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    The Goddess Rising Network : Return of the Feminine Principle

    in Current Events

    We have not always found comfort in killers.
    We have not always found solace being rocked
    in the bosoms of those who silently pray
    and openly destroy.
    No, not always have we mistaken mimicry for mastery
    or pretending for knowing
    or enslavement for freedom.
    But across my memory —-
    across my memory marches millions -—
    bold, regal, resilient, confident —-
    unshackled feet stumping up spirits
    to guide us through this fickle material world.
    We like sun and moon folk,
    universal souls praying our prayers,
    singing our songs.
    Eshu, Ogoun, Shango, Yemaja, Oshun, Obatala, Oya, 
    Damballah, Ayida Wedo, Loa, Nkongo, Olodumare and Yami.
    We know all of you by name.
    We are people of beginnings, of culture, of strength.
    Not always have we given into the empty threats
    and scare tactics of the powerless ones.
    Not always have we allowed the blood of our sons and daughters
    to color the streets while we’re walking asleep,marching to the beat of that siren song.
    They’re still wearing their sheets,
    with nooses in reach,
    showing their teeth and smiling, it seems.
    But I hear in the breeze
    in the rustle of the trees
    and the dangling of the feet,
    they say, please, don’t let them ever forget.
    You see, not always have we suffered from amnesia.
    Not always have we forgotten how to conjure up spirits,
    ancestor wisdom,
    fix up a mixture,
    spiritual elixir,
    ancient traditions.
    We, like magicians,
    god-like vision, we -—
    we are people of sight.
    So, no, not always have we fallen
    for this okie doke
    or inhaled the hazardous smoke of the manipulators

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    Rustle of the Morning Stars: Brain and Intuition

    in Education

    Today our guest is Nikola Kindrad. He was born Ukraine.
    He has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and had been studying and practicing Meditation, Divination, Healing, Manifestation and other Mystical Arts for over 15 years.
    He's deeply rooted in Science and Rational methods as a way to verify the Visions and Knowledge that come through the Intuitive channels. In the last year he's been focusing on Opening and Developing Intuition through the use of the Transurfing methods - methods developed by the Russian scientist and mystic Vadim Zeland. As Zeland puts it - "One has to learn to Listen to the Rustle of the Morning Stars."
    Another passion for Nikola is learning about the Brain and it's functions. So many new and astonishing discoveries had been made in the last decade allowing us to deeper understand who we are and why we are the way we are.
    Today we'll combine the two - Transurfing and the Knowledge about the Brain to gain an Insight into the Intuitive Mind and how one could Improve or Develop this ability.

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    in Culture

    One week ago today, Mike Brown, an 18 year old black male from Ferguson, MO, was shot and killed by a white (we think) police officer as he "walked to his grandmother's house" (after robbing a convenient store...a smarter criminal would've used a getaway car).  In the days following the shooting, professional race baiter Al Sharpton and the "Hacker Collective" (that's the media's description, not ours) Anonymous descended upon Ferguson, further exacerbating an already tense situation.  Rioting has broken out several times among the "peaceful" protesters and the subsequent reaction by police has been described as excessive and militant.  

    The propagandists in the media immediately accused the police department of racism and the brainwashed masses took to social media to confront whitey over their hatred for all minorities everywhere.  Members of Anonymous misidentified the officer involved, forcing the falsely accused officer to flee the home he shares with his wife and five year old son.  We have invited Commander X of @OpFerguson to call into the show to clear up the misinfo being disseminated and to discuss the actual purpose of this op.

    Join me and my amazing cohost Joe Prich tonight at 9 EST as we break down the timeline and facts and discuss racism ad nauseam.  Happy Summer!  

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    in Culture

    Off the rail news, culture and commentary.

