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    Sun Circle Mixteca Ceremonialist Jaime O. Perez

    in Religion

    Prerecorded 5/29/2004


    As Members of the Sun Circle Community, We Honor Our Ancestors And Our Grandfathers And Grandmothers; That Beliefs Evolve; That Fire Is The Symbol And Manifest Reality Of The Memory Of Our Ancestors; That Fire Was Handed Down To Us As A Ritual Practice By Our Ancestors; That We Demonstrate Love For Our Ancestors When We Hold Place Around The Fire And Honor Its Warmth and Energy In Our Ceremonies; We Honor Our Ancestors When We Establish Guardians For The People And The Fire; When All Men And Women Hold Their Place In Ceremony And All Cultural Practices, Rituals, Quests and Pilgrimages; When We Honor A Balance Of Male And Female; When We Honor Our Tradition By Consistent Words And Deeds; and Participate In The Civic, Cultural, Traditional, Social And Political Life Of Our Community.

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    Episode 2036 - Augusto Perez and Larry Taylor - World Report

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2036 - Augusto Perez and Larry Taylor - World Report

    Recorded LIVE Fri 12-19-2014 on Omega Man Radio

    Special Guests:

    Minister August Perez

    Website: www.theappearance.com/

    Larry Taylor

    Website: larrywtaylor.org/



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    Behind the Curtain with Actress Rosie Perez

    in Lifestyle

    You may remember Rosie Perez as the fiesty girlfriend of Woody Harrelson in "White Men Can't Jump" or the materialistic wife of Nicholas Cage in "It Could Happen to You".  
    Ms. Perez is an Academy Award nominee whose acting credits include the films "Do The Right Thing", "White Men Can’t Jump", "Fearless", "It Could Happen to You"  and numerous others, including her new movie just released "Wont Back Down". 
    In addition to acting,  Rosie is a choreographer whose work includes music videos for LL Cool J, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and the Fly Girls, on the 1990's hit TV show "In Living Colour".
    Tonight Rosie joins us to share her work as an AIDS activist and advocate for the empowerment of children as artistic board chair of Urban Arts Partnership, helping to educate and develop the minds of our youth.  .  
    Don't miss our interview with Rosie October 11th at 9:00 p.m. EST!

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    Conversations under the Willow Tree with Rosie & Jason!

    in Women

    On today's show Rosie and Jason are going to discuss the value of Baking Soda and its use in body care, Ceytl Alcohol and how handmade soap is produced.  She will also discuss the benefits of using handmade products versus the commercial products that have proven to be harmful to your body and skin.

    The show is sponsored by Blended Herbal Treasures at www.blendedherbaltreasures.com and it's online Facebook store at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blended-Herbal-Treasures/1505143776395374?sk=app_189977524185

    The last half hour of the show will be reserved for anyone who would like to call in with questions concerning the topics on the show.  The call in number is 1(714)888-7516

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*


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    Conversations under the Willow Tree with Rosie!

    in Business

    Rosie is launching a new afternoon show today!  The topic of the afternoon shows will be natural products, the launch of her new Blended Herbal Treasures store on Facebook, creating Hydrosols, women and men entrepreneur's of the numerous "Handmade" industries in beauty products, soaps, and wildcrafting!

    In the future Rosie hopes to interview and include many of the people who are handcrafting from their homes in the weekly conversations so we can gain knowledge about what it takes to run a successful business from home creating products using natural herbs from their own gardens.

    The show will be hosted by Rosalea of Blended Herbal Treasures at www.blendedherbaltreasures.com and the new Facebook store at:


    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

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    Women of Golf - Special Guest: LPGA Professional - Rosie Jones

    in Golf

    Welcome to the Women of Golf Show!

    Joining us this week: Rosie Jones - LPGA Professional.

    Far too many to list all of Rosie's accomplishments, here's just a few:

    LPGA Player for 25 Years:

    Winner of 13 LPGA Titles

    Played on 7 U.S. Solheim Cup Teams

    Captain of the 2011 U.S. Solheim Cup Team

    Currently #14 on All Time Career LPGA Money List

    Hall of Fame Inductions:

    2006 Georgia Golf Hall of Fame

    2000 Albuquerque, NM Sports Hall of Fame

    1994 The Ohio State Buckeyes Varsity Hall of Fame

    Retired from LPGA in 2006

    Legends Tour (Official Senior Tour of the LPGA) 2006 to Present

    Winner of 7 Legends Tour Titles

    #1 2011 - 2012 Legends Tour Performance Rankings

    Member of The Legends Tour Board of Directors (2013-2015)

    Current Vice President of The Legends Tour Board of Directors

    Join Ted, Cindy & Rosie Tuesday Morning at 9:00AM EST, on the Women of Golf Show!

