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    After the Anthem Episode 3: Ruined Clinchmas, Rio Qualifying and Nova Scotia

    in Soccer

    On the second episode of the After the Anthem podcast the lads discuss how the Montreal Impact ruined what should have been a happy Clinchmas for the rest of the MLS Eastern Conference. They break down what has happened so far at Olympic qualifying, and whether Canada has a shot at Rio. Then they finish it up with a discussion about recent rumours of players interested in playing for the Canadian national team. 

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    Our Guests.Joe Adler Producing Artist Director
    Joseph Adler is now in his twelfth season at GableStage.
    He previously directed at many South Florida Theatres including: Coconut Grove Playhouse, New Theatre, Area Stage, Hollywood Boulevard Theatre, Players Theatre, Ruth Foreman Theatre, Florida Shakespeare Theatre, City Theatre, Hollywood Playhouse and Shores Performing Arts. Active in South Florida's film and theatre community for many years
    Renata Eastlick Actress Ruined
    Lori Hollander the Kitchen Counsellor

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    2015 WEEK 8 - Unicef Has Ruined Halloweenie

    in Computers

    Meet the Mets, Meet the Mets, Step right up and greet the Mets! Oh the Butcher and the Baker -- well, you get the drift. How many times can I play, "The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant"? Murphy, Mets, and Supergirl. It'll all make sense on a brand new podcast this week. Join me, won't you. :)

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    2015 WEEK 8 - Unicef Has Ruined Halloweenie

    in Comedy

    Meet the Mets, Meet the Mets, Step right up and greet the Mets! Oh the Butcher and the Baker -- well, you get the drift. How many times can I play, "The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant"? Murphy, Mets, and Supergirl. It'll all make sense on a brand new podcast this week. Join me, won't you. :)

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    Keep it 100 Radio Show 2.0

    in Comedy

    Black History Month!! Topics that we have for today is: Do you believe that social media is ruining relationships? Im sure some people experience there relationship ruined because of facebook,twitter, instagram. Next topic we have is what makes a person lose interest in sex with there partner/friend? We all have had that person that we had sex with and lost interest. Superbowl predictions. Also we will be talking about whats trending with the celebs. So tune in and call @ (714) 694-4101

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    Queens Talk Radio Episode 21

    in Entertainment

    Do you think that social media has ruined our generation? Thoughts? Do you have facts to back it up?

    Followed by a question from one of our listeners...


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    Satellite Sundays (Episode 3)

    in Professional

    Episode 3 Agenda:


    SuperBowl 50 Picks/Predictions
    Is it the player or the system? (Phil Jackson Won with Kobe & Shaq, Jordan, and Kobe again. Tim Duncan is considered the best power forward ever but is it his skill set or coach Pop?) 
    Has Fantasy Sports Ruined Traditional Fan-ship? 
    What's The worst fantasy Sports Trade You've Ever Made?
    Is Cam Newton The Face of the "New" NFL?

    (Pop Culture)

    Can Donny Trump Really Win This Whole Thing?
    DC or Marvel (Which Marketing Direction Do You Prefer? Kids or Adults?)
    Facebook, What’s the point?

    “B.S. Quote of the Week” (Punk on being the prettiest girl at the prom)

    Mickey Gall Calls For C.M. PUNK (Punk Surprisingly Shows Up, WATCH IT HERE)

    “Like it? Love It? or Meh…” (Good Ol' Jim Ross to be the new voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates)

    “iTunes Top Song of the Week” 


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    Writestream Tuesday: 'Surviving Camp Inca' with Julienne Burleson

    in Books

    What have you overcome in your life? For Southern California native Julienne Burleson, it was a set-up by "friends" that led to her unjust imprisonment in a Third World prision: 

    In 1995, Julienne Burleson was just a naive’ Southern California girl living a carefree life of fun in the sun. All of that changed, however, when an acquaintance invited her to Ecuador and asked her to bring back some artwork—artwork that, unbeknownst to Julienne, is filled with cocaine. Thus begins Julienne’s multi-year ordeal in the Ecuadorian prison system.

    Chronicling her harrowing journey in vivid detail, Julienne describes what life is like in a third world prison. Yet despite the cruel conditions, Julienne manages to find light, hope, and even forgiveness in the darkest of places.

    How can some people live through such an experience without letting prison destroy their minds, while others crumble and are ruined for the rest of their lives? Find out in this inspiring memoir and discover how Julienne refuses to let this horrific experience define her.

    For more information on Julienne, visit CampInca.com. During the live interview on January 26 at 1 p.m. Eastern, call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246, and press 1 to get into the queue. 

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    #TheSnatchback Ep.2! Kobe's Legacy Ruined? Paul George Is BACK? ANDRE DRUMMOND!

    in Sports

    Another week of NBA Action has created more questions for me and @NotNickBaughan. How is Steph Curry and the Warriors STILL hot. Is Paul George better then ever? Why do I believe social media is beginning to ruin legacies like Kobe Bryant's? Me and Nick are also discussing the Detroit Pistons' surprising start to the season along with the sudden emgerence of Andre Drummond... TUNE IN.


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    Saturday Night with Sapphire J Blue and Author K. F. Johnson

    in Writing

    If you are a fan of deadly, sexy, suspenseful and romantic urban life stories...this is the book for you! 
    Follow these 4 cousins as they try to hurdle the sins of their past & present before their lives are ruined. They say good girls finish last…but when they're bad, they're better! 
    Valerie's just recovered from a career ending accident when her fiancé adds insult to injury by cheating on her with her closest relative. Devastated, angry, and now financially strapped, she’s ready to break all the rules...or is she? 
    Yasmin's a successful attorney whose failing marriage has left a void that only a side romance has been able to fill. When a crime unexpectedly turns her life upside down, decisions will have to be made...or they'll be made for her. 
    Vanessa's an aspiring singer who's tired of living in the shadow of her identical twin's success. She's not getting any younger, success doesn’t come cheap and fame costs! 
    Amina's a beautiful bombshell who uses what she’s got to get what she wants; but she’s harboring seedy secrets that are anything but pretty. As skeletons begin to resurface, she needs them dead and buried...before she is. 

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    The Mysterious All Seeing Eye/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

    in Religion

     The Mysterious All Seeing Eye
    The mystic meaning is that the third eye is the ability to see what might be: In other words the third eye is one's ability to see potential; such as, a New World Order. Hinduism, Kabbalah, Freemasonry, Judaism, Mormonism, Buddhism and Eastern occult religions worship the All-Seeing Eye. Daniel 11:38 teaches that the Antichrist will worship “the god of forces.” This is the New Age religion of mysticism. The Bible says that “BY PEACE” the Antichrist will destroy many (Daniel 8:25).
    The eye is symbolic of KNOWLEDGE not perceived by the general public. The public could know, but they are oblivious to the truth, ruined by prosperity and deceived by lies. Remember that the Bible warns Satan BLINDS THE MIND of men to keep them in darkness (2nd Corinthians 4:3-4). God gave us His holy Word so that we could be saved and walk in the light.
     Third Eye- Satanic Portal- Demonic Realms 01-05-16.