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    "Good Health & Stress"...recipe for the sales professional!

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    "Road Warrior", "Traveling Woman/Man, "Frequent Flyer" all adjectives that explain the life of the sales professional who's out there trying to get that sale. One of the challenges with maintaining a busy schedule is you often forget about the taxing physical and mental stress you place on the body. This show will examine the stress you place on your body and mind when a poor diet plan and exercise are absent while also coming up with some solutions to keep yourself physically/mentally healthy during your busy schedule.
    Were very fortunate to have an expert on "Good Health" & "Stress" help us understand the problem and come up with solutions and best practices to address the problem (Stacey Shipman of Healthy South Shore).

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    Sales Rep Kryptonite? CLOSING!

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    Sales Rep Kryptonite? CLOSING!


    It’s true there are salespeople out there who actually “Sell” products/services for a living…..that HATE to CLOSE customers. Literally I’ve been on ride-alongs with sales reps making calls on customers where I see them physically shake with nervousness when it came time to ask the customer to buy. I’ve never met a salesperson who doesn’t like to talk including myself so to witness this irony where you have someone present their product with such confidence actually wilt when it comes time to ask a customer for the sell is quite baffling.

    During this show we'll have the #1 Best-Seller Author of ":60 seconds to YES" Don Spini help us to decipher the "WHY", and "HOW" to break this apprehension sales reps have with "Closing". During this time of year as many companies are close to closing their year-end sales forecasting book, sales reps are scrambling to make sure they execute on their year-end sales quota......"Closing" is CRITICAL.

    I hope you join me for what I think will be a highly charged and inspirational show!

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    Competing for that sales job...and WINNING!

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    Thank you so much for returning for my thoughts on last night's show "Competing For That Sales Job and....WINNING"! I have my many failures in securing jobs in my career and admit I do NOT have the magic pill of determining what's going to get you that elusive position 100%, but, what I can in part to you is how to place yourself in the MOST competitive position to get that dream sales job. Please join me for the details!

    Getting that DREAM sales job....I think I can help you!

    Every Tuesday at 7pm (EST) "The Sales Professional Network"....don't miss an episode!

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    "Good Health" and "Stress"......The Sales Professional!

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    A Replay Recording of a very popular show..Enjoy!!
    Sales Professionals...place "Healthy Diet" in your 2013 business plan!
    Uh oh....we're heading into the time of year where "FOOD" is the #1 priority (haha!!). The holidays bring fun, good cheer, and a whole lot of "Good Eating"....please be careful. I like many people enjoy eating however I'm the first to say that I'm a bit obsessed when it comes to WHAT I eat, and there lies the importance of establishing a "Business Plan" that incorporates a "Healthy Diet". Selling for a living takes a great deal of energy (e.g. traveling, long hours, demanding goals) and having a healthy diet and exercise regimen should be a priority of yours going into the 2013 year.
    Will you be placing "Healthy Diet"/"Exercise" in your 2013 business plan?

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    How a Top Recruiter Overcame Sales Call Reluctance

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    Join us for an interview with Craig Lindell who is ranked in the top 1% of all recruiters nationally.  Craig will share how he overcame Sales Call Reluctance.  Craig works in two extraordinarily challenging industries.  He'll share about his mentors and how he overcame adversity.

    The Pinnacle Society is the nation's premier consortium of top recruiters within the permanent placement and search industry. For nearly 20 years, the Pinnacle Society has provided the nation's top recruiters a forum in which to exchange the business principles and placement techniques that led them to achieve, and allows them to maintain their success.


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    "Securing That Sales Job"....and WINNING!

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    A show that was aired last year and is still relevant today "Securing That Great Sales Job"....and WINNING!. I provide some points on how to secure that sales job interview and succeeding in the new position. It's extremely competitive these days in securing a job period....securing a sales position is even tougher because of the responsibility.

    I hope you enjoy the show and take away ideas you can apply in your next sales job interview.

    Thanks and again this show is a pre-recorded show and is not live.

