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    Advice For New Runners

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    Are you interested in getting started with running? Then you should tune in to this episode of Hilary Topper on Air with John Honerkamp, Senior Manager of Runner Products & Services at New York Road Runners - the world's premier community running organization known for its world-class events - including the famed TCS New York City Marathon which attract and inspire more than 300,000 runners internationally including 60,000 NYRR members. Hilary and John will be discussing training methods, the NYRR Online Training Program, and more! After you check out this episode, you’ll have the knowledge you’ll need to go from couch to marathon! 

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    Team Race 4 marathon runners fundraising for Kenya

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    Guests: Anna Rodrigues, Delis Alejandro and Nataly Garcia

    On March 14 and 15, 2015, St. Monica Parishioners (Santa Monica, CA) will participate in the 5K walk and run of the LA Marathon raising funds for Veronika’s Place.

    Veronika’s Place is a nutritional support program, in Dandora, Kenya. That
    provides food each month for 400 men, women, and children with HIV/AIDS.

    Team Race 4 Veronika's Place is in its 3rd year as an official charity
    partnering with the ASICS LA Marathon. Over the past 2 years we have had 55
    team members and raised money to provide food to Veronika's Place for two

    Many of those who receive this food are single mothers and their children.
    The monthly food distribution through the Veronika’s Place ministry
    provides them with basic nutrition, including cooking oil, flour and rice.
    It is extremely important for patients to maintain weight for medication to
    be effective.

    Veronika Lineberry Manzella, a member of the Holy Cross Africa Ministry
    Core Team at St. Monica's Church, was determined to make a difference when
    she saw a video about the struggles, despair and plight of the people of
    Dandora, Kenya. She set out to raise funds for the Brother Andre Dispensary
    and the Voluntary Counseling and Testing Clinic in Africa. In 2007,
    following Veronika’s untimely passing, the people of Dandora dedicated the
    VCT Clinic in her honor and renamed it “Veronika’s Place.”

    Ourgoal for our 3rd year is to raise approximately $30,000

    dollars per year to maintain the food distribution at its current level.

    If you would like to support the runners representing Veronika’s Place
    please visit: http://www.crowdrise.com/2015R4VP

    We are a committee of the St. Monica Holy Cross Africa Ministry.

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    Online Coaching for Runners

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    The Internet coupled with the advent of Bluetooth and GPS provides a unique opportunity to virtually coach runners online. Join Richard Diaz and Vanessa Runs as they discuss the benefits and provide real time support for one of our marathon running listeners.

    It was not long ago that the ability to monitor heart rate was cutting edge information. Now many coaches are able to provide detailed advice regarding a client’s training across the globe! Richard Diaz reveals one of the hottest advancements in running and triathlon training technology.

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    Evidence Based Barefoot Training for Runners

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    An interview with world renowned expert in Barefoot Training and education, Dr Emily Splichal. She teaches Reflexive stability, core exercises and barefoot training techniques for runners and fitness enthusiasts. Learn to avoid injury and perform at your best.

    Yes, Dr. Emily is back again, live and direct all the way from Spain where she is putting on another one of her Evidence Based Fitness Academy workshops.  Anyone who runs or exercises injured or otherwise will benefit from Dr. Emily’s vast knowledge and experience. Join our host Richard Diaz and Emily for some excellent information on Barefoot Training

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    Find out about blind runners and their guides.  This is an awesome service that has established runners and guides.  Imagine the communication skills needed, let alone the trust developed by both runner and guide.  Talk live with Mr. Brian Rayburn, the founder and guide.  11/17/14 12PM EST 11AM CENTRAL 10AM MOUNTAIN 9AM PST  We have set aside an entire hour for this marathon of an episode.

    All are welcome to call in and speak with the guest speaker.

    Remember, it is good to talk!

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    Black Friday Product Review for Runners

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    FREE gifts for live callers!  A review Running Gear every runner would love to own. Mio Heart Rate Monitors, 2XU Compression wear, Rudy Project Sunglasses, Vitargo Energy Drinks, RPM2 training Insoles and a FREE Spartan Race Entry anywhere in the country!

