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    Raising The Roof Radio Netwerk

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    The; voice; of; Paterson; N.J.; is; on; every;

    Monday; -; The; Monday; Wake-Up; Show; with; I.B.Wise; and; Brent; Nation


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    Home Repair and Renovations for the Special Needs Family

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    We talk with Debbie Farson, Owner/Operator of HomeWise Referrals, a company that helps people find contractors to do home repairs and renovations.  Given the high numbers of adults with disabilities living with parents, who also may be aging and needing home modifications, the need for contractors who can renovate homes for our population is critical.   Learn how Ms. Farson helps meet this need.  Also joining us will be Mark Friese, Vice President or Merrill Lynch Special Needs Planning Group to discuss the financial side of housing, and how to plan for good financial decisions for your loved ones with special needs.  




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    Business & Legal Q&A LIVE 5/12/15: HOME REPAIR & LLC LAWSUIT

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    On today's show we discuss:

    LEGAL QUESTION/TOPIC:  Spring is Home Repair Time: What do you need to know before your hire a home improvement contractor?

    BUSINESS QUESTION:  "My LLC was sued and so I went to court to argue my position. The judge wouldn't hear my argument and even though I was there on behalf of the company, he found in favor of the customer. Why did the judge do this? We my due process rights violated?"

    Today's show is sponosored by the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont & Associates' Real Estate Practice Group. If you are buying or selling a home in New Jersey, take advanatge of this special offer. Call us at (973) 949-3770 and mention UTLRadio and you will lock in a special closing rate of $750!! This is a full closing, from contract to closing! This is only available through UTLRadio. In order to lock in your rate you must call before June 15, 2015. For more info go to http://www.toprealestateattorneys.com

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    Raising The Roof Radio Netwerk

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    The voice of Paterson N.J. is on every

    Monday The Monday Wake-Up Show with I.B.Wise and Brent Nation

    Tonight we sit down with Bernard M. Jones to talk about the Game!!!

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    Raising The Roof Radio Netwerk

    in Culture

    The voice of Paterson N.J. is on every

    Monday and The Wise 1 is in town   The Monday Wake-Up Show with I.B.Wise and Brent; Nation


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    Roof Top Farming in Saint Louis, MO., Urban HarvestSTL

    in Gardening

    Greetings!  this will be a FUN Show to listen to this week.  The New York Times is actually vising the site we will be talking about that does Roof Top Farming.  I am lucky to get this interview as they are doing such wonderful things, and, hey, the New York Times is doing an interview on them, also.  How is that timing!

    I have the Honors to speak to these folks and learn how they got started doing Roof top farming, how are they sustaining it, and, what are the future plans for this organization.

    Join us. This Friday, May 1, 2015, the day before the Kentucky Derby and the same day as the Kentucky Oaks. Hope you Enjoy! this FUN!!! interview this week.


    Have Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

    Books and AudioBooks:  Community Garden Revolution, and, 

                                            Community Garden Revolution Notes!

    www.natesamericanmadestore.com  Use promo code "comgar15" at ONLINE checkout and receive 10% OFF purchase.

    www.teleflora.com At your first order ask about 10% OFF for ONLINE order.  

    www.totallytomatoes.com (catalog)


    www.aerogarden.com Use the promo code "community20" at checkout ONLINE and receive 20% OFF your purchase.

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    the Kentucky Oakts.

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    Raising The Roof Radio Netwerk - The Hispanic Experience w Luis Velez

    in Culture

    The voice of Paterson N.J. is Raising The Roof with Luis Velez..

    The Hispanic influence in Paterson has become such a force that they are no longer a minority, as it stands today the latino community has dominated the the population of ethnicity per square mile. The latino pride that has surfaced in and around the city is amazingly unified, an example that needs to be taught....

    Luis Velez is a prime example of latino pride and we are honored to have him join us... 

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    Five-Minute Relationship Repair: Quicky Heal Upsets, Deepen Intimacy

    in Spirituality

    and Use Differences to Strengthen Love

    Falling in love is the easy part. Staying in love is another matter. Some couples seem blessed with everlasting love. AND THEN . . . well, there's everyone else.

    So what do couples who are blessed with ongoing happiness know that everyone else seems to be missing?

    According to Ds. Campbell and Grey, they know how to repair. They're good at quickly attending to the little glitches that every relationship encounters and they maintain that repairing is a skill that can be learned and done in five minutes.

    Partnered or not, putting these tools of repair into practice will enable you to improve communication and move on to mutual healing and deeper trust - in all your relationships.

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    Chat With Charity Show- "Hey, Hey Its Your Girl Charity"

    in Youth

    My Topics for my next show are:

    • I will be chatting about Education & School
    • Sports Talk
    • and of course WHATS CRAZY?????

    Call in to listen or to chat at 347-855-8032 between 7pm - 8pm

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    The Ruckus Room - Recreation, REALLY!!!!!!

    in Current Events

    This is the message that was sent out yesterday!!!!!


    Last night at the City Council meeting there was an uproar from the residents of Paterson regarding the possilibility of funds for Recreation being cut, how is this even a thought? Paterson is over-run with violence and crime and cutting programs from recreation will only add to the problem. We don't have enough for our youth to do as it is and now the administration wants to add to the problem by taking what little is there and putting them out on the street with nothing to do.

    “This is not a recreation issue, this is a human issue, this is an issue about the future of our city,” said Benji Wimberly. “This is not about football, basketball, and after school programs, it’s about our future.”

    When youth lack recreation they will be often be “raising hell” on the streets, said Kenyatta Stewart. He said kids need recreational opportunities.

    “I don’t think any council member will support any cuts in recreation,” said Morris. He said he does not want to be accused of cutting programs for city youths.

    Councilman Kenneth Morris said putting $585,000 into the recreation budget will not be an easy task. Wimberly’s letter to the mayor and city council members requests half-million dollars to bring recreation funding to the same level it was 17 years ago.

    And as usual......

    Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres could not immediately be reached for comments; a message was left with his secretary.


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    Guest: Susan Campbell Ph.D, co-author of Five Minute Relationship Repair

    in Relationships

    My guest this week on Relationships 2.0 is Susan Campbell Ph.D, co-author ofFive Minute Relationship Repair: Quickly Heal Upsets, Deepen Intimacy, and Use Differences to Strengthen Love.

    About the book:

    Long-term happiness in love depends on a couple’s ability to repair the inevitable rifts and differences, large and small, that occur in any relationship. Neuroscience suggests that relationship upsets are best mended quickly, or they accumulate in long-term memory, increase reactive communication, and become harder to repair successfully. And good repair takes five minutes or less! This book offers practical tools and suggested scripts for resolving problems and having your needs met. Following its guidance, you can turn difficulties into opportunities to foster love, trust, and thriving intimacy.

    About the author:

    Susan Campbell has long worked as a relationship coach and teamwork consultant to Fortune 500 companies and has authored six books.