    Push Down & Turn Radio: Being sane in a mad world isn’t easy. Editorializing & speculating on Anything & Everything that hits your favorite aggregator. With guests, lively callers, a know it all 40 year old cynic and cook and a cyborg, it’s really a dance party. Co-hosted by @anticrisis73, and his Dalek friend @AnCapDalek Grimmy, no subject is off limits or taboo. We invite you to join us on the internets for a wild ride through the tubez. Join us, won’t you? You're calls are welcome!

    anticrisis73 and Grimmy


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    Ligue de Bruissement - n1knak's Half Hour Leak Fest

    in Radio

    Breaking Jews: I will be dropping an exclusive bombshell at 11:15pm tonight regarding a newly verified FBI connection between Sabu and Vince in the Bay. My new half hour show will feature some amazing never before heard audio gathered by the Ligue de Bruissement International News Centre.
    Make sure to stay tuned as I will be dropping in at any moment to read the leaked documents connecting Sabu and Vince in the Bay and play exclusive audio.
    #stayfrosty #staytactical #LiguedeBruissement #rustleleague

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Free Ball Friday

    in Dreams

    It's the end of the work week and time to celebrate by going commando with Vince! Tonight's guest is CNYrebel the host of Rustle League Radio on BTR. Together we will navigate the bowels of the Internet. There appears to be an inordinate amount of buttrage surrounding figures in both the #Amerisec and #KnightSec camps. Also, the nimjehs have continued to attack VITB and are now increasing their numbers out of fear of the rise of #AntiBaconSec. We will discuss this and much more! Of course our good friends at the NSA will be with us as well, but that goes without saying. Open lines. Call in! We're up all night to get lucky!

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    in Internet

    It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!! Watch hydropowered funny cars dance thru the Gates of Hell!!!!
    Tonight Vince welcomes co-host Manicorn to the show to discuss the past week's events, especially in the cyber world: UG Nazi member Mir Islam, aka "Josh The God", has reportely been placed back in government custody following an alleged parole violation, 13 more Anonymous participants in #OpPayback were indicted (including Anontana and Owen), MissAnonNews continues to spread butthurt and inspired more d0xing attempts, Shm00p has reportedly left Rustle League to join a Somalian pirate crew, and ninjas continue to wage cyber jihad against Vince. All this and more tonight!! Open lines. Call in!! 

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Free Ball Friday w/ Shm00p

    in Dreams

    This morning at around 3am Eastern time, notorious troll syndicate Rustle League seized control of famed anon-in-exile Commander X's "PLF2012" Twitter account and began tweeting inflammatory material, including racist slurs, anti-Semitic remarks, and Goatse pics. The rustlers were able to cross post on the YourAnonNews twitter account as well, since the PLF account had been granted access to tweeting thru YAN.
    Rustle League released a zip file of all the PLF account's tweets and have threatened to release DMs as well. Meanwhile, no one in the Anonymous community seems to be jumping to Commander X's defense. The PLF account has since been suspended and X has a temporary account set up.
    Tonight we are joined by Shm00p, a Rustle League spokesman, to discuss the PLF/YAN Twitter breach, as well as other topics like 9/11 and the Jews.
    Call in!

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    Grilliant Ideas Radio Show with Grilliant's Foodie Friends

    in Food

    Every week is a Fun Filled show of Food, Laughter, News, Commentary, and Music..all rolled up on the Grill!
    This week we will start off the show with a few Food News stories, as usual with the gang (Paleo A-A-Ron, Food News Joisey Gal Laury, and mystery guests... Of course we never know where that conversation will take us...
    Our first guest is Todd Michael Johns from Plowboys BBQ.
    www.plowboysbbq.com Looks like we will be talkin about BBQ..just a hunch!
    Our second guest is our Star to The Stars Sabra Ricci.
    www.SabraRicci.com There might be some planetary food pairings in the airwaves and galaxies.. 
    Our Musical Guest This Week. J'Lee and her Soulful Twist On Country Music.
    Pop on your cowboy hat and crank up the soul..This lady knows how to rustle up some good music!
    Thanks as always to our Sponsor: The Big Green Egg!
    Come on over and tune in your ears for some Grilliant Times!