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    Free For All Friday with Sabrina

    in Lifestyle

    Everything goes, or, does it?  Come hang out with Sabrina and Company!  Start the weekend early!  It's celebration time.

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    Adult Toys with Crystal & Sabrina

    in Entertainment

    Come listen Live with Host Sabrina Oxford and guest Speaker Crystal. Tonight we disguess Adult Toys!!!
    Crystal talks about the different types of Adult Toys, how they work, where to get them.

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    Free For All Fridays with Sabrina & Company

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    If you want to be heard on radio this is the place.  Come take the microphone away from Sabrina.  You will be heard, but, you might see life differently when she replies to your topic.  

     It's free for all Friday and you are welcome here!   Jill Reed, is away,and we can talk about anything (well, almost anything) at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets!

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    Free For All Friday! Sabrina & Company

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    Take the microphone here at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  Let's talk about what matters in life.  

    E equals MC squared you know!    The Energy is out of site and unequal to anything else here.  Join Sabrina on Fridays!

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    Sabrina Oxford's 42nd Birthday Party LIVE ON LINE

    in Spirituality

    Sabrina Oxford's 42nd Birthday Party LIVE ON LINE!!!
    Join us 5-7pm Eastern time/2-4pm West Coast Live on Radio and in the Chat room!
    M&M Birthday Party is happen LIVE ON AIR! Send Sabrina Oxford a bag of M&M's for her Birthday Gift. She will put the Codes in LIVE on Air...
    Sabrina will send 10% of any winnings for the codes... Should YOUR M&M bag win the grand prize, the goodness will come right back to you LIVE!
    Check out facebook event for more details and see you at the show:

    M&M Clip with Mrs. Brown

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    Sabrina Eubanks brings Brooklyn Boys to Author Talk

    in Books

    Sabrina Eubanks will take us on an exciting ride with her book, Brooklyn Boys.

    Growing up in hard and gritty Do-Or-Die Bed-Stuy had been a tough and often perilous road for Justin Wilde and his brother Tony, but they refused to succumb to life’s vicious blows. Left as virtual orphans by a father doing a terminal bid and a mother who became strung out and gave up, they were left to fend for themselves. Since well-paying, gainful employment had shut its heart to these young men with minimum skills, they quickly find their niche in easily gotten drug money; slinging on the corner for a flashy old school dealer named Cicero Thomas and making undesirables disappear. They are known on the streets as Cutty and Crush. 
    Life hasn’t been easy, but they’ve always been smart. When they’re made an offer they can’t refuse by Prometheus Burns, an upstart from Trinidad with primo product, they start on a course for a takeover that will leave a major dealer bodied and put them in position to have the venerable status of true drug lords; but coups are not always easy. Sometimes a war must be fought to reign supreme, but Cutty and Crush are more than ready to rise to the occasion with their old friends Shade and Josie to help clear the path. 
    The kingdom of the original gangster and old regimes are at hand. The time has come for Brooklyn Boys. 

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    MoxxArt.com Celeste Yarnall joins Sabrina Oxford

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    Join Host Sabrina Oxford with Special Guest: Celeste Yarnall with MoxxArt.com Oct. 30th, 2011

    MANY may remember Celeste Yarnall from the 1st Star Trek shows & she appeared in a movie with Elvis, the King himself, Land of the Giants & more!~ she is now doing MANY MORE things with her life in which the SOS TEAM are very excited about bringing to you!
    Today, Celeste shares her Moxxart Omega3 products, the benefits of them, & how she got started with Moxxart, how YOU can become involved too!!!
    PLUS her work with Pets and her latest BOOK about the Art of Wellness! This is a show EVERYONE will want to attend so we will see you in the chat room at 3pm Central time! (4pm east coast, 1pm west coast, 10pm London time)
    Call in with your questions~ she'll be thrilled to answer them all.
    Brightest Blessings,
    The SOS TEAM
    Sabrina Oxford & Staff
    (Let us know if YOU need a "lift up" to schedule YOUR spot on future shows!)


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    Free For All Friday with Sabrina and Company

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    It's time to take the microphone while Jill Reed is away for the day!  Let's talk about anything and everything!  It's blog talk radio!

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    Ming Ballard joins Host Sabrina Oxford

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    Rising Star, Ming Ballard, joins Author & Radio Host Sabrina Oxford on Nov. 13th, 2011.

    Actress/producer, Ming Ballard, Talks about the ins and outs of making it in the film industry. She will be answering questions about how she got started, the pro/cons, what she has been in and what she has coming up! Anyone wanting to know what it is like to be an actor/actress show NOT MISS today's show! Ming will also be sharing some information of her producing the movie "Vampie" and why she started producing!

    Many of my friends on Facebook know that Ming has been a friend of mine for the long time now (my "sis" in heart) which is why I am so PROUD of ALL she is doing with her life as she aspires to complete her dreams.

    See you all there!!!

  • The Wicked Domain with Guests Mike Stevenson & Sabrina Beackley

    in Paranormal

    Show Email: wickeddomainradio@gmail.com

    Join the Live Paranormal chat room and talk to fellow listeners while listening to the show!

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    Mike has a long history in the paranormal.  He had his first experience in 1962 that involved a paranormal encounter of the third kind.  From that day forth he has been researching information on all aspects of the unknown. Long before he became a paranormal investigator, he had many experiences of both the paranormal and spiritual in nature.  Since being fortunate to having accumulated over forty years of experience in electrical and broadcast engineering, he has been able to utilize this knowledge in scientific experimentation and inventions in the paranormal. Mike is a member Investigators League.

    Sabrina Beackley has been researching the paranormal for twenty years and is the founder of Ghost Under Investigation, and is known to many as “Para­Sabrina Beackley.” She has worked with law­ enforcement, businesses, adults and children with her amazing psychic abilities across the United States. She is a educational speaker who focus’s on the teenage brain and understanding the paranormal. Sabrina has also appeared on many paranormal talk shows world­wide talking about her haunting’s to her abductions. Sabrina has also obtained her A.S. in Criminal Justice/Psychology and is currently attending Notre Dame College for her B.A. in Psychology.

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    Host Sabrina Oxford interviews Morgan Lynn

    in Entertainment

    Sabrina Oxford interviews Morgan Lynn, Sex Cam Star, on the ins and outs of Sex on-line.
    Learn about what it is like to talk/chat live with clients, what kinds of activities are done, where to find her, and more!
    Certianly, a show no one will want to miss out on!

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