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    Chaos Rants: Miesha Tate/Ronda Rousey 2

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    The time has almost come. The biggest fight in the history of women's MMA is upon us.  Miesha tate looks to become the new UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion & dispose of her Rival Ronda Rousey. December 28th can not get here quick enough. Listen as I try as only I can to run through the history of the rivalry as they prepare for the most epic women's showdown in MMA history at UFC 168.

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    Leo Frincu/ Ronda Rousey on Goals Vs Habits

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    How having a High Performance Mentality can help you with your Goal setting process. We're going to take a closer look inside the foundation of your GOALS: your HABITS.  Goals Vs  Habits coming Wednesday featuring Ronda Rousey, Strikeforce Champion.

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    SportsGeeks Featuring Ronda Rousey

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    Join Rammy and Mario as we get the latest news in women's mma and then we will be talking to Ronda Rousey on her last WMMA fight and what is in the future for her....

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Woman of Color United

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Women of Color United!

    Slavery in this Country officially ended in 1865 150 years ago however the psychological effects of it are still rooted in the hearts and minds of African American people. Director Bill Dukes premiered his documentary "Light Girls" the Follow - Up to "Dark Girls" on the OWN Network this past Monday. The documentary examines the biases regarding skin color outside of and within the African-American community. Tonight we want to clear up some of the misunderstandings and move forward as Women of Color United no matter what shade of color we are! We have two very Powerful guest speakers on the show tonight that will address these issues and help us to move forward as women and guardians of our families and communities. Please welcome Yakinea Marie Duff, a resident of Birmingham, AL, she is the President of and CEO of the I Am Woman Network, LLC and Kingdom Entrepreneurs International, LLC. She is also Executive Director of  Ladies of Royalty Women's Business & Empowerment Network,Inc, a non-profit organization. Yakinea Marie is Author, Transformational Speaker, and Master Expansion Strategist: who plans, organizes, and host educational and coaching forums through workshops, teleseminars, and conferences to empower leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals economically and personally. Please also welcome Kama Burtton  Speaker, President of the Inland Valley Closers Toastmasters group, she has launched her own talk show "Kama Speaks" June 11, 2013. She has always had a heart to heip others develop and promote their businesses and found a way to reach the masses online. Please join us!

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    Speak Life Radio ~ The Importance of The Follow - Up In Business and In Life

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    Speak Life Radio ~ The Importance of The Follow - Up In Business and In Life!

     Blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show! The secret sauce to success in business and in life is the Follow - Up. We make connections but don't follow up on them and therefore lose potential clients or friendships. Our special Guest tonight Thomas Ellis will share with us some much needed valuable nuggets on how to gain success by following up on potential prospects. Thomas Ellis - President/Chief Sales Coach - EWC Consultant, Mr. Ellis is sales management veteran with over 25 years experience in coaching, consulting, developing sales managers, Thomas began his professional sales career in the copier industry and then to the telecommunications industry where he was employed by Motorola and Nextel which merged with Sprint in 2005. Thomas spent 13 years with Sprint Nextel where he had serveral Sales positions. He received Sprint/Nextel's highest sales award, President's Council for 10 consecutive years.

     In 2010 he started EWC Consultans. EWC Consultants focuses on teaching sales professionals how to master basic sales activites which leads to closing BIG deals. The process he developed is repeatable, easy to learn, and generates great results. Please join us!!!

  • Speak Life Radio ~ Urban Futurist "What Does That Mean?"

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Urban Futurist "What Does That Mean"

    HAPPY NEW YEAR'S SPEAK LIFE RADIO FAMILY ABUNDANT LOVE AND BLESSINGS! We are ready to start the New Year off right with focusing on SOLUTIONS instead of problems. The time is now to move forward with action and not just hopes and dreams but proven reseached strategies that will boost us successfully into the future.

    Our special guest tonight is Mr Phillip Brown who Co/Founded and is Director of Global Business Incubation (GBI) in 1991 with Paul and Tonia McDonald. Their vision and purpose is to create a small business support system to launch and support entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and small businesses. GBI is armed with a researched blueprint on wealth creation, a tool for building an economic system to positively affect the economic landscape of underserved urban communities. To long these urban communities have endured with few economic opportunities, capital, or an infrastructure to support business development.

    In 2013 Global Business Incubation (GBI) partnered with California State University Long Beach, Student Life & Development to create a collaboration business incubation hub, with CSULB's current student body, alumni, high school seniors, corporate professionals and local business demonstration model for other urban communities around the state and across the nation. Please Join us!!!

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    Speak Life Radio ~ 2015 Is Almost Here "Turn Down For What???"

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    Speak Life Radio ~ 2015 Is Almost Here "Turn Down For What???"

