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    Sacred Journeys Radio Present Psychic Donna Bretz with Free Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Barry White Crow And Lady Beth welcome their long time friend Psychic Donna Bretz! Beth and Barry are so excited to have Donna join them for this special episode of Sacred Journeys Radio.  They will  be speaking with Donna about her spiritual Journey,being and empath, how to protect yourself and how to handle the upcoming holidays!  She also will be taking one question psychic readings from the callers or on chat room. 

    Below is Donnas Bio

    Donna began he spiritual journey over 20 years ago. She is an Empathic Intuitive, a Reiki Master/Teacher and Motivational Speaker.  Donna brings gentle energy to her intuitive sessions as she connects with her guides and yours to help you be the best version of yourself. Donna also works with Angels, Past Lives and Crystals. Former owner of a metaphysical shoppe in Sandusky Ohio, current teacher,lecturer and reader, 

    This should be a insightful and wonderful show! Please Tune In and meet our good friend Donna Bretz

    Call into to listen or ask a question at 347-850-8292 and or online by following link. Join in the chatroom as well!

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    Sacred Journeys welcomes Reuben Garza and near death experiences

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    Reuben Garza joins Sacred Journeys Radio to share his story of a near death eperience and how it changed his life! Join Lady Beth  and Barry White Crow as they interview Reuben about this Spiritual Journey to death and back again. What did he feel and see? How did this effect who he is today and how it has re-shaped his life? Have ever wondered whats on the otherside or have had a near death experience this is the show to catch! Tuesday November 3rd 7-9.  Call in to ask Reuben a question or share a story @ 347-850-8292 or just call in and listen. Listen on computer and join into the chatroom @ blogtalkradio.com/mysticalawakeningsradio then choose Sacred Journeys Radio with Reuben Garza

    Reubens Bio

    Since childhood I have tried so desperately to deny the most authentic and important aspect(s) of my life.  At the end of 2006 I had a near-death experience that changed my belief systems in more ways than I can count, being forced to learn everything over, my truth began to reveal itself in time. Almost nine years later I now realize there is more to life than what we can feel, hear, or see in the physical realm.   


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    Gender Journeys

    in Lifestyle

    Transgender. Cisgender. Gay. LGBT or LGBTQ. What does it all mean and how can we better understand? Rosemary and Deirdra are beginning their education to be better allies to All People of All Types and Gender Journeys is the start. Come along and learn with them. Let's stop the misconceptions that keep us apart as humans and learn the truth and the science, as well as, the personal stories of our guests. We believe that education brings understanding so let the education begin...

    If you would like to hear more or follow along on the full series you can find it here:



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    Sacred Journeys 1st Broadcast

    in Spirituality

    Beth and Barry Gilmer owners of Sacred Grounds, will take you on a Sacred Journey with tales of many of their spiritual journeys. They will also ask callers to participate in sharing their experiences. Beth and Barry feel that you never have to leave your back yard to have a spiritual experience. Sharing experiences on this journey of life is their goal for us all to realize that we are one. Helping others with insight they have picked up on the way. This episode is an introduction to Barry and Beth, who they are and how their journey has shaped them and their beliefs. They will be asking listeners to get involved by calling in and sharing so they can learn from the listeners as well. Also this episode is planned to talk about their 5 week journeyto the west coast and the spirituality they experienced along the way.

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    The Paranormal and The Sacred Radio Show Presents Free Card Reading Night!

    in Paranormal

    Featured Host Char McCain, a Forensics Counselor, Psychic, Writer, Artist, Christian Mystic and UFO Experiencer~interviews guests who are experts on all aspects of the paranormal and the sacred. The Paranormal and The Sacred has been featured on Blog Talk Radio as Staff Pick!

    BACK by popular demand! TONIGHT come and get your cards read, join us in a conversation about our paranormal experiences! Free, no strings but heart strings as we have some pre-Thanksgiving fun extravaganza! The call in number is 619-924-9744.

    Follow us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/theparanormalandthesacred/?fref=ts

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    Join Joliean Monnic Fields and her Co-host Prophet Floyd Anthony Barber Jr. as they discuss: Who Are You? Understanding our true worth and value in the scope of life.

