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    Ariel Sharon, Palestinians,Holy Land, Genetic engineering, Sabra and Shatila

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    Ariel Sharon, Palestinians,Holy Land, Genetic engineering, Sabra and Shatila

    Through Ariel Sharon, very much disaster, evil and pain, suffering and death will be spread in the new millennium because he will be able to indulge uninhibitedly in his murderous and inhumane ambitions, in utter irresponsibility and in uncontrollable hatred against the Palestinians in particular and also against the Arabs, without any great and serious objection being raised against it by the Israelis or by the world.

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    New Revelations on 30th Anniv of Sabra & Shatila Massacre

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    Sunday marked 30 years since Christian Lebanese militiamen allied to Israel entered the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut under the watch of the Israeli army and began a slaughter that caused outrage around the world. Over the next day and a half, up to 3500 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, mostly women, children, and the elderly, were murdered in one of the worst atrocities in modern Middle Eastern history.
    On this 30th anniversary, the New York Times has published an op-ed containing new details of discussions held between Israeli and American officials before and during the massacre. They reveal how Israeli officials, led by then-Defense Minister Ariel Sharon, misled and bullied American diplomats, rebuffing their concerns about the safety of the inhabitants of Sabra and Shatila.
    Please join us as we discuss these latest revelations with the op-ed’s author, Columbia University doctoral candidate Seth Anziska, and former Senior Washington Post Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Randal, who covered the 1982 Israeli invasion and the massacres in Sabra and Shatila.

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    Sabra Waldfogel Shifts a Novelist Perspective on American History

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    Sabra Waldfogel grew up far from the South in Minneapolis. She studied history at Harvard University and received her Ph.D. in American History from the University of Minnesota. She has worked as a technical writer and has written about historic architecture for Old House Journal and Arts and Crafts Homes. Her short story "Yemaya” was recently published in Sixfold's January 2014 issue. Slave and Sister is her first novel.

    Will they be rivals or allies? The age-old struggle between sisters is skillfully brought to life in Slave and Sister, by Sabra Waldfogel. In the antebellum South, relations between slaves and their owners are conflicted enough; if there are blood ties, the tension can become a lethal storm.

    It was common in the antebellum South to raise a slave alongside the heir. But it was a surprise to both Adelaide and Rachel to discover they shared the same father. In a mesmerizing tale marked by impeccable historical accuracy, we begin by learning that scouts for General Sherman stumble upon a plantation that's anything but ordinary: it flies the Union flag and the freed slaves can read and write, and work the former plantation themselves.


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    Grilliant Ideas Foodie Radio- Food-Cooking-Entertainment

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    Come Join The Regular Food Clan with Laury, The Food News Joisey Style Girl, Brian, The Wine Czar, and of course Grilliant! 

    Our first guest this week is Lisa Power of Lisa's Rum Cake  www.lisasrumcake.com   

    Since 1975 Lisa has been making Arizona's favorite custard filled rum cakes. They quickly gained notoriety and with the internet boom they started selling Lisa's Rum Cakes all over the country! Lisa's husband, Kelly, developed a way to successfully produce and send these hand-crafted cakes across the U.S. in 2007. In 2009 Lisa opened a store in Gilbert AZ with her three daughters: Lauren, Megan, and Madison. The family began producing the "New Generation" of Lisa's famous Rum Cakes. Lisa's Rum Cake is now being featured on a Reality TV show called Millionaire Mastermind (Where Real Estate Meets The Apprentce) We look forward to the adventure! 

    Our second guest is The Chef To The Stars: Sabra Ricci  www.SabraRicci.com  Sabra has not been on the show for awhile so we need to catch up and find out what is new with her; and how her stars have been aligning! We hear she has some exciting new projects to share!

    Our final guest is singer/songwriter Jess Dondero  www.jessicadondero.com 



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    Between The Barrels catches up with Sabra O'Quinn

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    Our guest this week is known for being an EXCELLENT horsewoman!!!! She is a TRAINER...JOCKEY...and BUSINESS woman....and none other than Sabra O'Quinn!!!!

    We are excited to hear about  Sabra's background in horses.....and get some ADVICE on how to be successful in the rapidly GROWING Barrel Racing Industry. Sabra has won the Southeastern WPRA Circuit Finals 2 TIMES.....she SWEPT the 5 State Breeders Futurity in September on Bring it on Guys...who was originally bought to be a ROPE horse...AND she is getting ready for the upcoming futurities!!!

