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    Buses and Dresses and Rudy, Oh My!

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    While "The Voice" has not been doing any regularly scheduled broadcasts lately due to lack of commitment, lack of opinion, lack of enthusiasm or a combination of any and all of these things at various times, occassionally something comes up in the news that he actually KNOWS a little about, such as the recent bus accidents in  New York City and how they are handled. And then on to topics that he merely has an opinion on such as the Rudy Giuliani comments about President Obama.  Then there was the missing Oscar dress that was about to get as much coverage as the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.


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    Fast Food Fighting, Parade Pummeling, Rudy Ranting (and that's the

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    Your host, "The Voice", comments on things that have occurred over the past couple of weeks, from the big beatdown by a gang of girls at a fast food restaurant to a street throwdown at the St. Patrick's Day Parade and how the public in general reacts to things of that sort. Then there's Rudy Giuliani  (again) on a roll against President Obama about the behaviour of certain demographics. And some interesting reults from a recent Rasmussen poll on black/police matters and crimes by blacks against blacks provides some views EVERYONE need to take a look at (and in some cases, maybe rethink).

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    Mayor Giuliani Explains On Hannity his comments Of Obama's Love for USA

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    Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani gives explanation why he believes President Obama doesnt like America or Love America. It appears the democratic party os trying to gain some traction from the comments of the Mayor who prefaced them by saying he belived the comments to seem harsh but the procedded to say them anyway.Should he had said them in another way?

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    Forget Ferguson, Blacks Are The Real Threat , Says Giuliani

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    Rudy giuliani doubles down on his comments about president obama not loving america. megyn kelly grills giuliani on his comments about con demning obamas patriotism. Rudy Giuliani continued to defend his comments about President Barack Obama not “loving” America during a combative appearance on Fox News with Megyn Kelly Thursday night. Asked if he wanted to apologize for his comment, the former NYC mayor said, “Not at all, I want to repeat it.”
    “To say that he doesn’t love america, I mean, that he could view foreign policy as a Democrat might view it and through a different lens than you or a Republican might see it, you can understand the differences between you,” Kelly said to Giuliani. “But to condemn his patriotism? To question his love of America?”
    Giuliani insisted that he was not condemning Obama’s patriotism, but instead said he wanted to hear more from the president about how “exceptional” this country is. Oscar talk and Box Office. Top pick magazine you should check out iUrban Mvpondemand Lorettas sweets potato Cookie

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    in Politics Conservative

    This week's episode kicks off with on-air guest, Mr. Steve Keene.  Steve is the Director of Virginia Justice and Safety Associates.  He'll talk about the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.  The VJSA website is www.vajusticeandsafety.com
    Also, host Flint Engleman will comment about his recent meeting with America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.  Flint will play Mayor Rudy's speech delivered in Richmond during a Virginia Victory Center grand opening.
    YOU can be a part of the show!  Call in anytime during the show to provide your perspective or ask a question.  Dial (951)729-8928 and select Option #1 to speak to the host.

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    Who Loves America More: Obama or Giuliani?

    in Culture

    On this episode of the World of Ideas show, after the weekly review of the week, when host Kasaun Henry discusses great and dangerous ideas in the world, we will take on the controversial question: “Who Loves America More: Obama or Giuliani?"

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    America's Deadly Sins - Episode 17 - Rudy Orr/Co-host!

    in Politics


    I get this CRAAAAAAZY feeling today is going to be one of those really memorable episodes, America.  Today's co-host is gonna be Rudy Orr, from NC.  Rudy's a regular in the fight against the tyranny of CPS, and a One Star General in his own right.  He's gonna be bringing some callers with him, and...it's very likely we'll have some other BIG GUESTS JOINING IN AS WELL.  This may be the point where the tables turn folks.  There is a BIG DOING going on, and a lot of people are going to pay for what they have done.  Just keep in mind that the nightmare, such as it is, maybe coming to an end...AND SOON!!

    Join us today AT 2 P.M. CST, for what very well might be the most explosive episode...TO DATE!!

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    4th and Goal Show Episode 15: Rudy "Rude Dog" Reyes Stops by and Much More!

    in Sports

    James and Scott are back again for episode 15:

    Tom Brady's fate will come this week, and we will discuss what is likely going to happen to the star quaterback of the New England Patriots.

    Rudy "Rude Dog" Reyes stops by to talk all things Pittsburgh Steelers with us what take aways he has from rookie Mini-camp, plus the rest of the team's off-season.

    Also James will have his pick six segment which is always an intesting time where Scott isn't in the know...

    It looks like another great show for the 4th and Goal Podcast; however what would make it even better is if any of you listeners would call in at 516-418-5946 and have a take on something we talk about or if you want to bring up your own news story that we can discuss.

    Either join the conversation on the phone or start your own with us! Also if you have a question don't forget to follow the show @4thandGoalShow and use the #ask4thandgoal, and the question will be read on the air and we will discuss it!

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest Rudy Orr

    in Politics

    TUNE IN TONIGHT 8PM E 7/C To Hear My Guest Rudy Orr

    Tonight's Broadcast Will Be Adult Programming - Different Than We've Done In The Past - But Rudy Is Too Hot To Handle And We Have To Let Him Fly Free

    If You Have Had Enough Tyranny In Your Life And Want To Talk The Way You Talk - Then Join Us www.blogtalkradio.com/thecapt Or Call-In At: 646-716-7978

    Let Your Voice Be Heard - Be Loud! - Be Proud! And Be You! 
    No Holds Barred Tonight Shipmates! We Will Unleash The Beast!


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    Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani

    in Current Events

    Masonry in the bible

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    Giuliani: Obama influenced by communists since youth

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    Rudy Giuliani doubled down on his claims that President Obama doesn’t “love America” in an interview with The Post Friday — claiming the commander-in-chief has been influenced by communists since his youth.

    “From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist,” Giuliani said. The ex-mayor added that Obama’s grandfather introduced him to Davis, a writer and labor activist.

    Obama’s Father Wrote about Socialism – His father wrote a paper called “Problems With Our Socialism” that advocates 100% taxation of the rich, communal ownership of land and the forced confiscation of privately controlled land.

    Obama’s Mother was a “Communist Sympathizer” – “Friends describe her as a “fellow traveler”, that is, a communist sympathizer, from her youth, according to a March 27, 2007, Chicago Tribune report.

    Obama’s Parents Met in a Russian Class (Back then it was the Communist USSR)

    Obama’s Teen Mentor was Frank Marshall Davis (a known Communist Party USA member)

    Obama’s Brother Roy and Cousin Odinga are Marxists.

    Obama Attended Socialist Conferences at Cooper Union

    Obama Was Hand Picked by Alice Palmer to Succeed Her in the Illinois State Senate.

    Obama’s Run for the Illinois State Senate was Launched by a Fundraiser Organized at Bill Ayers’ and Bernardine Dorhn’s Chicago Home.

    Obama Had a Close Relationship with the “Anti-Capitalist” Group ACORN.