages for them and also reads Angel Cards and Soul Path Cards. With over 15 years experience Sherri believes in practicing Spiritual Integrity in an ethical manner. She describes Spiritual Integrity as an internal walk one takes on their own spiritual path, learning about the self and sharing those experiences with compassion and love.

    You can contact Sherri at: https://www.facebook.com/ILoveGFW

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #18 Guest Daisy Lynn)

    in Entertainment

    Today on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage we have the gorgeous, sexy, talented Miss Daisy Lynn with us.

    Daisy Lynn is an exceptional cam model that enjoys turning on the boys. If you have not seen her cam shows you have been missing out on one hell of a sexy show. 

    I have to say I defintitely have a girl crush on Daisy mmm she is so yummy, she is the southern girl next door that is very naughty not only does she have an amazing body her personality is the best.

    Call in if you would love to chat with us it is going to definitely be one sexy hour that you do not want to miss.

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    DaisyLynn.com, PremierCamModels.com, DaisysPlayhouse.com

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #15 Guest Giana Love)

    in Entertainment

    Today on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage our guest is the Sexy Giana Love and you will absolutely love her.

    Giana has been camming for almost 9 years so she definitely knows how to keep you cumming over and over again, so tune in as me & Sage have some naughty fun with this sexy fellow cam girl.

    Remember to call us if you have any questions or just want to join the naughty talk we all love talking to our fans.

    Tune into our live came shows also follow us on Twitter:

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    Giana Love: GianaLove.com, Giana on (Flirt4Free) & Giana Love on (MyFreeCams) @missgianaLove

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #21 Guest Lyndsey Love)

    in Entertainment

    Todays guest is the gorgeous and amazing Lyndsey Love I am so happy to have her on the show.

    Lyndsey Love has been modeling nude fulltime for 6 years. Gracing the pages of multiple calendars and magazines from sooting internationally, her work is available to purchase on amazon and kindle. You can even buy your own Lyndsey Love shirts!

    Breaking into the business at the ripe age of 24 Lyndsey was the model manager and shoot coordinator for Teaseum Bikini. Traveling constantly she quickly learned the best way to gain a fan base wnd keep the following was to start webcam.

    Originally camming only on TeaseUm Cams, she has now branched out to other sites such as Streamate, Myfreecams, Nookie Chat and you can even catch her on your iphone with Saucytime!

    All of these links are available at her personal website 'Lyndseysworld.com'. You can also keep up to date with her cam schedule there!

    Make sure to follow us on Twitter: @SammyBrooks69, @SageMontana1, @Lyndseysworld, & @Dollhouse_Radio

    Also follow us on Instagram: @Sammy_Brooks69, @SageinVegas, @ElegantEmpireBuilder

    Catch our live cam shows: Sammy_Brooks.cammodels.com


                                              WWW.Teaseumlive.com/cam/LyndseyLove, Myfreecams.com/lyndseysworld, Lyndseysworld.com

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    Myeloma Crowd Radio/MCRI: Dr. Ivan Borrello, MD, Johns Hopkins, Immunotherapy

    in Health

    Dr. Ivan Borrello, MD of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, joins us as part of the top 10 projects selected by the Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative. He shares his pioneering work using patients' own immune cells to fight their cancer. His group leads the research for this type of immunotherapy, called adaptive T-cell therapy with MILS (marrow infiltrating lymphocytes). This vaccine is a version for multiple myeloma of those already successful to treat pancreas, prostate and breast cancers. Learn more about this important work in his upcoming study in multiple myeloma.

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode 13 Guest Gia Loren)

    in Entertainment

    Thank you for tuning into another exciting hour of Web Camming with Sammy & Sage, today our guest is the beautiful Gia Loren a cam model on Streamate.

    Gia is an amazing cam model that I am excited to introduce to you all, when you first see her you will say wow she is sexy and she seems so innocent, but watch out she is far from it Gia knows how to win you over with her beautiful smile and her naughty wild side. So make sure you tune into her cam show I know you will enjoy every minute with her.

    So sit back and enjoy the show Sex Monsters it's going to be a wild ride.

    Follow us on Twitter and be sure to check out our Cam shows.

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    Episode 281: Best of Sammy B,; No Higher Honor

    in Military

    On Friday, 22 May 2015 a great warship was decommissioned, the USS SAMUEL B. ROBERTS (FFG-58). In her honor, we will replay our show on the day that defined her.

    Little has changed since the USS SAMUEL B. ROBERTS (FFG-58) struck a mine, and in retribution, the US Navy launched Operation PRAYING MANTIS.

    The tactical and operational aspects of each, as well as combat leadership, remain constant even while the tools may have changed a bit.

    To discuss this an more, our guest for the full hour will be Brad Peniston, author of "No Higher Honor: Saving the USS Samuel B. Roberts in the Persian Gulf," released in 2013 by the Naval Institute Press in paperback and on Kindle.