    Our Host Richard Diaz, has called in some favors and gathered a bunch of amazing gifts to give way during the show.  However, he is pleased to be able to introduce these amazing training tools to the audience and recommends them because he himself has tested and approved of the value.  There is not one item on this show that any runner would not love to own!

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    Nerd Nation enters the void with Gateway Runners

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    Gene and Siike return for what might be their farewell to BlogTalkRadio. It's be a very nerdy few years, but with the show evolving into a new format, with new segements, topics, and more, it makes sense for the boys to bid farewell to the network that gave them their first home and explore the land of the unknown.

    On this final episode, Gene and Siike talk about their current and past projects, as well as give a glimpse into what their futures hold.

    After years of selling, buying, reading, trading, and talking about comic books, Gene Hoyle is launching his first book as a creator, and you can help bring that vision to life by pledging to his Kickstarter, GATEWAY RUNNERS. 

    Get the details on GATEWAY RUNNERS and everything else Nerd Nation right now! Tune in, nerd out!

  • A Runners Inspiring Story - Gilbert Tuhabonye, Genocide Survivor

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    An amazing account of faith, running as a national champion, hope and inspiration.  A true story of genocide survival and a second chance to give back as a running coach in America.  As told by Gilbert Tuhabonye.

    Gilbert Tuhabonye, a native of Burundi Africa, a nationally ranked runner and genocide survivor.  Tells how he escaped being burned to death with all his schoolmates, now a renowned running coach in America. An inspiring story every runner must hear.

    Gilbert narrowly escaped an attack on his school as the Hutu’s sought revenge for the murder of the president of Burundi by the Tutsi’s. With 30% of his body burned he escaped a burning building where as many as 200 of his class mates lay brutally tortured and burned to death.  Fortunately, this story ends well as Gilbert now coaches runners in Austin Texas.

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    #141 Meeting the Surf Coast Trail Runners

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    Trail running, social media communities and running groups are becoming increasingly popular. One group which embraces these three aspects and more is the Surf Coast Trail Runners and we are pleased to have as our special guests on the Partnerunning Show the founders of the group Dion Milne and Matt Hosking.

    Being part of a running group has many benifitis including:

    Training partners;
    Running education and advice;
    Run and event trips;
    The saftey that comes from running in a group;
    Social activities and friends; and,
    Much more.

    Tune in as Matt and Dion introduce the Surfcoast Trail Runners and the value of running groups.

    As an added bonus our guests tell us about running on the Surf Coast (which starts only an hour from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) and give us some insights into Surf Coast Running Events including:

    Surf Coast Century;
    You Yangs Trail Running Festival;
    Great Ocean Walk 100km Trail Run;
    Surf Coast Trail Marathon; and,
    Great Ocean Road Marathon.

    Also on The Partnerunning Show we have regular segments:

    Over the shoulder;
    Ask Sue; and,
    The road ahead.

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    De-bunking the Runners Myths

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    We Runners are alwyas tring to find a way to avoid doing too much and still improving our finish times. Listen as our host Richard Diaz offers his take on four popular myths surronding marathon training, CrossFit, Stretching and Fat loss.

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    #122 Meeting Tara Martin, Runners Kitchen & Amazeballs

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    In this feature episode of The Partnerunning Show we meet Tara Martin the founder of Runners Kitchen, and the developer of AmazeBalls. Energy for runners is a constant challenge and most of us are always looking for better ways to fuel on the run.
    AmazeBalls are a new, healthy and natural alternative to traditional energy gels. Providing carbohydrate for before and during a run AmazeBalls are proving popular with runners and are an extra bonus for those unable to consume other energy products.
    Listen in as Tara, the energy source behind the energy source that is Amazeballs talks sports nutrition and explains the background to AmazeBalls, how they assist runners from 10km to 160km and beyond as well as details on how to purchase and use them. Discover more and order via the Runners Kitchen website or Runners Kitchen Facebook Page.
    The story of Runners Kitchen and Tara Martin is also one where the determination and lessons from running are assisting in the creation of a new business designed to serve the running community.

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