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    APOCALYPSE--Johnny Carson, Elizabeth Taylor, Rudyard Kipling

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    Sir Francis Younghusband - Soldier and Mystic

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    On Thursday February 4th, 2016 The Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon
    will present a discussion on the fascinating military and occult career
    of Lt.Colonel Sir Francis Edward Younghusband (1863-1942) the conqueror
    of Tibet (1904) and the author of several books on travel, adventure and
    mystical philosophy. Colonel Younghusband was an officer in British
    Special forces in India during a cold war between the British and the
    Russians for control of the Central Asian highlands north of India in
    the latter days of the 19th century. Their covert conflict was called
    "The Great Game" and was the stage for high adventure. Rudyard Kipling
    novelized "The Great Game" in Kim. In 1904 Lord Curson the Viceroy of
    India sent Colonel Younghusband up into Tibet with an invading British
    army to flush out the Russians whom Curson was convinced had infiltrated
    the mysterious country. After slaughtering the primitive Tibetan army,
    Younghusband took Lhasa but could not find a single Cossack, or even a
    Russian rifle, However he did stay long enough to have a mystical
    experience that transformed him from a ruthless conqueror into a
    peaceful mystical philosopher. He retired to England to write books
    about his adventures and his visions, which included life on other
    planets, a philosophy of free love, a spiritual drama society and an
    expedition to climb Mt. Everest. -- If you want to spend an hour with
    the Colonel, tune in and we'll hit the trail going up.

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    Talk Jamaica Nov 22, 2015

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    On Talk Jamaica this week it’s all about our pre-election feature ‘ON THE BALLOT’.

    At 4:20, Incumbent MP and PNP Candidate for St. Elizabeth South Western, Hugh Buchanan will join us along with his opponent the JLP’s Floyd Green. Then, at 5 p.m., the PNP’s candidate for Clarendon South Eastern – Patricia Duncan-Sutherland along with a representative for incumbent MP Rudyard Spencer will tell us why they should win the seat.

    Then at 5:40 we have Talk Vault our new Political Ombudsman will join us. Talk Jamaica comes your way live at 4pm 

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    The Audacity of Stock Investing

    in Finance

    After a rough month for investors Chris Hill reflects on the audacity of individual stock investing, his recent trip to northern California, what he learned inside Pixar Animation, and the poetry of Rudyard Kipling.

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    Suspense Radio Inside Edition - June 27th, 2015

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    Suspense Radio is back before we take our summer break for one final hour of great interviews. Two authors on the show for you today led by Chris Karlsen and then Robert Kidera. Both authors have written fantastic books. While we are off for the month of July, make sure you listen back to all the shows you missed On Demand. Also visit www.suspenseradionetwork.com to check out all the shows on the Network. 

    Chris Karlsen: "Silk":  

    The city is in a panic as Jack the Ripper continues his murderous spree. While the Whitechapel police struggle to find him, Detective Inspector Rudyard Bloodstone and his partner are working feverishly to find their own serial killer. The British Museum's beautiful gardens have become a killing ground for young women strangled as they stroll through.

    Their investigation has them brushing up against Viscount Everhard, a powerful member of the House of Lords, and a friend to Queen Victoria. When the circumstantial evidence points to him as a suspect, Rudyard must deal with the political blowback, and knows if they are going to go after the viscount, they'd better be right and have proof.

    Robert Kidera: "Red Gold": 

    Shaken by the death of his beloved wife and wrestling with powerful personal demons, Professor Gabriel McKenna leaves New York City for New Mexico to claim an inheritance from mysterious distant relatives. He finds something other than a Land of Enchantment. 

    Unseen enemies threaten his life. Old friends turn up and rally to his side. Together they plunge into a lethal struggle for a 19th Century treasure, the fabled Lost Adams gold. McKenna enters a world of violence, passion, sexual abuse, deceit, and death that cause him to question his core beliefs and values, and even his sense of self. 

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    I believe that each of you have been feeling a quickening in your spiritual heart,a quickening of divine knowing that is whispering to you saying ...Our time has come to walk tall in our understanding of who we are, and what we represent in the world.