    SO MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN to hear what she looks for in her colts....how she trains them....and what she prefers RODEOS or FUTURITIES!!!!

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    A Kind Voice on Movies

    in Lifestyle

    “The Day that she Died” is a film about hope, love & loss; a struggle to present one's true self to others due to the social pressure to maintain the status quo. Join us as we speak with writer/director Sabra Wrice about this compelling film that will open a dialogues and touch hearts.  To help fund this important film please check out their Kickstarter project.

    Hosted by William Battle 

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    Real Talk Live 216 24/7 Current Events Show will be discussing issues from  Real Talk Live 216 1st Year Anniversary, Real Talk Live 216 new website/Facebook Page, Oprah Winfrey O Magaazine Cover, Stephen A. Smith, First Lady Michellle Obama, Jay Z Mistress?, Soledad O'Brien,Dwanye Wade & Gabrielle Union, Keke Palmer Talk Show, Lifetime Movie With This Ring featuring     Jill Scott, Regina Hal & Eve, Judge Lance Mason, Whitney Houston, Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy Breakup and much more.

    Join us as we bring real issues, real people, REAL TALK  to you live and direct. Join us in our chat room and call in to speak with the hosts at (646) 929-0243. Join us for a great time an awesome conversation.

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    Episode 3: Failed Prank

    in Parents

    Tonight's episode should be a doozy! Sabra and Jill attempted to prank me. See how it turns out, plus FAMILY FEUD!

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    ISIS, how will you react when they hit America?

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    According to a report from the World Net Daily, a source claims that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is working with an organized group whose efforts are focused “exclusively on destroying the Zionist regime occupying Palestine.”

    The source quoted an ISIS fighter who said,

    “Zionists call us masked, sociopathic murderers, but we are much more complicated and representative of those seeking justice than they portray us.

    “Are we more barbaric than the Zionist terrorists who massacred at Dier Yassin, Shatila, twice at Qana, and committed dozens of other massacres? History will judge us after we free Palestine.”

    The ISIS fighter claimed to be eager to fight Israel in order to reclaim the land for Palestine. Acknowledging that Israel has nuclear weapons, the fighter claimed that they, too, had access to such weapons.

    “Do you think that we do not have access to nuclear devices?” the ISIS fighter stated. “The Zionists know that we do, and if we ever believe they are about to use theirs, we will not hesitate. After the Zionists are gone, Palestine will have to be decontaminated and rebuilt just like areas where there has been radiation released.”

    As the situation in the Middle East rapidly destabilizes, the Obama Administration is in full-blown damage control mode. In Cairo, Secretary of State John Kerry was quick to claim that the situations in Iraq and Libya were not to be blamed on Washington.



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    Speak and spoke and spuck!

    in Parents

    Manny and Sabra talking about the day and events that have happened in their life as a married couple. A couple's therapy session and a way to air out the dirty laundry. Hopefully, everyone can relate without laughing at us. Maybe you'll laugh with us.

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    Grilliant Ideas Foodie Radio- Food-Cooking-Entertainment

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    Welcome To Grilliant Ideas Radio! It's All About Food, Fun and Friends with Some Entertainment and Lots Of Laughs Thrown In!

    TODAY!! What A Show!

    First up: Sabra Ricci! The Chef To The Stars and she will be talking about Hawaiian Food! Every body grab your grass skirts!


    Second guest up to the "plate" is Brian Kimball of Magic Curry Kart. If you love curry you will love the Curry Paste! Spice it up at www.magiccurrykart.com

    Third up will be our Good Friend of Gardening Anne Schellman aka: www.anneofgreengardens.com Anne is going to try and teach Grilliant how to grow herbs with is non-green thumbs...

    And Batting cleanup for the team is Grilliant's good buddy-Singer Song Writer Joshua Hammons. We will be listening to some of his new tunes, talkin Nashville, and maybe throw in some BBQ, but "Nothing's For Sure" www.reverbnation.com/JoshuaHammons

    Oh and on the bench..as always.. Brian Fairtile aka "The Wine Czar" and of course the cheerleader of the squad.. Laury The Food News Joisey Style Girl!

    Thanks for joining us! Sit back, relax, listen, and have some fun!