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    Safe Money Talk: Why Obamacare Matters To Your Finances and... Risk-Free Savings

    in Finance

    Get your free Obamacare "bootcamp" video training.  Call toll free 800.274.3894 or visit www.obamacareuncovered.com

    In this week's episode host Rick Liuag helps you discover just why Obamacare has the potential to devastate seniors on Medicare and business owners.. and offers some risk-averse ways to keep your income intact.

    Many people think #obamacare won't affect them and are blindsided when they encounter higher health insurance premiums, less coverage, and the potential for bankruptcy due to out of pocket medical costs.

    As more of the Affordable  Care Act is revealed, it has become obvious that all Americans need to protect their savings against erosion from Obamacare.    Rick gives seniors on Medicare, pre-retirees, and business owners sound ways to ensure that Obamacare does not eat up their life savings.

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    Armed & Fabulous : Episode 14 | Cisheterocollectivist Safe Space

    in Gardening

    Conservatives in Texas are tripping over themselves to figure out a way to argue that migrants should be denied gun rights under their state's liberal ownership laws. We condemn their bigotry as irrational and repugnant - Freedom is for EVERYBODY, even brown people. Today we'll pick up where we left off last week and dig deeper into this dark weird world where bigotry attempts to create safe space for middle class white cisgender heterosexual christians and throw everybody else in a cultural gulag - all while trumpeting their commitment to "freedom".

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    The #1 Mistake Seniors Make With Their Money and...The Threat Posed By Obamacare

    in Finance

    Separate Obamacare politics from Reality.  Get free resources and information here:


    800-568-3817Safe money strategist and Obamacare expert Rick Liuag helps #seniors and business owners learn how to protect their savings and ensure an income they can't outlive.

    In this all-new episode, Rick explains what he thinks the #1 mistake seniors make when planning for retirement and how to correct it.  He also interviews an expert on health insurance who believes that there is no reason most employers will want to continue offering health benefits.

    A successful retirement is all about planning, protecting, preserving and prolonging.  The more you learn about the threats to your nest egg, the more you will discover that conventional ways of money management just aren't working in the 21st Century.

    Learn how you can get a free copy of Rick's new book, "You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat."

    (USA ONLY) 800-568-3817


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    Michigan's Safe Delivery Program, a discussion with Jean Hoffman

    in Family

    Jean Hoffman is one of Michigan's Safe Delivery Consultants and was essential in the implementation of the Safe Delivery Statute in 2000. She has been responsible for increasing public awareness and creating an infrastructure to insure it's sustainability. Learn how adoption works alongside this law and how you can promote it in your community. Don't miss this informative discussion!





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    Safe Trails for Safe Pets & People

    in Pets

    Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, talks with Big Blend Radio hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith about wildlife trapping issues and the need for safe trails. A global leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, Born Free USA launched www.bornfreeusa.org/safetrails in order to educate and warn the public -- especially outdoor enthusiasts -- about the dangers of hidden wildlife traps and how to keep their pets and family members safe.  The new Safe Trails site contains information about the dangers of traps to companion animals and what people can do in emergencies, including how to release dogs from all types of traps. Watch for Born Free USA's Safe Trails feature in the upcoming April issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

    This interview originally aired on March 15, 2015, on Big Blend Radio's Champagne Sundays variety show!

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    Focus Hollywood: Keeping Them Safe....

    in Movies

    What do we do to keep them safe, the children, from a world out there, that can be loving and nurturing one moment, and devastatingly cruel the next. The films we've chosen for this episode of A Reel Point Of View capture what measures can be taken in extreme circumstances, where one child's life is worth another person risking their own life to insure that child's safety. We invite you to embark on this new journey with us, as we discuss the movies: Man On Fire (with Denzel Washington); Leon, The Professional (with Jean Reno), Safe (Jason Statham), and Witness (with Harrison Ford). One man's need to protect one child's future. Would any of us do the same?

