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    FireFly RPG/Shadow Master – Margaret Weis Productions & Craig Cormick Interviews

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    This show will be two-fer special as Dungeon Crawlers Radio welcomes to the show author Margaret Weis and Monica Valentinelli from Margaret Weis Productions  about their new FireFly RPG Core Rulebook.

    Firefly Roleplaying Game set six years after the Unification War, the game faithfully branches story elements from the popular FOX television series.


    Dungeon Crawlers Radio welcomes to the show author Craig Cormick to talk about his new book "The Shadow Master".

    In a land riven with plague, in the infamous Walled City, two families vie for control – the Medicis with their genius inventor Leonardo; the Lorraines with Galileo, the most brilliant alchemist of his generation.

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    RPG Cast

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    A show about the state of the Text Base RPGs on the website BZPower.com. It is hosted by five people known as ExoFat, EmperorWhenua, ShadowKurahk, Spink, and RoboDevil. All are experts in the field of text based gaming.

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    28 - Mike Phillips Schools Biff on the Star Wars RPG - Pt 2!

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    This Sunday - Star Wars is back! Gamemaster Mike Phillips makes his guest-host comeback as we return to the mis-adventures of clone trooper TC-1492 (AKA Raylin Corr, AKA "Biff") and the Wookiee Jedi Padawan Shorrova (aka "Grover") as they attempt to bring down the shield generator that separates their Republic allies from Bridge 242! The epic schooling of Biff in the ways of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game continue. 

    Unfortunately, the Danimator will be too busy soaking up rays in HAWAII this weekend to participate, so his lovely wife Edwina will be in charge of his character for this session. We think the Wookiee will be in good hands.

    You can check out the first part of this session here:


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    Firefly: From TV to RPG

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    Mark Diaz Truman - Lead Designer on the new FIREFLY RPG from Margaret Weis Productions - will be joining us to talk about the Cortex+ powered game. We'll also talk about the show,why it has captured the imagination of so many dedicated fans, and how there seems to be an uptick of interest in geek culture about this fantastic show.
    At this year's Gen Con Margaret Weis Productions released the preview booklet of the upcoming full FIREFLY RPG and there are still some copies available from MWP, so get them while they are hot.

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    The Weekend Review w/ Vixen J (Comics, Cosplay, Video Games, & More)

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    Vixen J gives you a indept look at the world from the people.

    Whether its Cosplay, Comics, and Conventions we give you the full details of all the new Conventions coming up.

    Movies: Want to know what was the movie we saw this weekend, what was the hottest club, or hottest event coming up. Plus a Review of Comic Con The Movie. We also speak about Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer.

    Holiday Deals: Whats going on for Cyber Monday and which stores are having the best Deals for Video Games.

    Wrestling: Brock Lesnar has been missing. Will he be back for TLC PPV or will the WWE run another PPV without the Champ.  Has the Title been tarnished and what is up with the Raw General Manager. Plus, Ronin Pro Wrestling will be a couple of days away. Will Shawn Prime be there. What will be the outcome. Vixen J gives you her points and what she thinks the results will be. CM Punk finally speaks out on why he left the WWE and who is the superstar who is ranting about it.

    Did You Know Segment is back Weekly.  Got to tune in to see what its about! We got some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in here.

    TV: With Gotham over til January, We talk the Walking Dead Season Finale and some episodes of the Flash and Anime that is out there.

    Video Gaming: Whats the hottest game out there right now and hear from real players on how it is it play games online with others, and what Vixen J expects with E3 coming in June of next year.

    Comics: Dj Phaze comes back as a Co-Host and gives you his look at how they handled The Death of Wolverine in the Final Issue of the Comic.

    Comic Con: Bill Goldberg will be back listen to here when.

    Make sure to Follow Vixen J on Twitter @jllorens17 and on Instagram @VixenJ0601

    And Follow the Network on Twitter & Instagram @eon_network

    We are always looking for new people on the show to be guests. So make sure to hit us up on our social networks

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    No Pain, No Gain: The (Social) Science of Challenge!

    in Video Games

    Ever wonder why some games have you keep coming back for more, even though you are finding yourself struggling to the point of frustration at a specific area? Do you get an adrenaline kick when you are fighting the last boss of your favorite game and it seems like the epic battle can go either way at a moment's notice? Behind every game therein lies a thin layer that keeps all games engaging ... Challenge.