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    Sacred Journeys welcomes Psychic/Medium/Angel Card Reader Lisa Elen

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    Join Sacred Journeys Radio as we welcome Psychic/Medium/ Angel Card Reader  Lisa Elen. Listen with  Barry and Beth as Lisa tells her story about how her gift was awakened by a death of a love one. Lisa will also do free psychic one question readings through out the broadcast. Make sure you tune in for this multi-talented lady. It will surely be an eventful journey. 

    Lisa  Elens Bio follows below

    • Psychic    •Medium 

    • Clairsentient  •Claircognizant

    • Soul Purpose  •Past Life issues

    • Certified Angel Card Reader™

    I was born a psychic/medium and have been experiencing encounters with Spirit my whole life, however I started honing my psychic abilities in 2009, after having many intense experiences which prompted me to pursue this gift. I offer you guidance with your life challenges at this point in time, for your highest good. I am an evidential medium, and also offer connection to your loved ones in Spirit, so that you may heal, find comfort and peace, and know that love is eternal. My mission is also to help you connect to your Higher Self and trust yourself more!  I am grateful to God for my gift. Please call (810) 922-5998.  Find me on Facebook at Lightmessagesthroughlisaelen.

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    Join Joliean Monnic Fields and her Co-host Prophet Floyd Anthony Barber Jr. as they discuss: Letting the Healing Begin.

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    Join Joliean Monnic Fields and her Co-host Prophet Floyd Anthony Barber Jr. as they discuss: Are you ready to minister? Many women are constantly saying they are ready for their husbands. But are they themselves healed and delivered enough to really minister to a man in all of the areas he needs ministry?

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    Sacred Journeys Radio discusses Medicine Horse Retreat program

    in Spirituality

    If you love horses you will love this one. Healing with our four legged friends, with a program called Medicine Horse Retreat. 

    Barry White Crow And Lady Beth welcome Maryellen Weirstine and Erin Halloran co-creator of the spiritual Program Medicine Horse Retreat!

    Below is their promotion for this upcoming event:

    Join EquuSpirit Partnership on a journey into the mystery of horse wisdom. With special guests Barry “White Crow” and Beth Ann Gilmer from Sacred Grounds. 

    Many ancient cultures believe horses are the gateway to our higher self. Our kinship with horses help connect us to earth and spirit. This workshop combines Equine Guided Learning (EGL) with nature based practices in a fun, safe and unique way. In this EGL workshop the horses and us will help you:
    • Expand awareness and strengthen intuition 
    • Develop non-verbal communication skills 
    • Experience an authentic healing lodge 
    • Enjoy the peaceful rhythm of nature 
    • Connect to a higher level of consciousnes

    Join Sacred Journeys as we interview Maryellen and Erin and learn more about this special event and the work they do with horses. How healing is possible with horses and some stories of breakthroughs people have had with this program. 

    Then for second hour call in with questions and free psychic readings!

    Call in at 347-850-8292



    Visit our web site to sign up!!

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    GalacticU Radio Network Presents Sacred Journeys Tour Egypt Oct 2015

    in Spirituality

    Today on our special broadcast of GalacticU Radio, Sierra Neblina, founder of GalacticU and GalacticU Radio Network, joins Erin Nell Egyptologist and they will discuss in detail GalacticU’s upcoming trip to Egypt in October 12th-28th 2015.  

    We will create the itinerary with you and discuss all the spiritual aspects of participating in a Journey such as this.  This is not only a site seeing trip to all the beautiful antiquities of Ancient Egypt, but this is a spiritual journey to help yourself unlock all the hidden codes in your own DNA. This itinerary was put together with the Mystery School Teachings in mind.  We will explore not only the Sacred Mystery school teachings together as we make our way through all of Egypt where we will also visit the places the Temple Teachings were said to be.  

    Erin will be helping us to understand the ancient temples and writings and Sierra will be discussing the ties that Egypt has to the Mystery Schools and the Ancient Secret Temples of the past.

    To call in LIVE to ask questions or give comments please call 646-478-3085 and press 1.

    To see details about this trip and follow us as we talk about the itinerary please visit: