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    You Can Create Your Own Non-Stop Sales Boom!

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    You want to have consistent growth in your business, consistently great sales and consistent income. Instead, you're experienceing the sales roller coaster.  One month sales are great, the next not so wonderful, the next lousy and then maybe, by taking massive corrective action you can get back to great again...temporarily!  If that's what you're experiencing in your business, our special guest Colleen Francis, sales coach and author of NonStop Sales Boom, is going to share the secrets for creating YOUR nonstop sales boom.  You can learn to sell in a way that's effective in producing consitency in your sales, your income and your success.  Don't miss this episode of Sales Chalk Talk!!



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    Coaching Scenarios: Executive Coaching

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    Frankie and Terri continue their series on your coaching scenarios, asking the important question: WHAT IF. “What happens when…” “How should you handle…” Today, the subject is executive coaching, and our guest coaching expert is Karen Cappello. What are the important things to remember when coaching the business executive?

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    Successful Coaching Business Checklist

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    To be successful at coaching does not translate to being a successful coach. The soloprenuer must not only be able to coach people, but advertise, build business relationships, take care of the bookeeping and more. Today, Terri provides a helpful discussion of the nuts and bolts of your business.


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    Coaching The NEXT Marriage

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    Couples Coaching: It's not just for new couples. What happens AFTER the first marriage? Today, couples are often on their second (or third!) go-around - Coach Susan Ortolano talks with Terri about this growing Coaching niche - as well as a few other great topics for Coaches, like, who's YOUR coach, coach?

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    THE Sales Wizard at Red Cap Sales Coaching and Elite Sales Academy

    in Self Help

    Hugh Liddle

    Hey, Salespeople and Business Owners!

    Are you happy with your sales and your earnings?

    Do you get all sweaty and tense when it's time to ask for an appointment, ask for the sale or ask for a referral? Would you like to make more sales and more money?

    Would you like to learn a sales system that will dramatically increase the percentage of prospects who say, "YES!" and become your customers, clients or patients? If your answer to the first question is no and your answer to the last three questions is yes, then "Selling for Fun and Profit" is the book for you. Learn how to take all the fear and discomfort out of your sales process for your prospects and for yourself. Discover the best way to build rapport and help your prospect know, like and trust you. Learn how to help your prospect relax and have a conversation with you. This one key will dramatically increase your sales. Learn how to ask great, high yielding questions that will reveal what your prospect REALLY wants and needs. Discover the secret that prompts your prospect to WANT to buy from you. Develop the easy way to effectively ask for the sale. Answer any objection quickly and easily. Find out how to ask for and get tons of referrals. When you read this simple, easily understandable blueprint for sales success and apply it, your sales are going to increase dramatically and your income will soar. You'll see an immediate rise in the percentage of your prospects who tell you that they do, indeed, want to work with you. You'll be amazed at how much fun you'll have selling when you have removed the fear of sales forever. Order your copy today. You'll be glad you did!!

    Website:  http://redcapsalescoaching.com

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    Pre-Call Planning is the Key to Sales Call Success

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    Lively discussion with Lisa Magnuson:  Pre-Call Planning your Single Source for Prospecting Success

    When was the last time your team closed a seven-figure deal?  Despite the best sales talent, many high potential, big contracts either get whittled down, end up stalled, or are lost completely.  Large, strategic accounts are complex and require a very different approach to identify, develop and win.  Can you afford to chase smaller opportunities at the expense of bigger deals that can exponentially change your company’s growth curve?

    Top Line Sales has a proven track record of guiding account teams to land larger deals.  We’re proud to have enabled our clients to land over $100 million in new contracts.  We are not simply advice-givers - we work side-by side with your account executives, running deal war rooms, applying just-in-time expertise, tools and live deal coaching where it counts: in the field.

    Example: Top Line Sales helped one of their TOP Line Account War Room clients land a contract for a new customer worth 20m – their second largest deal in the country for that solution set

           Lisa's books: Secrets to Increase Sales with Existing Customers,The Simple Executive Engagement Plan, The 48-Hour Rule and Other Strategies for Career Survival



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    Invoking the Scarcity Principle in Sales & Business

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    If used authentically or ethically, the scarcity principle can help create an awareness and demand for your product. The theory of psychological reactance (Psychologist Jack Brehms, 1966) states that when we are deprived of our freedom of choice then we react to compensate for that by trying to acquire that which we cannot choose freely to obtain. I employed this theory, albeit unknowingly many years ago but later on came across the science behind it while reading dr. Robert Cialdini's bestseller Influence - the Psychology of Persuasion. I personally loved the book and would strongly recommend it and along with it I would also highly recommend Daniel Pink's bestseller To Sell is Human.

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    Coaching Sales Teams Inside The Sales Funnel

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    We see leads go in! We see leads come out in regard to wins and losses! But, we rarely see what goes on inside the sales funnel where most of the selling takes place. On one hand you may have a rep with poor needs-based selling skills versus another rep who struggles with price objections. We cannot train and coach all reps the same at their strengths and areas for improvement are often vastly different.The coaching where there is the most benefit are those areas that take place inside the sales funnel. This show is dedicated to teaching specific methods and strategies for coaching inside the sales funnel.


    Please Download Our Free Coaching Book: Coaching: Corporate America's # 1 Weapon: http://www.salesprogress.com/secondbook

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    Brian Keith McNeill, Very Personal Sales Coaching

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    For over 24 years Brian has been engaged in the act and art of helping other people to Sell better. In 1996 Brian wrote “The 22 Must Closes” 22 ways that salespeople should know how to ask for money. That publication launched Brian as an authority. Thousands of men and women have been wonderfully and powerfully impacted for the rest of their lives by what they have learned from Brian.

    In 2006 Brian Launched his own Sales Training Company as “Rhino Sales and Seminars” and it was in those years from 2006 to 2010 That Brian discovered the secret as to why sales training did not seem to last as long as he would like. The secret is in the personalization of the training and coaching, so in 2010 Brian re-launched his company as Very Personal Sales Coaching.

    Since 2010 thousands have been helped to Sell much better than they ever have before and Brian’s Signature workshop “Ten to Win” has been requested over and over and over again. As more than 100 written testimonials of Brian’s effectiveness can attest, Brian’s work has always been motivational and inspirational in nature so he has willingly shared many motivational messages in schools, churches, and corporate functions.

    Brian can now add “Best Selling Author” to his list of credits. The book project “17 legal ways to double your income” is an Amazon Best Seller!

    Brian K McNeill, Very Personal Sales Coaching * 919 345 4893



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    Coaching to Sales People's Forecasts

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    This show is dedicated to sharing specific practices and ideas for coaching to a sales person's forecast. Sales forecasts can make or break not only a sales team but an entire organization. Please join us as I share 5 specific thngs you can do to enable sales people to become more accurate and successful when forecating their sales.

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    Are YOU Embarrassed or Ashamed To Be Called A Sales Person?

    in Real Estate

    The best real estate agents understand and embrace the fact that they are salespeople - but a lot of agents feel left out and held-back because they have a hard time accepting what they do, and they project a negative stigma onto the profession based on past experiences and expectations about what being a salesperson truly means. Today we're going to take on the stigma surrounding what it really means to be a salesperson, and explain why embracing it can help you reach a new level of success in your real estate career!

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