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  • 02:03

    PMP: Kyrja - Rupert Learns about Making Magick

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess and Kalisara as we talk once more with Kyrja, the author and creator of the most loveable Pagan rabbit ever, Rupert!

    Kyrja's back with another awesome children's book and her wonderful self to tell us what's been going on. Rupert has been busy filling up his schedule. He will be Celebrating  Pagan Pride with Jacksonville Pagan Pride Alliance, Walking the Labyrinth at Treasure Coast Pagan Pride Day, and promoting his newest adventure: Rupert Learns about Making Magick (to be published later this year).


  • 02:01

    CRLive 2/3: America's Shadow War, Soros Buying Clinton, Proof of New World Order

    in Politics Conservative

    7 pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    Obama Now Iranian News Hero: President thanks Muslims for efforts at a ‘time of fear’
    Open Borders Globalist George Soros Donates Additional $ 6 Million to Hillary Clinton Super-Pac
    Obama DHS to Slash US Border Surveillance By 50% as Illegal Alien Crossings Surge
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrel? Palin Slams Cruz
    Rush Defends Establishment’s Rubio?
    Experts Blame Zika Virus Global Impact On Genetically Modified Mosquitos Altered to Battle Dengue Fever (Now Sexually Transmitted) 
    Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Outed as ‘Open Borders’ Globalist Seeking Erasure of US Borders
    Next Gun Control Effort: US Government Panel Wants All Americans Screened for Depression
    Angela Merkel Having Nervous Breakdown for Ruining Germany’s Future on Behalf of Globalist Agenda
    Islam: Sweden’s Military Chief Warns World War III Erupting in Europe ‘Within a Few Years”
    Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of stealing Iowa caucuses
    Lunatic Pope Under Fire for Praising Chinese Totalitarians


  • 01:30

    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Elizabeth (Letchworth) Chryst

    in Politics Conservative


    The announcement from Donald Trump’s campaign that the Republican frontrunner will “definitely not” partake in Thursday night’s Fox News debate has sent shock waves throughout the nation’s political scene.

    We'll discuss that and more with our Capitol Hill insider Elizabeth Chryst who updates us on the DC buzz.


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    in Politics

    How many of you watched the GOP debate Thursday night? I gotta imagine that millions of televisions across the country changed the channel after about 10 minutes of that borefest.

    The Trump rally was really brilliant, because it wasn’t about Donald Trump. It was about veterans. Trump spoke for a very short amount of time. It you add together the time that Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum spoke, it was more than Trump did. The opening was sort of like a telethon. Trump read off a list of donors like Jerry Lewis did back in the day, then he turned it over to the vets.

    Everything that happened Thursday night was pure Trump genius. You have to ask yourself if Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch are secretly working with Trump because they know he is the only one who can defeat Hillary Clinton?

    If you don’t believe that, then the only other concept is that Donald Trump is a master strategist. He is Bobby Fischer. Clairvoyant. He is the Manhattan medium. He knew exactly what was going to happen, because it was all bad news for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Everything bad that could happen to them, happened. You have to ask yourself how did Trump know all of this? Is he psychic?

    Fox put together video montages of Cruz and Rubio’s past statements on immigration. So the one issue that gets the base really worked up and got Trump’s campaign rocking and rolling was put front and center through these video montages. If you are a voter who is really passionate about immigration and believes there should be no amnesty for immigrants who are here illegally and they must be deported, you watched Cruz and Rubio flip-flop on the issue. You saw with your own eyes how they have been lying throughout this whole campaign.

    Their own words buried them. It wasn’t a moderator saying you said this and them being able to claim they were taken out of context. 


  • 01:13

    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show- Alison Lambert & Rupert Sheldrake

    in Spirituality

    Astrological Messages for 2012 and Beyond with Alison Chester Lambert (20 min)
    BBC astrologer, and founder of the Midlands School of Astrology in the UK, Alison Chester-Lambert is known for predicting personal and planetary events with “deadly accuracy.”  Back by popular request, Alison will be providing a regular monthly update on how the transiting planets are going to be affecting us on a personal and global level as we move through this pivotal year of 2012 and beyond.
    Exploring Where Science and Spirit Meet
    Rupert Sheldrake has been called  "a scientific heretic who refuses to be burnt at the stake." And” one of the first genuinely “New Age” scientists, by Ken Wilber.  In this episode, Rupert Sheldrake discusses some of the surprising and compelling research findings contained in his best-selling books such as Seven Experiments that Could Change the World, Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature wit Matthew Fox, and The Physics of Angels: Exploring where Science and Spirit Meet. 
    Are memories stored in the brain?
    How can morphic resonance shed new light on heredity?
    How does a dog know when its owner is returning home at an unexpected time??
    Does nature itself have memory?
    And many other fascinating questions of morphogenesis
    Rupert Sheldrake has appeared on numerous radio tv programs in Britain and overseas, and has published more than 80 scientific papers and ten books, which cover such topics as animal and plant development and behavior, memory, telepathy, perception, and cognition in general.
    NEW Prerecorded

