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    Talking Pictures w/ Rana Joy Glickman Producer- Full Tilt Boogie (stars Clooney)

    in Film

    FULL TILT BOOGIE is an Excellent behind the scenes documentary about FROM DUSK TIL DAWN. Written by Tarantino, Directed by Robert Rodriguez, and starring George Clooney in his first BIG movie during his E.R. era. Rana Joy Glickman also shared stories from her various experiences in the indie and studio world, as crew and a Producer. 

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    The Gist of Freedom and host Natasha Demosthene is pleased to present to you  Mr. Gary Grant President of The BLACK FARMERS, AGRICULTURALISTS ASSOCIATION &THE LAND LOSS FUND. Natasha and Mr. Grant will discuss topics such as preserving Black Heir Property.

    The struggle for the survival of the Black farmer is not over. During the lead up to the now historic settlement of the Black farmers lawsuit, Pigford v. Glickman, Secretary of the USDA, Howard University was working with the Black farmers’ leadership to host a "mock trial" that would have exposed the racial discrimination and other atrocities inflicted by the agents of the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) - now the Farm Service Agency (FSA) – on Black farmers across the nation. The USDA could not afford for these stories to be told for they would show the limit to which this government would and will go to keep a people dependent and not able to raise their standard of living or be able to safely feed themselves. African American people are becoming a landless people in the United States. We are losing the land and wealth that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents worked, fought and died to acquire for us. We owe our ancestral warriors a debt and our youth an opportunity for safe and healthy food. USDA has not helped us and certainly the courts have proven more devastating than we ever dare thought. So, who will help us? WE must help ourselves by insuring that the next generation is ready to maintain and conserve the land. Come and let us reason and plan together, our enemies do.

    For Additional Information - contact: Mike Stewart at 202-607-0436 or the
    BFAA office at 252-578-4729 or E-mail bfaausnow@aol.com or TILLERY@aol.com

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    The Gold Coast Film Festival

    in Entertainment

    Caroline Sorokoff, Director of The Gold Coast Film Festival joins me today. From November 3-9, 2014 the Gold Coast Arts Center, in conjunction with the Town of North Hempstead, will present the 4th annual Gold Coast International Film Festival (GCIFF), and everyone’s invited—again—to join us for this special week of films, parties, panels, and glamour!

    This year, we are proud to announce that four-time Academy Award-winning Production and Costume Designer (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge!)Catherine Martin will be accepting the Gold Coast International Film Festival Artist of Distinction Award at our Opening Night Gala, taking place at Leonard’s Palazzo 555 in Great Neck on Monday November 3rd. Also being honored is President of the Gold Coast Arts Center, Michael Glickman, who will accept the Man of the Year Award; and Marie Cecile Flageul & Jonathan Cohen, (known as Meres One) who will receive the Art & Activism Award.

    Screenings and events at this year’s festival will take place at the Soundview Cinemas in Port Washington and at Bow Tie Cinemas in Great Neck/Port Washington/Manhasset/Roslyn as well as at other venues including the Gold Coast Arts Center in Great Neck. For the latest information and updates visit www.goldcoastfilmfestival.org

    Visit Gold Coast Film Festival

    Click for online film guide

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    Charlie Glickman, PhD Chats about Sex-Positivity

    in Relationships

    "I offer classes and consultations on adult education and its application to any topic. My seminars model the processes of effective teaching and can help anyone integrate the principles and practices of adult education into their teaching style. I especially enjoy teaching sex educators how to create, teach, and evaluate amazing workshops that help spread sexual health and information." ~ Charlie Glickman, PhD

    Sex, Shame, and Love

    Shame influences and shapes sexuality for almost everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and individual desires. If we want to overcome and move past sexual shame, we need to understand how it works and how it affects us. We’ll unpack the mechanisms of shame, discuss how it shapes sexuality, and what we can do to build shame resilience. When we have the tools to deal with this difficult but inevitable emotion, it becomes much easier to resolve jealousy, loss, and fear so we can create more space to give and receive love, explore our authentic selves, and build the relationships that suit us. Come learn new ways to keep shame from getting in the way and create the relationships that work for you.