    Thank you! "The Sales Professional Network"!

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    Dealing with a difficult "Sales Boss"...what do I do?

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    We all have in our careers unless you've been an entrepreneur your entire life dealt with "Bosses" who were just downright impossible to work with....perhaps you've been that difficult boss yourself. There is a perception out there that dealing with someone in the work environment that's difficult is nearly impossible to overcome and reconcile. During this show we'll discuss "POSITIVE" ways in which to co-habitat with the difficult ”Boss" and talk about ways you can improve YOUR attribute as the difficult "Boss".

    Almost everyone experiences the difficult "Boss" in this case the "Sales Boss"...how do you deal with such a person and still be successful in job? We'll talk about it on "The Sales Professional Network"!

    Dealing with a difficult "Sales Boss"...what do I do?

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    your sales doctors test

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    talking about sales

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    Medical Malpractice and Professional Licensing Issues with Michael Favia

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    The Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants is a group of highly experienced attorneys and investigators who previously worked for the I.D.P.R. will represent and/or defend licensed professionals in cases involving the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Illinois Department of Public Aid and Illinois Department of Public Health. In this monthly podcast series our attorneys and consultants will share news, tips and resources.

    Topics covered in this 30 minute podcast:

    Michael Favia and his experience in medical malpractice and how it connects to professional licensing;
    The potential licensing issues doctors face when medical malpractice cases are settled;
    About National Practitioner Data Bank and how it can that affect licensed physicians and healthcare professionals;
    How medical malpractice attorneys work with licensing consultants to better serve healthcare professional clients;
    Industry trends in healthcare and licensing that of which our listeners should be aware.

    Michael V. Favia He is a former Asst. Illinois Attorney General and the Chief Prosecutor for the Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation (IDPR), now known as the Illinois Dept. of Professional and Financial Regulation (IDFPR). Favia is affiliated former prosecutors, investigators and professional licensing board members assist licensed professionals in their business, regulatory and IDFPR related matters. Visit our Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants website for more information. You may also contact Michael V. Favia for more information by e-mail at favia@lawyer.com or dial (773) 631-4580.


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    Are you a “Sales Robot”….slave to the “Corporate Process”?

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    One of the biggest complaints I hear on the daily by sales professionals is that their company treats them often times like....."ROBOTS". We've all in the sales profession one time or another have gone through a corporate "Sales Training" class where the foundation of the training is quite frankly "Vanilla". On the corporate side I understand this because of the regulatory enviornment we're in, however, there's not a sense of innovation or creativity when comes to implementing processes/initiatives that encourage sales people to use their GOD given abilities....hence the molding of "Robots".

    I'm extremely happy to have join us to talk about this issue Deb Calvert, President of "People First Productivity Solutions" and Author of "Discover Questions-Get You Connected to help us identify solutions to this dilema.

    Please join us to what I think will be a GREAT show!!!

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    Pre-Call Planning is the Key to Sales Call Success

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    Lively discussion with Lisa Magnuson:  Pre-Call Planning your Single Source for Prospecting Success

    When was the last time your team closed a seven-figure deal?  Despite the best sales talent, many high potential, big contracts either get whittled down, end up stalled, or are lost completely.  Large, strategic accounts are complex and require a very different approach to identify, develop and win.  Can you afford to chase smaller opportunities at the expense of bigger deals that can exponentially change your company’s growth curve?

    Top Line Sales has a proven track record of guiding account teams to land larger deals.  We’re proud to have enabled our clients to land over $100 million in new contracts.  We are not simply advice-givers - we work side-by side with your account executives, running deal war rooms, applying just-in-time expertise, tools and live deal coaching where it counts: in the field.

    Example: Top Line Sales helped one of their TOP Line Account War Room clients land a contract for a new customer worth 20m – their second largest deal in the country for that solution set

           Lisa's books: Secrets to Increase Sales with Existing Customers,The Simple Executive Engagement Plan, The 48-Hour Rule and Other Strategies for Career Survival