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    Thumpin Thrus

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    Thumpin Thrus wit E-MONSTA & MONSTERUS RADIO CREW Tune in at 630pm CST. And see what the "WOOO SAAA" night means! As we get ready for the show @lonettis this sat night "MONSTERUS RADIO LIVE CONCERT

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    BHR Wrestling, September 9, 2010

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    We watch matches & comment on them!
    By request, we will take a break from the G-1 Climax to feature matches from the girls participating in WWE's NXT Season 3, which premieres Tuesday, 9/7/10. Here are the matches!
    Isis the Amazon Vs. Tracy Taylor

    This is the 6 foot 9 inch chick who was cut. Rumors are flying that she got cut because of "suggestive" photos of her on the internets.

    Miss April vs Angel


    Indy match from "AJ Lee".

    AJ Lee vs Naomi Knight
    Kaitlyn at ringside

    Kaitlyn (aka Celeste aka Ricki Vaugn) is the chick who replaced the giantess. This is the only footage I could find of her, as apparently she was signed by the WWE in July.

    The actual match is between AJ Lee and Naomi Knight.

    Aksana vs Serena

    This is the Lithuanian chick who is doing the Balki foreigner shtick (Let me entertainment you!). Serena has been in the WWE for a while as part of CM Punk's "Straight Edge Society".

    Jamie Keyes vs Savannah
    I neither know nor care who Savannah is. All I know is Jamie Keyes is smokin!

    Liviana (Maxine) vs Naomi Night

    Maxine was known as Liviana in FCW. Here she is against Naomi Night.

    There you have it! Pre-NXT matches from 5 of 6 NXT Season 3 participants, and footage of both the new call up and the fired exhibitionist!

    You want more! You shall have it!

    Mystery Match

    Long time wrestling fans will know what this match is as soon as they click the link, so don't click it until the actual show and my announcement to do so!

    Next week, back to the G-1, but let's enjoy the girls of NXT!
    Cowboy Wally

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