    This week, the GCR crew will face-off and do battle to uncover the psychology behind challenge and difficulty in games. The discussion will also include self-imposed challenges (such as, but not limited to, those filmed for individuals' YouTube or Twitch channels) as well as the wide variety of professional competitions that permeate the world of gaming today.

    Lastly, the group will duke it out over what it means to introduce difficulty into games that are not of the video variety. So, make sure you've saved your game, because this is one fight you'll not want to lose. Tune in, and don't miss out!

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    RPG Radio Live Episode 3

    in Fun

    The third episode of RPGRL continues with new discussion. Seraphim makes his debut as a regular commentator and we continue to take your questions on subjects like the RPGC, metagaming, videogames vs. TBRPGs, descriptive RPing, and the importance of realism.

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    Episode Thirty-four.... It's a Great time to be a Geek, or is it ?

    in Hobbies

    Okay, so let's face it.  Geekdom is at an all time high.  What used to be an incredibly small counter culture of renegade gamers with high IQ's and low public acceptance which rallied in basements and shared their dreams of conquest, power and legendary deeds, have now become a target marketshare for numerous corporations.  In less just about thirty years we have gone from lonely to legion!!!

    New conventions are appearing every year and most of the already established ones are expanding.  Geeks are pouring into every city in their cargo shorts, graphic Tee's, back packs and rule books in hand in record numbers.  Cosplayers are showing up in every possible persona from the Flintstones all the way to dead alaskan painter Bob Ross.  Everywhere you look, more and more Geeks are crawling from there preverbial holes and joining the world at large.  

    But at what cost?  We are actually becoming such a large group that we are beginning to splinter into sub groups again and those groups are at times finding it hard to accept and share the spot light.  Steampunkers, Tabletop War Gammers, Cardies, Boardies, Consolers, Cosplayers, RPG'ers, LARP'ers, MMO'ers, Trekkies, Jedi's, Vamps, Tramps and a 1000 others... when is to much to much and what does it mean to market a game or product to these numerous and varied groups.  Tonight on the Wolf's Den we look at the expanding world of Geek and how much further we think it can go before we see it shatter and splinter into seperate cons, gatherings and events.

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    Radio Program with Dr. Arvind Agrawal President -Corp Development & HR, RPG

    in Motivation

    People Matters brings to you a series of radio shows ‘Talking Matters’ that aims at bringing business and HR leaders on air to share their career journey, their learning and what made them the professional they are today.

    Join us on-air!

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    18 - Mike Phillips Schools Biff on the Star Wars RPG

    in Entertainment

    Yes, Danimator's brother, Mike joins us to make a real man-geek out of ol' Biff as he plays Game Master for Biff's very... first... time! But we're de-virginizing our dear Show Host to Role Paying Games (RPG's) in the best way possible for him... with Star Wars! 

    But knowing Biff, our hero will probably make some interesting choices in this game to spice things up a bit. Will Biff fall in love with this RPG world... or run screaming into the night? Check it out, folks. You'll probably learn a thing or two about RPG's, also!

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    Wayne Shaw Talks Superhero RPG History

    in Entertainment

    The early days of Superhero themed role playing games is a case study in innovation and collaborative design. At his Advanced Dungeons and Parenting blog Geekerati host Christian Lindke demonstrated some of the influence that Superhero 2044 influenced the Champions roleplaying game's combat system, but the Superhero 2044 rulebook wasn't the only thing to influence the Champions system.

    In the first edition of the Champions role playing game book, there is a brief dicsussion of how the game came to be designed. The basic story told in that text is that George MacDonald "had some good ideas for combat and characteristics, but the problem of assigning powers was a difficult one. George met Wayne Shaw at a convention, and saw his point system for distributing superpowers. The current system looks almost nothing like Wayne's original work, but owes much in spirit to Wayne and his group's pioneering work"

    Those rules were published in issue 8 of the Southern California based fanzine Lords of Chaos, and we are lucky enough to talk with Wayne about how those rules were designed and get a glimpse into pre-internet era collaboration and innovation.

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