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    Discussing the Truth of RV/GCR

    in Motivation

    This week's radio program will be a discussion of the video newsletter.  What is the reality behind the RV/GCR, where are the funds coming from and why is there so much disinformation being promkoted.

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    Podcast 74 – RV-II, The Sequel

    in Religion

    Do you remember Podcast 21 about the year I spent in 2009 living and some traveling in an RV, and the multitude of lessons learned?  That was the shifting point for me of when my life really pivoted from the negative patterns of the past to the truly incredible journey of today.  It was where […]

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    The Best Tax Strategy for Your RV, Truck or Auto

    in Business

    The new mileage rates are out, the 179 deduction is slashed again, electric vehicles abound...What are is the best tax strategy for your transportation.  Also, have you ever thought of hitting the open road and turning your RV into a business and discovering America's National Parks?!!  Well, my special guest Steve Anderson from Workamper.com has been helping campers and business owners do just that for years!  Workcamper helps investors at any age turn their RV experience into a money maker...while I try to turn it into a tax write-off.  He has also co-founded Recreational Vehicle Inspection Connection (RVIC).  A company supporting one of the newest services businesses in the RV industries. Even if you aren't ready to retire, but want to get out of town and live out of an RV for a few years, this show is for you!!  Please join me with special guest Steve Anderson as we break down the myths and the actual steps you take to make this dream a reality. The Show will Broadcast LIVE Tuesday, January 20th, at 11am PST / 2 EST. Press the #1 to talk to Lisa in the studio before going on with Mark. You can call in and listen in on the road at 646-200-4285, or listen from your computer LIVE or later here.

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    UPbeat: Tom Hayes interviews Eileen LeDonne and her RV Life!

    in Comedy

    Entrepreneur, Mother, Single Mom, World Traveler, and now traveller with her four year old daughter in her own RV. Join us as Eileen discusses her purpose, her dreams, and her new reality as she travels the United States in her RV alone with her four year old daughter. She will speak about her plans to film a documentary about the growth of RV travel and life in the United States. How families and individuals are finding alternatives to living that heretofore never existed. The Sociology, the families, the economics,  and the lifestyles will be treated. Join us fro a fascinating show. 

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    Controlled Remote Viewing Radio Show with Linda Reneau: Ingo, RV & The Siddhis

    in Women

    Live:  7:00pm Eastern Time - Monday September 14, 2015 / Guest Call In (646) 564-9546.  Show will be archived.

    Topic:  Teresa Frisch hosts Guest Linda Reneau as she leads us through "Perspectives:  Ingo, Remote Viewing and The Siddhis." Why was Ingo Swann so interested in Sanskrit and the siddhi practices of the ancient yogis?

    "Remote Viewing as One of the Siddhis" -Ingo Swann, biomindsuperpowers.com

    When it became possible to tutor others in [RV] with increasing SELF-PERFECTION, remote viewing, as a format of distant-seeing seemed to equate to one of the siddhis of ancient India.
    CRV was achieved by the cognitive integration of the needed sensory transducers that resulted in the installing of the correct cognitive software program exactly as the ancient Yogins had determined.In this sense, the sidhis appear NOT to consist of A SINGULAR FACULTY NATURALLY EXISTING WITHIN THE BIO- BODY/MIND, but need to be artificially engineered within consciousness by combining a number of faculties within dynamic-awareness - what CRV also consists of.
    If so then the siddhis need special mention as contrasted to all our other naturally-existing faculties and senses but the sidhis had to be engineered into existence within cognitive dynamic-awareness in order to take on "perfecting."
    Rather than thinking of distant-seeing as a psychic aptitude,think of it as a correct series of sensory transducers that permit the integration of Biomind hard drive faculties that result in cognitively controlled distant-seeing. Thus, distant-seeing it is not at first a siddhi but can become one AFTER the needed sensory transducers are cognitively located and integrated. 



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    Sept. 2nd, RV/GCR Update, Project Funding and World Affairs

    in Motivation

    What is happening the RV/GCR world, lots of rumors.  The first wave of people have traveled to Hong Kong for project funding and a report on world financial affairs and how it could effect us..

