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    TERRORIST - The Dylann Roof Story

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    Charleston killer planned to shoot up college campus instead of a church, claims black drinking buddy who says they were 'homeboys'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3132627/Charleston-killer-planned-shoot-college-campus-instead-church-claims-black-drinking-buddy-says-homeboys.html#ixzz3deWXGaf4
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    Revealed: Dylann Roof named Charleston as his target in twisted online 'manifesto' where he rants that black people are 'stupid and violent' and how he wanted to turn every Jew BLUE for 24 hours 

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3132670/Dylann-Roof-manifesto-Killer-unveils-Charleston-target-church-massacre-calls-black-people-stupid-violent-complains-s-no-real-KKK-help-him.html#ixzz3deWqzvr5
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    Talk of the Town w/ Amy Jacobs Featuring Mr. Robert Belmont

    in Entrepreneur

    "A" World Entertainment and Raising the Roof Media Group come together to bring you the best in online Radio from Paterson N.J.  

    Last show we discussed the upcoming special election for City Council and we will get back to that soon... Tonight Amy Jacobs has the honor of sitting down with one of Paterson's most successfull businessmen  Mr. Robert Belmont....

     Since 2001, Mr. Belmont serves as the principal of Belmont Consulting Services and Managing Partner of Sunnyside Holdings, LLC a business real estate development company for various affordable housing and mixed use developments. There, he has overall responsibility for the supervision of all company operations, business development & marketing.

    Mr. Belmont’s innovative approach is to work with clients to professionally assess their financial positions, needs, and goals; to analyze and project realistic costs and values of clients' projects; and, to directly procure the best available financing for the client from a myriad of housing grants, Low-Income-Housing Tax Credits, and other government grant resources.

    More than merely providing business development services, Mr. Belmont works closely with clients to analyze and coordinate development and financing strategies, budget and operating projections and analysis, property data and evaluation, market competition, and, investment decision-making among the clients' and investors' principals, accountants, legal counsels, appraisers, and, investment and lending underwriters.


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    Home Repair & Techorating

    in Parents

    Join Kat and Josh as they discuss some of the best DIY home repair and Techorating ideas for today's modern family. 

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    Shouldn't Dylann Roof be charged with domestic terrorism?

    in Politics Conservative

    Like everybody else, I am pretty pissed off at punk ass Dylann Roof for being the coward he was to go into a church where there was a high probability that no one was armed and he killed nine people. If he was so bad why didn't he go to the hood where his anger and aggression would have been met with equal force. Now I am seeing that they are looking to charge him with a hate crime. Really!!! If you kill somebody doesn't that automatically mean you hate them. But a thought came across my mind as to why they are looking at charging home with a hate crime. You have the race baiters out in full force getting as much air play as they can get. I think Al Sharpton has racked up the most frequent flyer miles in the past year than most business class customers do in five. These are the people who would be angered the most if you classify what Roof did as a terrorist act. We all know that no matter what you have to make sure you keep giving these "black leaders" something to bitch and complain about regardless of the overall picture. Plus you having the President plus all the liberals wanting to take this moment to politicize the issue by saying this is because of the lack of gun control in America. Get a damn grip. Like we used to say as kids, get mad and scratch your bootyhole and get glad. Tell me I'm wrong

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    The Mind of #Roof & "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome"

    in Spirituality

    Tonight at 10pm cst, we of course will be discussing where the mentality of church terrorist ?#‎Roof? came from. We will play Dr Joy De Gruy's famous 2008 lecture on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome because of how much #Roof and him having so called black friends has brought an absolute spotlight on the hidden racism engrained in the minds. Dr. De Gruy talks on the things no one wants to talk about because we're being told to move on, unite and "rise above". Meanwhile, people never get corrected in their racist subconscious minds. Go to Joydegruy.com for more info about her and pick up her book Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing.

    People always want to believe that blacks whine over slavery and believe slavery is merely in the past. They have not studied to see just how much slavery still affects the minds of whites and blacks today. Change starts within renewing the subconscious mind. Understanding and receiving this lecture we present tonight is an example of beginning that renewal process. You will greatly benefit by hearing this in its entirety. 

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    Politics Done Right - Dylann Roof is the face of terrorism Americans should fear

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    Most Americans will never know harm from ISIS or any Middle East terrorist. The terrorists we must fear most come from within. They come in many forms. Yet because they do not meet the definition of what many would like to define as the stereotypical terrorist, it goes ignored. What will it take?

    What do you think. Let’s talk about it.

    You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here.

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    The Ruckus Room with Nicholas Rivera

    in Elections

    The special election is only 2 months away and the race is on!! Five candidates, one seat, for one ward. Join Nicholas as he asks the direct questions, the 1st Ward is in dire straits and needs someone who is not just willing, but ready and qualified to do the job. We invited the candidates to come on and share with the ward constituents their views, their visions on where the ward is, and where they can take it in the future.

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    Talk of the Town with Amy Jacobs

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    A World Entertainment and Talk of the Town Radio present Ann Hair We R Fashion Expo

    September 12th 2015  12pm to 8pm est at the Art Factory 70 Spruce st. Paterson N.J.



    Join us for some ground breaking artist and functions as well as some hard hitting topics and conversations......

  • chat with charity show -one year aniversary show

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    One year aniversary show

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    The Truth about Credit Repair (with Blair Warner)

    in Finance

    Blair Warner, Founder of Upgrade my Credit joins me again today to talk about the “truth” about credit repair. Blair is a Certified Credit Consultant and is FICO Pro Certified. What are realistic expectations when working with a credit repair company? In this segment, we’re going to talk about legal and illegal tactics when working to restore your credit, and he’s going to share the fastest way to build new credit. Tune in to hear more.  


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 


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    Blair A. Warner, Founder

    Soaring Financial, LLC - Upgrade My Credit

    Personal and Business Credit Solutions

    www.upgrademycredit.com | T: 817.886.0302 | F: 682.200.1105



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