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    Dating Women Radio Show - EXCERPT - Navigating Dating - January 13, 2016

    in Romance

    Please enjoy this EXCERPT from our Wednesday, 1/13/16 Dating Women Radio Show where we coach you to navigate the world of dating AND weigh in on Rupert Murdoch's upcoming wedding - for the FULL hour-long show, 4+ years (and growing) of shows to listen to, articles for members only and much more:


    Don't forget, we're live each Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET and encourage you to call on the numbers below

    US TOLL FREE (48 contiguous states):  (855) 345-7465
    INTERNATIONAL (including Alaska & Hawaii):  (646) 668-8937

    You may also ask questions via email too (but callers take priority).


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    Topic: New Beginnings

    in Spirituality

    Have Tea with Me, this Wednesday night at 6:30 pm on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.
    ~ Join me in making mistakes on the journey to our destiny in our own authentic style in the 2016 ~

    Topic:  New Beginnings

    Happy New Year!!!

    "We all make them, the difference is what we do after we make the mistake, how we see the mistake - a learning experience or a failure." Cathrine Pulsifer

     "So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because that's where you will find success. On the far side of failure."
    Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

    "Most people tend to move on from their mistakes without looking back, but this just deprives them the opportunity to carry out the crucial exercise of understanding what went wrong."
    Rupert Johnson, Build for Success

    #GratefulHeart #ForgivingAll #Success Story #IAm #Mistakes

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    Mikey Rupert from the Cooper & Rupert Podcast

    in Sports

    On this episode of the Sports Gal Pal podcast, Ramona is joined by one of her favorite sports podcasters, Mikey Rupert from the Cooper & Rupert podcast. Together they discuss not only the expectations of the upcoming college football season, but also why Ramona should stop complaining about UVa's two seed in the NCAA tournament, why it's okay to miss a game once in awhile, and why Ramona loves his podcast. 

    Also, Ramona also talks about why the preseason is so important and gives advice on how she herself deals with her husband's obessions that she personally can't stand. 


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    Media Bias Rules and Ben Carson

    in POTUS

    The media is biased.  Get over.

    The majority of Americans are the reason why the media is biased.  

    If you look at the media in totality then it is unbiased.  We have a whole panoply of biases to look at and ingest. 

    If a politician is screaming media bias, then he has a problem.

    No one has gotten elected based on screaming about the media being unfair.

    Here are the rules for posting on social media and having social discourse.

    Your goal should be creating a state of awareness not a platform for people to have to agree with everything you say.

  • 00:24

    World Series Preview: Kansas City Royals

    in Baseball

    One of my favorite guest, Mikey Rupert from the Cooper & Rupert Podcast (my favorite sports podcast period) is back on the show but talking about his Kansas City Royals. Okay they aren't his Royals, but he's been a fan and follower of the team since a child and has great insight on the team. With their appearance in the World Series for the second year in a row Mikey brings great perspective on what to expect from baseball's best defensive team. 

    Plus he explains why he and Doug (his cohost) are wearing terrible sweaters for their new photos. 

    To listen to Cooper and Rupert - www.cooperandrupert.com 
    To Follow the on Twitter @CooperandRupert

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    Meet Ms. Alfreda Gerald

    in Spirituality


    “The one word that could best describe ALFREDA GERALD is "POWERHOUSE"!!! Her unparalleled vocal stylings are compared to that of Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Dorinda Clark-Cole and Fantasia”. A classically trained soprano, Alfreda is EXTREMELY versatile and can sing music from any genre.


    •Holland America Line
    • SilverSea Cruises
    • Celebrity Cruise Line
    • Cunard Line
    • Royal Caribbean International

    Yanni 1996 – 2007

    The Rupert’s Orchestra 1986 – 2012

    BACKGROUND VOCALIST (Touring and Recording)

    • Sir Elton John
    • Cher
    • Celine Dion
    • Whitney Houston
    • Gladys Knight
    • Chaka Khan 
    • Earl Klugh
    • George Howard
    • Donny Osmond
    • The Gap Band
    • Charlie Wilson
    • The SOS Band
    • Confunkshun
    • The Barkays
    • Isaac Hayes
    • The Tom Joyner Morning Show
    • Late Night with Jay Leno
    • Shawn Mullins
    • Third Day
    • The Gospel Workshop Of America
    • Lee Williams
    • The Myra Walker Singers
    • Babbie Mason
    • Deleon Richards
    • Warren Haynes Band
    • Oteil Burbridge and Roosevelt Collier


    Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Spite, McDonald’s, Hardees, KFC, Church’s Chicken, Popeye’s Chicken, General Motors, Ford Motor Cars, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, NAPA Auto Parts, Motorola, Creomulsion Cough Syrup, The Waffle House, The Georgia Lottery, Marriott, Space Ghost: Coast To Coast , The Brak Show