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    Big Tasty BBQ Interview/Promo

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    Inspirational Moments with Tanisha is a show to encourage, uplift motivate, and inspire listeners.

    Tanisha has a heart of compassion for the listeners.

    Today Tanisha will present to you Big Tasty BBQ/ Catering

    Are you looking for that personal touch to add to your party or event. (Food)

    If you're looking for smoked turkey, tamales made from smoked brisket/pulled pork/chicken, or another alternative such as BBQ this holiday season, BigTasty BBQ is what you're needing.

    They provide great tasting BBQ and the experience to go with it. They can deliver that mouth-watering BBQ right to you at any venue, or They can BBQ onsite for that true backyard BBQ feel. They make their own rubs, injections, and sauce, to ensure quality and consistency.

    They are extremely open to custom tailoring a great BBQ experience with my client to fit their needs.

    These are words straight from the Chef- "I look forward to working with my client to ensure that m y passion for BBQ shines through with every delicious bite! My hope is that you can not only taste, my passion, but that you can see it, as well!"

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    Aileen Mand - Producer - The Festival of Chocolate

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     The Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection revs up for a sweet 2015 as they host The Festival of Chocolate the weekend on January 17-18, 2015.

    The Festival of Chocolate, Florida’s largest all-chocolate themed event, which has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and on ABC's The Chew, boasts amazing chocolate indulgences, the Cocoa Couture Fashion Show and a live cake decorating competition.

    The event presents the area's best chocolate and confection companies selling tastes and treats of everything chocolate from truffles, cake pops and cupcakes to cookies, brownies, ice creams and even a smores buffet all peppered through a mind-blowing micro car display. Chocolate savory items, including chocolate BBQ sauce, meat rubs, wines, vinegars and even chocolate spa products will return for those looking for an alternative to the super sweet.

    Set in one of the largest and most eclectic automotive collections in the world, award-winning pastry chefs and chocolatiers will host interactive demonstrations, sharing techniques and tricks of the trade. On January 17th, The Cocoa Couture Fashion Show featuring chocolate-inspired fashion hits the “Yumway” amongst the glitz and glam of the largest James Bond collection of its kind. And on Sunday, January 18th, a live cake decorating competition will give breathtaking artistic creations a tasty twist.

     Chocoholics of all ages will love making chocolate lip balm, chocolate roses, sandy candy and the more adventurous can try armpit fudge. Chocolate Foodies can indulge in Chocolate and Wine Pairings. Chocolate History Makers will attempt to beat world record challenge times.  


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    A masonic lodge is an exchange.  It is where wealth becomes philanthropy. It is where the intelligence of a young man, a merchant, the farmer or tradesman becomes honed. It is where commitment is made to the power of the mind.  Ambition and ego are put into harness.  It is where a simple fool rubs shoulders with genius.

    A man who can open his mind to new ideas finds confidence being in a constant state of apprenticeship. It is in this alchemist laboratory where time is compressed. The greatest leaders of history teach him that leadership is a service.  His own humility quitely mocks conspicuous displays of wealth. He peels away the hallmark of nouveau riche.  He becomes part of a history bigger than himself, yet not worth mentioning.

    Faith or superstition. Petty or substantive. Darkness or enlightenment. Balance. Charity. Beauty.  Agape. A man is no better than what he leaves behind 


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    Salty Tuesdays/// What's buggin you??

    in Entertainment

    Peace, No Request and the crew kicking back and getting into what rubs you the wrong way New York City. What gets you fumed...the job, your boss, your man your chic whatever is fair game on salty tuesdays. tune in

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    Halloween On BBQSuperStars Friday Night Lights

    in Food

    Halloween BBQ Style Lets live the BBQ Life. Darryl Mast talking Friday Night Lights

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    Sauce Life with J. Paul

    in Food

    Sauce LIfe with J Paul

    We're talking BBQ Sauces and rubs.....

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    The Wrath Show

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    - So considering the only time I can use my phone is when I have to create a show for this A******.....I mean wrath who is unstoppable and can't be stop(he's making me write this)so attention all heroes tune in as wrath rubs it in everybody face that he has me hostage and handcuffed in the closet he wants everybody to tune in as he continues to be a Sore Winner and im simply not here by choice im stuck here until someone come save me blah blah blah please tune in or else he will torture me

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    Sauce Life with J. Paul

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    I'm J. Paul and I own Nephews Sauce and Rub Company.. Our award winning sauces and rubs are unique due to the fact we use a fruit base.. The idea of the show is to talk with other foodies who have products they wish to market.. We love to talk to these companies and their owners about how they got into the business... So if you have a sauce, rub or another type of food product, let us hear from you... Please join us every Wednesday night  pm EST for Sauce Life wioth J. Paul...

    you can join us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SauceLifeRadio?ref=hl

    and to learn more about Nephew's BBQ Sauce and Rub join our face book at https://www.facebook.com/nephewsbbq?ref=hl

    you can also go to our web site ... www.nephewsbbq.com


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    Let's Talk BBQ and Grilling!

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    Join us Tuesday night as we take a break from the burning issues of the day to talk about the smoking issues of the day, namely, BARBECUE and GRILLING!

    Yes, they are two different things.

    Recipes, rubs, spices, sauces GEAR, cooking techinques, pork, beef, chicken, fish. And no discussion of outdoor cooking would be complete without BEVERAGES, namely Sangria! Or beer, or however else you slake your thirst while your out there smoking or searing your favorite meats.

    What's the difference between BBQ and grilling? What are YOUR favorite outdoor cooked foods? Do you have any recipes / techniques you want to share?

    CALL US!

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    Sauce Life

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    J Paul owner of Nephews BBQ Sauce and Rub talks to others about their sauce and rub products... Learn how they got into the business. During the show we learn helpful hints about sauces, rubs and how you can get into the business yourself... Join Sauce Life every Wed. night at 7pm EST.... you can also join us on Face Book just look for Sauce Life with J. Paul

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    Let the Smoke Roll Chris Chadwick "Lets Talk Smoke "!!!!

    in Food

    Let the Smoke Roll Tonight  BBQ Brothers ands Sisters  Lets talk some BBQ !!!! Tonight 6cst  call 347-202-0263  I'm personally inviting you to call in and talk techniques , sauces, rubs  and your Flavor Profile!!!! Would luv to hear from you  because this is the SHOW ALL about you and the Q!!!!So dont shy tonight  and call in and have a great time !!!!!!we can  all still learn something new !!!  Chat room will be open

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