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    The Wussification of America

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    America has witnessed a war on masculinity over the past three decades perpetrated by well-intentioned over-parenting, the agenda-driven entertainment industry, dangerous political correctness, and deliberate political strategy.

    The scourge of political correctness has seeped into every facet of American life and threatens to silence dissent, cow our leaders and weaken our military. Nowhere is this more apparent than the current social experimentation occurring on a regular basis in our armed forces—one of our last bastions of masculinity.

    Christian Kachel is the author of The Spoils of Olympus.  The events of September 11, 2001 inspired him to join the U.S. Army ROTC program and volunteer for three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan upon my commissioning into the Army Reserves in 2003.  He holds three Master's degrees and works in the defense industry.

    Tags:  Christian Kachel, Washington Times, emasculation, military, Spoils of Olympus, social experiment, Army, Obama, political correctness, soldiers, television, sitcoms

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    Women's Leadership Virtual Roundtable | Confidence

    in Women

    Inspiring female leaders share perspective about how to progress in your careers while moving our companies toward inclusive leadership.


    Is confidence a big deal or a non-issue? Does “the confidence gap” exist? If it does, how do we grow in this area? How can I be confident and vulnerable at the same time?


    Johanneke Langenbach is a transformational business consultant who helps individuals, business teams and companies achieve amazing results. 


    Retired Colonel Jill Morgenthaler is a woman of many firsts. She was one of the first women to enter ROTC and train as an equal with men. 

    Linda Torakis is the President of McKechnie Vehicle Components, an automotive company based out of Detroit, MI. 

    Franciska Moors is a Managing Partner with Tiara International LLC who integrates business and academic experience with leading from intuition. 

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    ROBOTZ OF THE COMPANY - Beginning of the End

    in Entertainment


    EPISODE #66 - Beginning of the End  (Part One of Three)

    Written by Jonithan Patrick Russell

    Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

    What is the Company? Why must the Botz praise it? Who or what is really behind it all, and why all the secrecy? The Botz have had questions, and now it's time for some answers! Will they get some? (Duration: 28:18)

    Visit their Website at: http://dreamrealmsite.com

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    BLT - Business Life Transitions with guest Colonel Jill Morgenthaler

    in Marketing

    This week's guest is Colonel Jill Morgenthaler.

    Retired Colonel Jill Morgenthaler is a woman of many firsts.  She was one of the first women cadets in ROTC to jointly train with men.  She was the first woman Battalion commander in the 88th Division.  She was the first woman Brigade commander in the 84th Division. In 2004, the Colonel received a Bronze Star for her leadership in Iraq. From 2005-2008, Colonel Morgenthaler led homeland security for Illinois. Today, the Colonel is a professional speaker on leadership during change and crisis.      
    In November, McGraw-Hill is publishing her book:  The Courage to Take Command – Leadership Lessons from a Military Trailblazer.

    Business Life Transitions is a radio show that talks about you and your business.  It will help you understand how to re-invent yourself, your business, and your life.

    Join Brian Basilico & Jan Marino every Monday Morning at 9am CST.

    Brian Basilico

    His best selling book, “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon! Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World!” simplifies the way social networking can help you grow your business.

    Recognized as one of the Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014.

    Jan Marino

    YOU are the product. YOU are valuable. YOU are on a mission and Jan can help guide you become even more successful.  She's the manager of the Linkedin Chicago group (87,000 members) and a business owner-High Gain Companies, Inc.

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    America Unplugged With Former U.S. Navy SEAL/Sniper Cade Courtley

    in Military

    Cade Courtley was born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Boulder, Colorado where he spent much of his early life in the outdoors. He graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration and was commissioned (ROTC) into the United States Navy as an Ensign.

    A standout from the beginning of his military career as a Naval Officer, Courtley was the Class Leader in his BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL) training. After 19 months, two Hell Weeks, boken left leg (twice), a broken right leg, and a fractured skull, LT Courtley graduated (CLASS 202) and became a Navy SEAL. He was then chosen to attend the elite SEAL Sniper school, privilege only given to a select few.

