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  • Rough Scaled Pythons with David Dendinger.

    in Pets

    In this episode we are joined by David Dee and we will be talking all about Rough scaled pythons. The rough scaled python is one of the rarest pythons in the world and this past season David successfully produced a clutch. We will hit on everything that led to this awesome clutch. David also works with some awesome chondros so I am sure we will hit on some chondro talk too.

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    The Little Black Dress Challenge & Rough Trade

    in Entertainment

    Word economics

    Short Story Writing

    Writing Challenges


    The Sentinel

    Rough Trade


    Managing Your Time

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    Diamond In The Rough

    in Entertainment

    Diamond In The Rough Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite


    Music By-Kendrick Lamar,Young Dro,Nicki Minaj ft-Drake,K Michelle,Alyxx Dione ft-Jason Derulo,Jordin Sparks ft-2 Chainz,5th Ward Weebie,Boosie Badazz ft-Rich Homie Quan,Jessie J,Jenni Nicole,The Weekend,Natasha Mosley,Snoop Dogg ft-Charlie Wilson,Alona C

    NBA PLAYOFF'S(LIVE LINE BET'S)Plus Name Brand Product's-&-More@ http://www.applewhiteproduction.com

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    Rough Trade Discussion

    in Entertainment

    Rough Trade, project files, plotting, art, etc.

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    "In the Rough," author, Mellissa Thomas joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Books

    Mellissa Thomas is a Central Florida freelance writer, journalist, author, poet, speaker, and award-winning screenwriter. She lovingly overworks herself authoring several blogs, writing for several publications, and is Chief Editor of Orlando Fashion Magazine. She has also guest blogged on popular blogs, including Under30CEO and James Chartrand's Men with Pens.

    With five years of U.S. Naval service and two college degrees (including one in Film), this introvert has lots of story ideas and practical life advice to share. Find out more at mellissathomas.com.

    Book Blurb: In the Rough

    The first 48 hours in Naples saw International Supremacy Bureau Agents Maia Highland and Roy Chambers face death on more than one occasion. Now, with the help of ISB’s Europe Lead Agent Evan Knightley, the duo’s race to find Tenderfoot intensifies given the untimely murder of Italy’s top ranking military official, who was involved in the case, and the treacherous quest for the truth behind the cryptic video message on Highland’s computer.

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    Why It's Gotta Be Rough

    in News

    Why It's Gotta Be Rough

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    Sex Advice for Getting Wild, Rough, and Kinky with Nikki Ransom-Alfred

    in Romance

    In this episode of GaptoothDiva Radio, we discuss hot, satisfying, and earth shattering sex with Expert and Author Nikki Ransom- Alfred of “30 Sex Positions & Tips for Getting Wild, Rough, and Kinky”. TUNE IN  as we dive deep into a conversation that is sure to enlighten you (if not motivate you). Nikki says that sex can make everything better and that we have no reason to be ashamed about it. We agree and can’t wait for her to dish on the best sexual positions, how wives are “booty suppliers”, and how kinky sex can help in providing better mental health. We are all for being better people. So if sex is the answer, let’s discuss it here! Tune in for this penetrating dialogue.

    Visit Nikki at www.NikkiRansom.com

    To book Nikki for classes, seminars, or interviews, please contact Booking@NikkiRansom.com

    Follow the Sex Expert online:

    Twitter: www.Twitter.com/TheKinkyWife

    Instagram: www.Instagram.com/TheKinkyWife

    Also featuring new music by today’s hottest independent artists.

    Tweet us @GaptoothDiva during the show. Contact us to submit music or inquire about artist at Teamgaptoothdiva@gmail.com

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    060: How To Be Resilient When Times Are Rough

    in Entrepreneur

    When all you want to do is hide under the covers, what if you could immediately increase your confidence, productivity and success?  Sharon Sayler, MBA, ACC will share with us the system for getting unstuck and how to keep yourself motivated through the rough times. With How To Be Resilient When Times Are Rough you will discover:

    Why you should TOSS your “To-Do” list
    Why you absolutely must STOP hiding your flaws
    The 3 simple questions that TRANSFORM any situation
    How to OVERCOME any situation to stay focused on what you want
    The shocking truth about how past failures expand your odds for future SUCCESS

    Sharon Sayler, MBA, ACC is a behavioral communications expert, author, speaker and executive coach who’s best known for training professional women to enhance their leadership and relationship skills through self awareness and verbal and non-verbal communication skills.   She’s also the host of eWomen’s Network Radio’s popular show "Life Interrupted Radio: Helping you thrive after the unexpected" here every Friday night at 7PM eastern.

    And once you get to know Sharon like we have, you’ll find her real passion is in discovering how the beliefs we hold and the choices we make create the life we have. Sharon’s diverse training and her own experience with a rare medical condition gives her a unique perspective on How To Be Resilient When Times Are Rough which is why we invited her here to share with us what she has discovered.

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    Ep. 19 Theadora's new song - One More Day (Rough Demo)

    in Music

    Today's episode is simple. I recorded a new demo yesterday and I am going to play it for you on the show today. 

    It's rough, it's not mixed or edited, and there are apparent noise issues, but it's raw, it's real, its me.

    I wanted to write a song that captured a very tender and vulnerable mood. It is easy to be angry and scream, but exposing your deepest vulnerabilities in songwriting is a whole other thing. It takes bravery to show a vulnerable side, it takes a certain level of self acceptance and fearlessness to expose your soul to the world. However, the experience was quietly transformation for me in writing a song like this. 

    It was a smooth process. Ronald E. King (accompaniment) and I really jived together as we often do and it was a wonderful moment, as it always is when a song comes together so effortlessly. 

    This song is a long way from being a song still, and has many fine tunings and evolutions before I discover it's true personality. However, I think there is something magical about this recording and wanted to share this moment. 

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    rough draft show

    in Radio

    making sure mics are working properly

  • 01:30

    .....Diamond In The Rough.....

    in The Bible

    Tonight I am sharing the audio recording from my Homiletics Sermon I preached in same named class on September 24th, 2012. I am then going to elaborate on it. I do not know how long it will be. I have scheduled it for 2 hours just in case.

    If you have any prayer requests, testimonies, comments, or questions feel free to email us at firetalkradio2@yahoo.com  

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