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    Music Spotlight: The Rough Guide to Highlife Music - DJ kwasi africa

    in Music

    One of the finest collections of classic higlife music. with host Dj kwasi africa.  The album is available for download via iTunes & amazon.

    Highlife is a music genre that originated in Ghana at the turn of the 20th century and incorporated the traditional harmonic 9th, as well as melodic and the main rhythmic structures in traditional Akan music, and married them with Western instruments. Highlife was associated with the local African aristocracy during the colonial period. By 1930s, Highlife spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia and Nigeria via Ghanaian workers, amongst other West African countries, where the music is now very popular.

    Highlife is characterised by jazzy horns and multiple guitars which lead the band. Recently it has acquired an uptempo, synth-driven sound (see Daddy Lumba). Igbo highlife and Joromi are subgenres.

    This arpeggiated highlife guitar part is modeled after an Afro-Cuban guajeo. The pattern of attack-points is nearly identical to the 3-2 clave motif guajeo as shown below. The bell pattern known in Cuba as clave is indigenous to Ghana and Nigeria, and is used in highlife.

  • Rough Scaled Pythons with David Dendinger.

    in Pets

    In this episode we are joined by David Dee and we will be talking all about Rough scaled pythons. The rough scaled python is one of the rarest pythons in the world and this past season David successfully produced a clutch. We will hit on everything that led to this awesome clutch. David also works with some awesome chondros so I am sure we will hit on some chondro talk too.

  • The Dump and Chase Podcast Season 3: Episode 004 - A Rough Patch

    in Hockey

    With Rich sick, Shane and Andy breakdown the Islanders' recent rough patch and look to the week ahead as the Islanders face the Devils tonight followed by Montreal on Thursday and Boston on Sunday

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    From The Benches: Packers Hit a Rough Patch

    in Football

    Ross and Ryan are back after a one week hiatus to discuss a pair of tough losses back to back to wrap up the first half of the Packers' season. It starts with brief injury recap before going over what is wrong with the defense. Then they dive into what is wrong with Eddie Lacy. However, it's not all doom and gloom as the guys have some gushing to do over rookie Damarious Randall. They then try to figure out why the Packers tend to play so much better at Lambeau Field compared to everywhere else. The guys then preview the 2nd half of the season before moving on to predictions for the upcoming matchup with the Detroit Lions in Green Bay.

    From The Benches is one of the family of podcasts from the Packers Talk Network, featuring hosts Ross Uglem and Ryan Hillesland.

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    A Diamond In The Rough: Diamond Huff, Former Lesbian, Now Evangelist & Mentor...

    in Religion

    Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications Online Radio Shows - The Pastor J. Rouse Show, The Discussion, What Would You Do (WWYD) & Wright On Point Hot Topics live on air Wednesdays at 8pm (EST) and syndicated via TruLight Radio Saturdays at 3pm (SAST) (9am EST & 2pm GMT).

    -  Diamond In The Rough:

        *  Up close and personal with Diamond Huff;

         *  The Transformation;

         *  The Testimony;

         *  The Ministry; and

         *  The Healing.

    -  Pastor J. Rouse Life Application Bible Study:  Major-Minor;

    - Pastor J. Rouse Ladies Love-In Luncheon Tours;

    -  Rouse Ministries Highlights, Shout Outs and Updates...

    We want to hear from you! Have your say! Email us at rouseministriesbroadcasting@gmail.com or pastorjrouseshow@gmail.com, message us here on FB, connect with us on Twitter @ pastorrouseshow

    We're covering a covering under God - Live on The Pastor J. Rouse Show...

    - More new Music;- International Events and Happenings; - Birthday Shout Outs, Church Shout Outs, Special Anniversary Shouts, Upcoming Rouse Ministries Events, International Christian Events and Happenings and much much more.

  • Admission of a rough day and an admission of a tough task

    in Religion

    Yesterday was a rough day. A very rough day.  A sinful day.  

    As a teacher, I do what a weak human mind can do, God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost do the rest.  

    It sure feels awful when I don't feel like my part was completed.  On that day plus every other day that instantly pops into my mind.  
    Not self pity, trust me.  Somebody died for me.  I want to do the smallest thing to pay him back.  

    I fail then I get angry.  Now that is pretty stupid isn't it.  If I could only realize it at the moment. 

    I'm getting close to figuring the "other" format out. 

    Thought I would butcher this one to try to get a little more rounded.  Going everywhere I can.

    As if I actually do ANY of the lifting.  But I am supposed to try.  There are commands, I'm going to try try try and follow.  Even though I fail fail fail.

    God Bless ya.

    It is all for Christ.  As bad as I am, I am trying my best. For him.





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    Shelly NunChucks Warrior Wednesday with artist Rick Didham

    in Entertainment

    Warrior Wednesday on the Shelly Nun-Chucks Show with Artist

    Rick Didham calling in from New Zealand

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    Can Tesla's Hype Live Up to the Rough Road Ahead?

    in News

    Alex Frangos and Miriam Gottfried are joined by Charley Grant, who weighs in on Tesla's prospects as a major car producer in the future of electric cars.

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    Doctor Prepper's Critical Preparedness Radio Talk Show

    in Prepping

    Doctor Prepper, best-selling Author and Owner of PreparednessRadio.com, hosts a 3-hour live talk show on Fridays to discuss Critical Preparedness Resources to help listeners become prepared or get better prepared. Co-Host Richard Fleetwood, owner of SurvivalRing.org, adds his viewpoint to help listeners safely navigate the rough waters of uncertain future events.

    There will come a time when government & non-government agencies, church organizations, and family or friends will not be able to sustain those who are unprepared with shelter, food, water, clothing, and protection from the ravages of natural, man-caused, or personal disasters. Now is the time to take the initiative to learn how to find water and how to treat it; have adequate, nutritious food(s) in your pantry; be able to prepare meals without electricity; and know how to protect your family from emergency or disaster conditions.

    Learn how to create your unique preparedness lifestyle so you will be able to reasonably continue your normal home life--regardless of extreme external conditions.

    Doctor Prepper's book, Making the Best of Basics, has sold more than 800,000 print copies. It is the all-time, best-selling preparedness book–– ever! 

    Freedomizers get 1/2 off--go to: www.MakingtheBestofBasics.com and make your selection, Enter the word present in the Discount Code box, then click on the APPLY button. Start now to improve your family's preparedness plan!

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    How to Handle Pressure with Catherine Griggs

    in Women

    Catherine Griggs, author of A Diamond in the Rough  Every one of us is a potential diamond in the rough. Embedded within each person are diamond-like qualities waiting to be mined bringing joy to our Maker, others, and ourselves. Are we willing to endure the pressure, the cutting, and the polishing of the Master Jeweler to bring out the diamond within us? ike naturally occurring diamonds, they appear quite ordinary, even rough on the outside, but their beauty and worth comes from the extreme pressure under which they are formed and the harsh process of cutting and polishing that are used to reveal their inner beauty and value.