    His strong background in military Special Operations made him the obvious choice to Host and Produce the Spike TV/Discovery International original series “Surviving Disaster” (2010) that to date has aired in over 150 countries. Author can now be added to Courtley’s list of accomplishments when the folks at Simon & Schuster decided to publish SEAL Survival Guide “A Navy SEAL’s Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster.” (2012) As well as Host of the original TV series “America Unplugged” (2014)

    Imagine a world where Americans no longer rely on local government for electricity, water, sanitation, heating, and cooling. The lifestyle of living “off the grid” is how more than 400,000 Americans choose to live every day. Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor television for American sportsmen and women, will chronicle the men and women who live a self-sustaining life in a new series called America Unplugged, airing exclusively on Sportsman Channel Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 

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    Topgun Days author Dave Bio Baranek

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    TopGun Days author Dave Bio Baranek

    Today I will be talking with Dave "Bio" Baranek, author of the book "Topgun Days". Mr. Baranek was a RIO (Radar Intercept Operator) on the US Navy's F14 fighter.  I just finished reading his book and really enjoyed it.

    DAVE "BIO" BARANEK, author of Topgun Days: Dogfighting, Cheating Death, and Hollywood Glory as One of America's Best Fighter Jocks (Skyhorse Publishing, June 2010)

    Dave Baranek was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, He attended Georgia Tech and participated in ROTC to qualify for officer training, then entered the Navy in 1979. His eyesight deteriorated so instead of becoming a pilot, he became a radar intercept officer (RIO), operating the weapons system in the F-14 Tomcat fighter. He received the call sign "Bio," which many of his former squadron mates still call him.

    While serving as a Topgun air-to-air combat instructor in 1985, he flew aerial sequences used in the film "Top Gun," starring Tom Cruise and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. He also served as a dialogue advisor on the project, and took some of the few available photographs of the movie's black F-5 fighters in flight.

    He enjoyed a successful and satisfying 20-year career in the Navy, starting with assignments to F-14 Tomcat squadrons and the elite Topgun squadron, and later assignment to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the US 7th Fleet. He ultimately commanded an F-14 Tomcat fighter squadron, responsible for nearly 300 people and 14 aircraft worth about $700 million.

    He retired from the Navy in 1999, and now works as a defense contractor in the Washington DC area. He is married and lives in Burke, Virginia.

    His website is www.TopgunBio.com.

    I invite all to join us and have some fun




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    Conservative Challenger to Senator Mitch McConnell, our guest Matt Bevin

    in Politics Conservative

    Join our Guest Matt Bevin, host Rober Jetter, Jr. and panelists Conservative Activis Cindy Todd, Founder of Overpasses for America James Neighbors, and author and Constitutional expert Kelly Mordecai, along with Bards Logic contributor Dan Gray editor of Operation American Spring and former columnist of the Washington Times. Join our Round Table Discussion.

    Bards Logic interviews Mitch McConnell's Senate Primary Conservative Challenger Matt Bevin.

    From his website: Matt Bevin grew up in a financially humble home, built on a bedrock of strong Christian values. He is running for the U.S. Senate because he believes that the chance for future generations to achieve their own American Dream is in danger of being destroyed by elite politicians out of touch with the hardworking, independent-minded taxpayers that make our country great.

    He attended Washington and Lee University in Virginia with a four-year ROTC scholarship. Upon graduation in 1989, Matt was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain. He spent four years on active duty with primary responsibilities as the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division Artillery’s counterfire officer.

    Matt is a firm believer in this country’s founding ideals: Individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional principles. He is a job creator who believes American taxpayers deserve more than the failed policies of recent decades – more than the repeated bailouts, tax increases, amnesty, automatic debt-limit increases, congressional pay raises, and backdoor special-interest deals.

    Some of the topics we will discuss: Immigration, Healthcare, Life and Marriage, Energy, Education, Spending, and more. We will also compare Mr. Bevin and Mitch McConnell on the Debt Limit, Bailouts, Size of Government and Amnesty; along with cuttent topics of the day.

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.

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    Garret John LoPorto - We Are From the Future

    in Spirituality

    Garret John LoPorto, a thought-leader and media-artist known for his Internet activism, his viral speeches and music videos which have had over 6 million views in the last year alone, as an inspirational speaker, and an expert in neurodiversity and the psychology behind disruptive innovation. LoPorto authored two books on the psychology of disruptive innovation.

