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    AUTHOR CHAT: Salman Rushdie

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    Join SAJA for for a live discussion and chatroom with acclaimed author Salman Rushdie. He'll discuss his latest novel, "The Enchantress of Florence." He will be live with us via phone for 30 minutes for a discussion with arts writer Vibhuti Patel. For the remaining part of the hour, Vibhuti will discuss Rushdie's work and his place in world literature. Post your questions in advance at http://www.sajaforum.org/2008/06/books-salman-ru.html

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    Book Review-Dilip Kumar - The Substance and the Shadow : An Autobiography

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    Book Review: by Dr.Afshan Hashmi

    Dilip Kumar - The Substance and the Shadow : An Autobiography by 

    Dilip Kumar(Author)

    Amazon link of the book:http://www.amazon.com/Dilip-Kumar-Substance-Shadow-Autobiography/dp/9381398860/ref=la_B00MDFQQYO_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1409291193&sr=1-1

    To know more about me please visit my website:



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    An Infinite Loop with Salman Khan - Khan Academy - Technology 104

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    Do you sometimes feel you’re caught in an infinite loop? Is there a hole in your bucket? Have you got a math problem that needs solving? Here is the solution. With Harry Belanfonte's Classic Hole In A Bucket as the backdrop, we investigate how to escape an infinite loop. We explore STEM looking it at from three different angles.

    - Khan Academy

    - TheJourney.RyoSports.com

    - The HUNKs I Dreamed (A Breed Beyond The Hero)

    - Our Services

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    Suzanne Marcus Fletcher interviews Dr. Sherry Salman, a Jungian psychoanalyst, teacher, and author. Her area of expertise is the creative imagination in contemporary culture and psychological life. Her recent work can be found in The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images, The Cambridge Companion to Jung, and her new book: Dreams of Totality: Where We Are When There’s Nothing at the Center. The Jungian Psychoanalytic Association is a non-profit educational community based in NY that promotes the contemporary understanding and applications of Jungian psychology in professional mental health fields, and in the public domain, and presents programs and events that bring Jungian ideas to the wider community. www.nyjung.org

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    Jewish Roots - " The Synagogue's Controversy With Paul "

    in Spirituality

    "The Synagogue's Controversy with Paul"

    St. Paul, A.K.A. Saul of Tarsus wrote a great portion of the New Testament. Most Christians understand that. But what's NOT typically understood is why he was so hated in his day by the religious authorities. Yet it was that animosity that soured church-synagogue relations for over 1500 years. Today the Jewish community is perfectly happy that Christians read Paul and desire to be good Christians, as long as they don't try to convert them. But in Bible times Paul was accused of subverting the civil order, of poisoning the faith of the faithful, of causing riots in the major cities of the Empire. There was a murder contract on his life similar to what the ayatollahs of Iran did with author Salmon Rushdie, when they issued their "fatwa" against him. The Synagogue considered Paul to be one of the most dangerous men in the world because of what he taught: that both Jew and gentile escape the wrath of God based on no good deeds that either does, but entirely on the "good deeds" of Another. And 2000 years ago, those were "fighting words". This Thursday we ask "why". Tune in and take notes! Your host, Rev. Rick Anderson, on "Jewish Roots", each Thursday 9:30-10:30 pm EST. Listen LIVE through Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Facebook/com/fougcrew. To call in with a question or comment: 347-324-5759, or access our website www.scripturesdramatized.com for archived shows.

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    Imperium Europa

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    Tonight I will have Salman Hossain, who I introduced a few shows back.  We will be discussing the concept of alliances between race-nationalists, the formation of a transcendent movement specifically designed to engender cooperation between various peoples against the world parasite; his experience in Canada and getting on the Interpol list for "hate crimes"; past work with Pro-Think's Mike Delaney; an outside perspective on what white people can do to throw of the yoke their oppressor, the interlocking relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and much much more!  I would like to ask any callers later in the show who would like to speak with Salman to be respectful and adhere to Aryan principles of honor....

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    Denise Salman

    in Culture

    She has written many books about the environment.

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    Marketing To Dos for 2013 with guest Jessica Watson

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    All January long, we're exploring different ways to help you get your business in gear in the new year. On this episode of MyCity4Her Radio, we'll talk to Graphic Design Enterprise Expert Jessica Watson of JWatson Creative about the best marketing to dos to do just that. We'll talk about the latest trends in marketing and the tried and true tips that will give your business maximum exposure in 2013.
    We'll also talk to TEDxBaltimore organizer Sarge Salman about the exciting upcoming event TEDxBaltimore: Baltimore Rewired.

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    American Blood And Treasure "Obamas World Order"

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    It's three years since the Cairo speech. Look around. The Islamic world is convulsed with an explosion of anti-Americanism. From Tunisia to Lebanon, American schools, businesses and diplomatic facilities set ablaze. A U.S. ambassador and three others murdered in Benghazi. The black flag of Salafism, of which al-Qaida is a prominent element, raised over our embassies in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan.The administration, staggered and confused, blames it all on a 14-minute trailer for a film no one has seen and may not even exist. What else can it say? Admit that its doctrinal premises were supremely naive and its policies deeply corrosive to American influence? Religious provocations are endless. (Ask Salman Rushdie.) Resentment about the five-century decline of the Islamic world is a constant. What's new — the crucial variable — is the unmistakable sound of a superpower in retreat. Ever since Henry Kissinger flipped Egypt from the Soviet to the American camp in the early 1970s, the U.S. had dominated the region. No longer."It's time," declared Obama to wild applause of his convention, "to do some nation-building right here at home." He'd already announced a strategic pivot from the Middle East to the Pacific. Made possible because "the tide of war is receding."Nonsense. From the massacres in Nigeria to the charnel house that is Syria, violence has, if anything, increased. What is receding is Obama's America.

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    September 27, 2012

    in Business

    Jeff Fagin is a Financial Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator, Financial Coach, and Business Consultant. Having an MBA and CPA, Jeff has spent his entire 35 year career successfully managing people, managing businesses and managing money. 
    Eric Wright, CPA, CITP is a IT shareholder with Schneider Downs, a regional certified public accounting firm with offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH.    He server as the chair of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accounts’ IT assurance committee.      Jennifer Myers and Noura Salman - Real Estate Broker and Owner of Dwell Residential Brokerage, Jennifer Myers along with her guest, CPA and tax strategist extraordinaire, Noura Salman.   Heather Bailey is a partner in SmithAmundsen’s Chicago office and a member of the firm’s Labor & Employment Practice Group. Heather focuses her practice on employment and labor litigation.   Nick Berry is the President and co-founder of the Fitness Consulting Group Family of Brands, which serves business owners in the fitness industry.    He has been a bestselling author on the topic of fitness and business building practices in the fitness industry multiple times.

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