    The legacy of sex-negativity, the myth of the normal, and institutionalized sexual shame have left deep marks upon society. Although sexual images and messages surround us, they are often indicative of obsession rather than sexual health. Moving towards a sex-positive perspective can help us find the balance between repression and rebellion in order to discover our individual sexual well-being. This topic can be approached from a number of perspectives, including sexual health, communication, sexual authenticity, gender diversity, and social oppression.

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    The CJ Glickman Show EP 2 Passion

    in Entertainment

    The names of people will be changed im doing this show to vent but not punish or expose just to vent I'M CJ GLICKMAN 
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/CJ-Glickman-Entertainment/298096233552595

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    Dr. Rosalene Glickman--More Optimal Thinking Means More Happiness In Life 20.Feb.13

    in Finance

    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    Dr. Rosalene Glickman coined the term Optimal Thinking. While positive thinking is nice, it won't necessarily get you what you want, or where you want to be. Instead, her theory is to get you to live the best life you possibly can as much as you can. This means changing self-limiting thoughts and being totally honest with yourself. We can be our own best friend or our worst enemy. The choice is always ours to make. The consequences are obvious. And always remember that success in one area of your life, does not mean you'll have a successful life. That requires Optimal Living.

    Go to www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com for the latest info on the economy and precious metals markets

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    Redefining What it Means to Be Sex Positive with @CharlieGlickman

    in Relationships

    With great pleasure Mr n Mrs Romance welcome's Charlie Glickman to the show. Charlie is a sex & relationship coach, a certified sexuality educator, and an internationally-acclaimed speaker. He’s certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists, and has been working in this field for over 20 years. His areas of focus include sex & shame, sex-positivity, queer issues, masculinity & gender, communities of erotic affiliation, and many sexual & relationship practices. Charlie is also the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners.


    In this episode we’ll be talking about being sex positive and what that means in the current sexual climate

    We look forward to you join us...

    And be sure to bring protection!!!

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    Rosalene Glickman--Optimal Thinking Is Your Key To Surviving The Greater Depression 20.Nov.12

    in Finance

    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D. is the creator and best-selling author of Optimal Thinking, hailed by academia and the media as "the successor to positive thinking" and "the essential ingredient for best practices in personal, interpersonal, and organizational optimization." We spoke at length and while I know that I've engaged in quite a bit of Optimal Thinking in my life, it hasn't been nearly enough. Rosalene is a real inspiration to me and hopefully to you too. 

    Go to www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com for the latest info on the economy and precious metals markets

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    The Accessible Home - It's Not Just for Wheelchair Users Anymore.

    in Family

    There is no reason why our homes and places of work shouldn't be built and designed for all people to use and enjoy.  We are joined by Russell Glickman, Founder and Owner of Glickman Design Build LLC, which specializes in accessible, universal, aging-in-place & multi-generational projects.  We will learn why we - at any age and even if we do not have physical limitations - should follow universal design principles.  Also, we are pleased to have with us Mark Friese, Vice President of Merrill Lynch Special Needs Group, who will share with us the financial aspects of housing for loved ones with disability.  


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    Dr. Rosalene Glickman--The Best Companies To Work At Are Optimal Thinkers 19.Apr.13

    in Finance

    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    The Fortune list of the 100 best places to work has just been released. Google again is number 1. While some may believe that these companies are overly generous and paternalistic, the results of these companies speak for themselves. Bringing out the best in their employees is part of their mission statement. When employees are happy and fulfilled they produce their best. While there are many theories about why companies succeed and fail, the reality is that the companies that motivate their employees and work as team, produce their best results.  

    Go to www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com for the latest info on the economy and precious metals markets

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