    Garret John LoPorto - voice of "We Are From the Future" and the Wayseer Manifesto - is also the founder of http://UPRISER.com/

    Garret LoPorto graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1999, where he majored in Computer Systems Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. LoPorto was a member of the United States Army ROTC and Theta Chi fraternity. He worked as a computer graphics specialist, systems administrator, and webmaster. LoPorto then went on to develop multi-player gaming at Microsoft Research.

    LoPorto was a senior creative consultant on viral internet marketing for TrueMajority.org and the 2004 John Kerry presidential campaign. LoPorto is the founder of Quantum Light Marketing with for-profit and non-profit clients.

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    Jason Ravnsborg for U.S. Senate - South Dakota

    in Politics Conservative

    Jason Ravnsborg is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Tim Johnson. Senator Johnson announced his retirement at the end of this Congressional session.

    Jason has a diverse background having grown up on a farm, by being a small business owner, by working as a practicing attorney and serving our nation as a Major in the Army Reserves.

    Jason received a Bachelor of Science in History and Political Science as well as a Masters of Arts in History and a Juris Doctorate, along with an Army commission through ROTC from the University of South Dakota.

    Jason has been deployed three times in support of the Global War on Terrorism. He has been deployed to Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded a Bronze Star Medal, a Combat Action Badge and he was honored at Congress for his service.

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    The Ex-Offender Files w/ Abiyah Yahweh The Angels of Freedom Prison Ministry

    in Culture

    Abiyah Yahweh was born June 19, 1964, in Washington, DC. She is the youngest of eight 
    children. She attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD where she found her niche in 
    Marketing, Business Administration and Management. Also, she participated in the Reserves Officer’s  Training Corp (ROTC); while in college, where she became an Air Assault Qualified Officer to repel out of helicopters.

    The Angels of Freedom Prison Ministry was established March 12, 2011 by the request of 
    Yahweh, the Third Day. The thought of a prison ministry was manifested in the divine mind of 
    the Holy Ghost to be an organization that would be about our Father Business, Luke 2:49. One 
    order of business is to ultimately exonerate the Christ, Yahweh through the proper channels.

    Our objective at the Angels of Freedom Prison Ministry is to minister to those who are 
    experiencing physical bondage as well as those wearing spiritual shackles. We have established 
    pen pal communications, transitional and training resources, as well as a network to support 
    families and friends. 
     Additionally, we are striving to implement programs such as pregnancy and incarceration, Jr. 
    Angels Project: Prevention, and provide a transportation service to visit confined love ones. 
    Furthermore, through Y-Vision, we will seek to administer training and transitional benefits. 

    The target population of the Angels of Freedom Prison Ministry is our family, friends, brothers, 
    sisters, mothers, and fathers who are behind the brick and mortar. We have been given the 
    power to pardon them and shorten their incarcerated time in righteousness



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    Core Consciousness Health & Wellness w/ Maya Da Traina

    in Fitness

    *HOLIDAY REBROADCAST*GUEST MONDAY 8.19.2013: Samanta "Mo-Hayasa" Namsaran will be 21.  At 7, she began training under Kyoshi Muhammed at Simba Kai Dojo within the Kuroshi-Do System, located in Queens, NY. When the dojo closed she went to train under Soke Haisan Kaleak directly at his Dojo in Brooklyn, NY. At 11, she was inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame in 2004.  At 14, Moe earned her Black Belt 1st degree; the youngest black belt in the Kuroshi-Do System. In High School, competing and winning tournaments, playing on sports teams, and part of the Air Force Junior ROTC, she achieved and held rank.  Currently enrolled in Berkeley College for Criminal Justice, she says “Martial Arts is not just an extracurricular activity, but a way of life.”  Listen in to the discussion on youth obesity, peer pressure, training, Martial Arts and life's journey from a younger perspective.

    BIO: Maya Freeman, Weight Loss Guru/Women's Fitness/Corrective Exercise Specialist, over 15 years in the fitness, health and wellness industry. WEBSITE: www.mayadatraina.com. In 2006, a Core/Functional and Maintenance fitness program was developed. "Core Consciousness©", a functional, core training technique that improves posture, body alignment & muscle tone using your body not weights. Distractions are everywhere, stay focused and positive mentally, you can achieve anything. Email@ mayadatraina@gmail.com for more information.
    •NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise/ Fitness Nutrition/Womens Fitness Specialist
    •HFPN/SHARECARE Elite Trainer/Sharecare Coach
    •ISCA Kickboxing Instructor I & II

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