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    RuneScape Radio

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    Talk about anything and everything to do with RuneScape.

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    runescape blog 1

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    this is a great new talkshow about runescape. we will talk about anything and everything!
    new runescape toolbar-

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    runescape how eoc killed the game

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    we talking about bot gold farmers and how that killed the game 

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    RuneScape Radio- Likes and Dislikes

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    Talk about your likes/dislikes with JaGeX, RuneScape, and Private Servers.

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    Runescape Merchanting Q&A

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    Tired of outdated Merchanting Guides? Wondering how fast you can get rich on Runescape? Have you ever considered Merchanting with a Clan like Smokin Mils, 2Lum or WeFightGE? Be careful.

    Listen in as Linkbuilder, the Creator of LumbridgeCity.com, answers questions about How to Merchant on the Runescape Grand Exchange in 2010 - and how to protect yourself from the unethical Merch Clans - because Jagex can't help you.

    Learn the difference between Money Making and Merchanting.

    Learn up-to-date details about some of the most profitable methods of Merchanting on Runescape, including Day Trading, long term and short term Investing.

    And learn about the last, great money making scam on Runescape... Price Manipulation Merch Clans.

    Yes, Merch Clans are a Scam. And Jagex can't stop them - listen in and learn how to protect yourself.

    Who Are We? Our website ranks #1 in Google for searches on Runescape Merchanting Clan - we are a group of RICH SOLO MERCHANTERS who love to talk about the price of items on Runescape!

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    RuneScape Radio- Gossip

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    Today's show is going to be a lot of fun! In today's episode we are going to be having our very first 'RuneScape Bootycall'! We will give you an item name such as a bandos godsword, and you will threeway your girlfriend/boyfriend and say it in a way that makes them know that you want them. Example- 'hey baby my bandos godsword misses you and it wants to hit the bgs spec on you. do you think we could do that?'

    Rules- You cannot say the word sex, blowjob, or anything to give away that you are exactly talking about sex, you have 30 seconds for them to agree to the bootycall winner recieves a free ipad (Provided by Blog Talk Radio!

    In general talk we will be talking about the myths of runescape updates and private server updates. Hope to see you all there!

    call in number: 1(347) 994-3646

    main site link: http://www.runescapefans.tk

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    RuneScoop - Your RuneScape Inside Scoop!

    in Video Games

    Join your host, Qeltar, author and webmaster of RuneScoop, for a wide-ranging discussion of RuneScape issues!

    Chat about the latest updates, ask for advice, debate issues, or whatever else is on your mind.

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    Will The Merchanter's Mastermind for Runescape Work for YOU?

    in Education

    This is Linkbuilder with an incredibly important message that I think is going to really help a lot of people get over some of the stumbling blocks they have when they first start Solo Merchanting on Runescape. Over the past few weeks we have been preparing to re-open the doors to The Merchanter's Mastermind Coaching Program. Bar none - this is the most unique - and the first time in history of the Runescape Grand Exchange that any one is really teaching these powerful Solo Merchanting Strategies and Solo Merchanting tactics to dedicated Runescape Players. The way we see this - this is going to cause a ripple effect change in how merchanting is done on Runescape. A real change in the types of strategies and tactics that people actually use in the future to build monumental income at monumental speeds. Over the past few weeks we have received some amazing questions that we want to address fully here on this program. Will the Merchanter's Mastermind Coaching Program work for me? Will this work? Is it worth it for me to invest in? Is it worth it for me to take this coaching program? That is an incredibly valid question that we're sure a lot of people would ask if they are new to Solo Merchanting. Join us in this ten minute presentation, and we'll show you that the Merchanter's Mastermind is really about becoming a master at getting money on Runescape. We will be flat-you frank with you - what the Merchanter's Mastermind is really about is making money in Runescape. What we share on the inside of The Merchanter's Mastermind Coaching Program is something that few individuals on our planet, in the game of Runescape actually know and have and use. That's what makes this so powerful! We are some of the best in the world at what we do. We know how to create Merchanting Strategies and find hot items that get money unlike few people on this planet really do. Join us as we share models of how to get money out of the Runescape Grand Exchange.

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    RuneScape Talkshow

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    This is a test version of the talk show

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    this is a talkshow about runescape. it is really funny and cool. please watch whenever you can!