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    Episode 1936 - Augusto Perez, Sheila Zilinsky and Joseph White - Roundtable

    in Spirituality

    Episode 1936 - Jesus Christ Endtime Deliverance Army 

    Special Guests: Augusto Perez, Sheila Zilinsky, Joseph White
    Recorded LIVE 11-14-2014 on Omega Man Radio

    Guests Info:

    Augusto Perez
    His website is: theappearance.com/

    Sheila Zilinksy - The Weekend Vigilante ™
    Her website is: www.weekendvigilante.com/
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/szilinsky
    Youtube channel is: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lxjdozEE…&feature=youtu.be

    Joseph White aka Zoe Mortal
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/zoe.eddie

    Shannon Ray Davis is The Omega Man
    The Official Website of Omega Man Radio is: omegamanradio.com
    Facebook: omegamanradio
    Email omegamanradio@yahoo.com

    Casting out devils, Exorcism, Exorcist, Deliverance from demons in Jesus Christ Name is what omega man radio is all about.


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    Guest Speaker Augusto Perez From the Appearance Ministries

    in Religion

    we are delighted have back with Brother and anointed man of god Augusto Perez as he and Marcus shared kingdom secrets and prophetic events quickly approaching.

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    Cafecito Break - Happy Holy Day Parranda Party

    in Lifestyle

    Empowering the voice of the awakening woman, Cafecito Break is a podcast hosted by La Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez & Holistic Health Coach, Ruthie Guten

    Join us in this virtual living room space where we talk about love, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, pleasure, ancient wisdom, current events, ufo’s and more.  We explore topics some consider taboo or controversial… 

    Happy Holy Day Parranda Party with Rosangel Perez, Ruthie Guten.  Join us in celebrating ourselves, our family, friends, and ancestors in this beautiful moment of now.  

    Learn more about Cafecito Break Producers:

    Ruthie Guten http://www.ruthieguten.com

    Rosangel Perez http://cafecitobreak.com

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    A Life of Altrustic Service—Changing the World, With Rosie Stromberg

    in Spirituality

    Rosie Stromberg is a true altruistic and serving person to her family and community at large. She received her Bachelors Degree in English/Comparative Literature from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and a Masters in Secondary Education degree from Yeshiva University, NYC.  In her professional career, Rosie spent 30 years writing for Dallas public education/desegregation and worked for over a decade in corporate diversity events and training. She was Editor/Writer for a New York Publishing House, doing children’s books along with establishing an in-house Advertising Agency for a chain of fashion stores in Dallas. She wrote free-lance advertising copy for most Dallas department store chains. Rosie also taught advertising courses at SMU in the Journalism Department.  In her volunteering, which has been all of her adult life (she is a very active and young 77 yrs old) Rosie led several volunteer projects involving housing, hunger, social services, etc., and served as a DISD school volunteer for over 35 years. She was one of the first members, in the early 90’s, of the Interfaith Council at Thanks-Giving Square (TGS) in Dallas, serving as co-vice-chair for over 3 years, where she has served on countless committees. She developed with Cathy Moore, daughter of the founder of Thank-Giving Square, the “Expressions” Competition, which is entering its 10th year. Rosie also served on the Board of the Thanks-Giving Foundation and attended United Nations NYC events related to TGS two times. She has participated in sessions with the International Visitors under the auspices by the State Department. Rosie now serves with the Founders Council, the former Program Committee and the Advisory Council, under the auspices of the Thanks-Giving Foundation.

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    Rosie makes good TV

    in Comedy

    Nathan and Jon talk about the angry tweets that Rosie O'donell got for defending Chrissie Teigen about the Ottawa shooting. Was it really bad? Are shootings in America cared about anymore? Nathan Jazz Rants about the Walk Of Shame.

    Follow @NathanMacintosh @JonFatigate and @StandUpNYLabs. Go to www.StandUpNY.com to see when Nathan is performing live at Stand Up NY. Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

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