    Here are the links and times to the broadcast:
    [11:00 PM until 11:30 PM EST]
    [11:30 PM until 12:00 AM-ish EST]

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    Michelle Bart & Erin Runnion, Tips For Keeping Our Kids Safe

    in Family

    Michelle Bart & Erin Runnion Holiday Tips for Keeping Our Kids Safe on the internet!!
    Erin Runnion & Michelle Bart Joins Bill on KOKS Radio today to talk about, the Internet during the holidays, and some recent open missing person cases because of the internet... here is some extra info: Resources and Materials and NWCAVE.org
    Michelle Bart Specializes in: Human Trafficking, Kidnapping & Missing Children...
    Erin Runnion, is a Child Advocate and Founder of The Joyful Child Foundation,  In 2002, a bright and beautiful girl named Samantha Runnion, just 11 days shy of her sixth birthday, was abducted from her Orange County front yard while playing with her best friend.
    Info: http://www.thejoyfulchild.org/

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    What EVERY American Senior Needs to Hear About Their Retirement Savings

    in Finance

    In this episode of Safe Money Radio with Rick Liuag, Rick pulls back the curtain and helps you discover the things you ABSOLUTELY MUST hear about your retirement savings.  These are truths that your health insurance agent, financial advisor, or even your CPA won't tell you.

    In this episode, Rick gives you practical common sense advice about a better alternative to long term care insurance, how to protect your retirement savings from a catastrophic medical expense due to Obamacare, and WHY losing money in your retirement savings is more devastating AFTER you retire than before.

    Rick Liuag, author of "What You Can Do If  Can't Afford the New Obamacare Health Plans" and "You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat: How Obamacare Threatens Your Retirement Savings," is president of Rick Liuag Insurance Agency.  He advises seniors and business owners nationwide on how to protect, preserve and prolong their retirement savings.  Call 1-855-340-7233 to arrange a consultation with Rick or to get a copy of his latest book.

  • SAFE 4u introduction

    in Social Networking

    SAFE 4 u will provide information and resources to call in listeners

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    I.A.M.S.:iMMa MoMMa aCuMeNS..."SAFE WORD"

    in Entertainment

     Kings & Queens Affirm:

    Through my consciousness of my God-self, the Christ within, as my source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence of God within me is my supply,

    And as so,

    Invest in myself by taking regular time to let go, play, and have fun. 

    A WORD FROM Ci MoMMA “Missy Mello”

    No one likes to be called a rookie. We like to think we know more than nothing about everything, especially when it comes to dealing with relationships. But, as much as what we like to think we know, the sky-rocket increase of the online Boo-Up sites and the overrated lover’s dual  reality shows, display many of us don’t know as much as we think we do.


    It’s interesting to see how we are quickly to point out potential round-away-rats and the dogs who are no longer walking on fours; but when it comes to dealing out our own sinner pies, we become muted saints. Its as if we are embarrassed to be seen as anything less than our own perfect perception of what we think others should see us as. Roles like the Video Vixen, the "Goody-2-Shoes" and the "Intellectuals" are played according to what we feel we are capable of perfecting and which would insure us the validation of which we are in search of. As long as we are able to hold that picture, it’s all good. In result, subconsciously, we allow our weaknesses to be pushed to the back burner so we can move on to more important things that requires less of our time; or so we think.

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    Gratitude Practice, Sacred Rituals and Safe Places

    in Health

    Today I'll go over my gratitude practice and how I relate it to money, my sacred rituals and a meditation on Safe places. I'll also tell you about my wild wins and wild fails.

    Oracle Card/Angel Tarot Card reading for Angie 

    Buy Your Own Angel Tarot Cards

    Get your own TruthBomb deck here: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/shop/truthbomb-card-deck/?dlap=19939

    Gratitude Practice - use Evernote (available on android, iphone and laptop) and reset the reminder everyday - connect it with your daily practice of checking your financial balances.

    Complaint free world - http://www.willbowen.com/

    Succulent Wild Woman

    New moon Magic - plant plants, do a new moon ritual

    Meditation for Safe Places