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    Coaching Sales Teams Inside The Sales Funnel

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    We see leads go in! We see leads come out in regard to wins and losses! But, we rarely see what goes on inside the sales funnel where most of the selling takes place. On one hand you may have a rep with poor needs-based selling skills versus another rep who struggles with price objections. We cannot train and coach all reps the same at their strengths and areas for improvement are often vastly different.The coaching where there is the most benefit are those areas that take place inside the sales funnel. This show is dedicated to teaching specific methods and strategies for coaching inside the sales funnel.


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    45 Minute Sales Funnel- Part 3- Analytics

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    In this Episode Jeremy will go over all of the analytics tools needed to track your sales funnel from start to finish. 

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    Creating Your Perfect Authentic Sales Funnel with Rachael Aprill Phillips

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    Full Show Notes @ http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/passion-diva-radio/pdr-18/

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    Show Topic: Creating Your Perfect Authentic Sales Funnel

    Special Guest:  Rachael Aprill Phillips

    In this interview I am going to cover how you as an individual or small to medium business can create for yourself a sales funnel that will see you get repeat clients and sales to your product, service or message. It will also show you how to turn your shop window customers into loyal clients.

    Show Notes:

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    Rachael is a Branding, Marketing, Niche Expert a serial entrepreneur, Author and Business Educator with a drive and passion that is infectious. Her energy and motivation comes from the opportunities to work with individuals to see others achieve their lifelong dream of starting their very own business. As a business mentor she has been the catalyst to helping small to medium businesses start up across the UK and overseas.

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    Sales Rep Kryptonite? CLOSING!

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    Sales Rep Kryptonite? CLOSING!


    It’s true there are salespeople out there who actually “Sell” products/services for a living…..that HATE to CLOSE customers. Literally I’ve been on ride-alongs with sales reps making calls on customers where I see them physically shake with nervousness when it came time to ask the customer to buy. I’ve never met a salesperson who doesn’t like to talk including myself so to witness this irony where you have someone present their product with such confidence actually wilt when it comes time to ask a customer for the sell is quite baffling.

    During this show we'll have the #1 Best-Seller Author of ":60 seconds to YES" Don Spini help us to decipher the "WHY", and "HOW" to break this apprehension sales reps have with "Closing". During this time of year as many companies are close to closing their year-end sales forecasting book, sales reps are scrambling to make sure they execute on their year-end sales quota......"Closing" is CRITICAL.

    I hope you join me for what I think will be a highly charged and inspirational show!

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    You Can Create Your Own Non-Stop Sales Boom!

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    You want to have consistent growth in your business, consistently great sales and consistent income. Instead, you're experienceing the sales roller coaster.  One month sales are great, the next not so wonderful, the next lousy and then maybe, by taking massive corrective action you can get back to great again...temporarily!  If that's what you're experiencing in your business, our special guest Colleen Francis, sales coach and author of NonStop Sales Boom, is going to share the secrets for creating YOUR nonstop sales boom.  You can learn to sell in a way that's effective in producing consitency in your sales, your income and your success.  Don't miss this episode of Sales Chalk Talk!!



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    A High Powered Sales System

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    Sales and business expert and consultant, Bob Zinsser, teaches salespeople and business owners to develop truly successful sales strategies and systems.  Now you can have access to the great mind of this sales superstar and gain insights and tips that will help YOU dramatically increase your sales and your income.  Join Bob,   co-hosts Jim Hamlin and Scott Zimmerman and me, and spend an hour with some of the greatest sales minds in the world! 

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    Sales Funnel Development for Food Professionals

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    Sales Funnel Development for Food Professionals with Humberto Huerta. Humberto has over 20 years experience in consultative sales. His sales management leadership spans high-technology and consumer product systems. Humberto is a dedicated, professional, laser-focused on the right things and has exceptional rapport with his customers and internal colleagues. He is a graduate of San Diego State University in Business Management. Humberto is an avid surfer and former baseball pitcher.
    Agenda: 1. Introduction 2. The importance of professionalism in food sales. 3. How to solve food customer problems? 4. What is a sales funnel? 5. How to maximize the sales funnel? 6. What is a professional sales relationship in food sales? 7. Conclusion
    Humberto Huerta Strategic and Tactical Sales Consulting 714-318-0214 humbertohII@netscape.net http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=72815283&locale=en_US&trk=tyah

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    It’s a Twister!- The 45 Minute Sales Funnel

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    In this webisode, Jeremy will show you how to build an effective and profitable sales funnel in just 45 minutes. 

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