     Believe me when I say, You can not go on in this world pretending that you have Faith when you do not!

     Marie Dolores McCohnell who is our guest co-host has a B.A. degree in psychology and a M.S. degree in the education of the gifted.She has also received formal training and certified in many health centered modalities including reflexology, aroma therapy, mental and spiritual health via education, mentoring, counseling and intervention. Marie specializes as a life-path and spiritual-path mentor.


    Excerpt from Rudyard Kipling poem

    If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you But make allowance for their doubting too, If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream--and not make dreams your master, If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools: If all men count with you, but none too much, If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my son! By--Rudyard Kipling

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    Travel Today - Singapore

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    It exists at the threshold of history, a natural shipping hub and the meeting point of worldwide sea routes. Singapore is truly a melting pot of Asia, and it could easily be argued that the word fusion — if not invented here — is displayed better in Singapore than most other places around the globe.

    Here, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, is where you’ll find fusion food (like foie gras man tou—French-prepared duck liver tucked into a steamed Chinese bun) and fusion languages (Singlish—a form of English you won’t find anywhere else). And that’s also where you’ll find Peter Greenberg Worldwide as we broadcast from the legendary Raffles Hotel Singapore. It’s a place that truly defines the old Singapore.

    The hotel was immortalized by Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham, and Ernest Hemingway, and their legends live on here. We’ll tell some of those stories, and much much more.

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    Captain of his Dreams

    in Business

    With Jim Thomsen  (www.tenayatravels.com)

    Many people can dream, it’s the leaders that we want to follow who actually live the dream in full living color.  Join us on May 7th for a very special show featuring such a man – Entrepreneur turned High Seas Adventurer and Captain of his own ship, Jim Thomsen.   

    Jim will share how he left a prestigious job he loved as President of Jansport- Eastpak-Kipling International in order to sail the oceans of the world with his wife Katie.  That was in 2005 and they are still traveling the globe in their sailboat Tenaya.  We will explore with Jim how he made it happen, the fears he has faced and the elements of his life as Captain of his ship that he finds most gratifying.  

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    What does it mean to play The "WHT man's" GAME?

    in Culture

    Play the white man is a term used in parts of England meaning to be decent and trustworthy in one's actions.[citation needed]

    The origin of the phrase is obscure. The term carries with it a reference to an obligation which many English civil administrators in the latter years of the British Empire might have considered themselves to be under: that is, the obligation to uphold respect for their county abroad by maintaining personal standards of behaviour and fairness which darker-skinned native peoples could respect[citation needed]. The act of calling upon someone to remember his personal moral obligations in this way is expressed in Rudyard Kipling's poem The White Man's Burden. On the other hand, the racially neutral colour white has long been associated with pureness and virtue.

    A similar expression in the United States is "That's mighty white of you", meaning, "Thank you for being fair". [1]

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    Prepping The Golden Child - Gerardo Mulas

    in Fitness

    Gerardo Mulas, director of Mulas Martial Arts and former NCAA player, deals candidly with developmental fitness, the role of a coach, and the responsibility of parents in the proper care and growth of an effective athlete. 

    : RyoSports.com

    : The Hunk I Dreamed

    : The Rat & The Alley Cat

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    in Spirituality

    This Christmas show will reveal the identity of the mysterious man, the third member of the Holy Family, named Joseph, who remained in the shadows, and was often lost in the background during most of Christ's life. Rarely ever mentioned, other than that Joseph was an unremarkable menial laborer and working class carpenter, his extraordinary Past Life and identity as a famous Mediterranean Emperor who lived around 500 BC will stun you, as will the revelation about who Joseph became in his most recent Incarnation, about 150 years ago, born in 1865, for he become one of Western Civilization's most memorable writers of all time. It is my privilege to bring the remarkable story of Joseph to you in the way of a Christmas Carol, as a final and fitting tribute to this remarkable yet unassuming man, as a way of celebrating the end of the unusual year 2012. For this is the Apocalypse.