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    1/2 Hour of Hell (from the RV)

    in Sports

    CANELO/COTTO!!! I recap the fight, and put a little twist on it. It's NFL Week 11, and it seems to be moving week. Vikings look to take control of NFC North when the Packers come to town. Can the Vikings continue their winning streak, or do the Pack get off the snide? Should be a good one. Patriots look to remain perfect Monday night against the Bills. Last time these two met was week 2, at Buffalo, and the Pats whooped that ass. Do the Bills have the season's biggest upset, or do the Pats send Rex home crying like usual? Also, Indytries to get things moving, and stay in first (with the Jags? nipping at the heals) against the Falcons in the ATL. Should be a high scoring affair, since both their D's suck. And Cincy goes to Arizona on Monday night. Arizona, aside from the Pats, may be the NFL's next best team. And after the Bengals embarrassing loss to the Texans last week, they'll be sure to test the Cards.  Tune in, or tune out!!

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    The Cooking Ladies Talk Food, Wine & RV Travel Writing

    in Travel

    Known throughout North America as ‘The Cooking Ladies’, Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay are successful RV traveling food, wine and travel writers, bloggers, cookbook authors and restaurant consultants. Listen to their fun chat with Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith, Big Blend Radio’s mother-daughter travel and publishing team, as they discuss the ins-and-outs of travel writing, authoring cookbooks, and living and working from their RV as they travel across the country. They are members of the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association, and their latest cookbook is The Cooking Ladies’ Recipes from the Road. Watch for their upcoming article in the April issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

    This interview originally aired on March 22, 2015, on Big Blend Radio’s Champagne Sundays variety show.

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    1/2 Hour of Hell (from the RV)

    in Sports

    Down goes Rousey! Down goes Rousey! What a clinic put on by Holly Holm, the NEW Bantamweight UFC Women's Champion. Did Holm just give the blueprint on how to beat Rousey? We shall see... 3 things are guaranteed in life. Death, taxes, and super-hot women at Venice Beach. With that said, welcome to Week 10 in the NFL. And then there were three.. New England, Carolina, and Cincy. Carolina (vs Tennessee) and Cincy (vs Houston) look like locks, but the Patriots go to New York, where I'm prettty sure we all know the 2 Super Bowel losses for the Patriots came at the hands of the Giants. Pats should win, but this is the NFL, and that's why they play the games. Also, some idiots thought it would be cool to bomb Paris, which obviousy makes sport not that important, yet as life is, we move on. Can we just please kill all of these extremists? It's not as though we need to adhere to some bogus war-time rules when it comes to these barbaric neandrethals. Just find them, and shoot them in the head. Done and done. 

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    Controlled Remote Viewing Radio Show - Dr. Markus Perk - RV in Deutschland!

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    Topic: Host Teresa Frisch und Gast Dr. Markus Perk diskutieren RV in Deutschland! Verpassen die Show? Hören später - klicken Sie einfach auf den Link und klicken Sie zu spielen!

    Ich bin gerade erst begonnen, um RV als professionellen Einsatz. Manfred, unser Lehrer, in RV seit 1996/1997 beteiligt, als die ersten deutschen Jungs kamen aus den Staaten zurück von einer Ausbildung von Ed Dames gehalten. Als Journalist war er sehr gespannt, über die Möglichkeiten RV Angebote zu hören. Seitdem arbeitet er mit und unterrichtet RV In seinem 4-Gänge-Bücher. Er schreibt über die verschiedenen Stile der RV, vergleicht sie und regt zu eigenen RV-Stil ("ganzheitlichen Ansatz") zu schaffen. Also, was Manfred lehrt, ist eine Art Mischung aus verschiedenen Stilen. Er war auf Tour und hat Workshops in ganz Deutschland in 2014-15 zu RV zu fördern. Manfred verwendet den Begriff "RV", weil er nicht will, im Widerspruch zu Warenzeichen Aspekte kommen.

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    1/2 Hour of Hell (from the RV)

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    After 2 days on the road, going from Mpls to L.A., and writing this from Culver City, my head's not all there. But.. there's too many of you who hate the show (see last week's show), so I'm doing it, and the motivation for it is palpable. NFL Week 9! It's the start of the 2nd half of the season, and the storylines are thick. Never before have there been this many teams undefeated at the midway point, so the question is obviously who has the nugs to keep it going? Honestly, I could care less who does, just as long as somebody does, so Mercury Morris can finally suck it. Patriots are the logical choice.. the Bengals are the sexy pick.. The Panthers may have the best shot.. And the Broncos D is now being looked at as one of the best ever.. Which one powers on, and which one fails epically? Let's talk about it (and your feelings)..