    Abundant blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show, in fact this will be our last show of the year! Whoooo Hooooo we are so Super EXCITED and anxious about what the new year will bring!!!! Bye bye 2014 hello 2015, the year of Overflow, Great Opportunities, New Beginnings and a Ripe Harvest ready for a picken! We are gonnaTurn Up and BLAST INTO 2015 ON FIRE filled with Enthusiam, Tennacity, Prosperity Minded, Uplifted and Encouraged. 

     We have two super amazing Guest Speakers for you that wil spark a great desire in you to live your best life ever!!!! One of the top New Year Resolutions for people is to become fit, to lose weight or get in shape, well one of our guest speakers is Vince Singletary a certified fitness professional since 2008. He studies and obtained  an associate degree in Exercise Science plus two national certifications in medical rehab, nutrition and sports specific training background.

     Vince's slogan is "Change Begins With You" He can give you the tools to succeed but you must appy yourself. It's not easy but it's worth it! Vince specializes in affordable boot camps, one on one training, public speaking, online nutrition/workout program designs and consultation. Our next guest is Patiece Jackson A.K.A Ms. Savvy Pro,  an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Drawing upon her own history and experiences, Jackson speaks with individuals and groups about how they can get motivated to succeed. For Patrice, identifying your passion and following that passion is the key to success in both business and life. 

     Jackson is the Owner of Savvy Professionals and currently serves as the Executive Director of the company, Jackson is a skilled entrepreneur and has honored her shills working in Customer Service for Fortune 500 companies and more. Please join us!!!

  • Speak Life Radio ~ DO IT "A 4 Step Process To Achieve Greatness

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    Speak Life Radio ~ DO IT "How To Follow A 4 Step Process To Achieve Greatness"


     Welcome back to another amazing show! 2015 is just days away and we want to help you get a jump start on Achieving Greatness for this coming year!!! We have two special guests tonight that are going to help us do just that, Ms Alicia D. Clark ~ Marketing & Managing Consultant out of Las Vegas, NV, she is also the Founder of Inspiring Investments which assists Business Owners with leveraging the internet while building their business or brand. We want to also welcome Mrs. Tonia McDonald ~ President of Global Business Incubation, strategic consultant, including business plan, scenario plan and future strategy development, Business incubation, economic development, cooperate & collaborative solution processes, Documentation through film. She is also an Educational  Institutional Partner, Loyola Marymount University, Collage of Business Administration (LMU), Dr. George Hess and California State University Long Beach, Student Life and Development. 

    The mission of GBI is to promote the development and growth of global enterprises through customized innovative financial programs & business incubation. You Don't want to miss this POWERFUL SHOW!!!!

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    Speak Life Radio ~ The Importance of Mental Health CheckUps

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    Speak Life Radio ~ The Importance of Mental Health CheckUps

    Everyone is familiar with the concept of a periodic medical checkup --- some sort of scheduled doctor's visit to check your blood pressure, weight and other physical benchmarks.

    The notion of a regular mental health checkup is less established, perhaps because of the historical stigma about mental illness. But taking periodic stock of your emotional well-being can help identify warning signs of common ailments like depression or anxiety. Such illnesses are highly treatable, especially when they are identified in their early stages, before they get so severe that they precipitate some sort of personal -- and perhaps financial --- crisis.

    "Absolutely, people should have a mental health checkup" our guest tonight is Tish Granville a licensed professional clinical counselor employed  with Emerge Counseling Services in Akron Ohio. She serves many children, adolescents, adult woman, and couples in an outpatient setting; treating various mental health and relationship issues.

    She also is Co/Founder of Center of Holistic and Intergrative Health LLC; a mind - body - spirit wellness organization that focusses on educating individuals in the community on holistic wellness.

    Tish is a newly wed who enjoys reading, nature, art, spending time with loved ones and writing. Please join us!!!!!

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    Speak Life Radio ~ You Are Not Alone

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    Speak Life Radio ~ You Are Not Alone

    Blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show! Our topic is "You Are Not Alone." So many people are suffering in silence especially around this time of year. Our guest is Ms. Novella Renae an expert in abuse and trauma will address this very serious topic. Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones going through what we're going through until we hear someone else with a simular story, then we realize we are not alone! There are many things that make a person feel alone , therefore suffer in silence, one of which is abuse. Sometimes when people have been abused they don't feel comfortable sharing their feelings with others, therefore they bury them until something happens to make them explode. We will be taking about these issues and many others such as feeling alone during the holidays! Don't be alone, Please join us!

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    What We Want Radio "Special Guest" Ronda Swindell

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    Special Guest Ronda Swindell Ronswim Productions: She started a home improvement business in the middle 90s In 2012 became a filmmaker, editer and promoter of her own company called RonSwin Productions  She is a carpenter with the name Wonderwoman home improvements. A few years later she became interested in veterinary medicine and became a vet tech. She is a performer on the side, but not like in my beginning years...She can't get it out of her heart. https://www.facebook.com/pages/RonSwin-Productions/274077252709267

    Guest Co-host Melissa Missy Damas: After graduating a year early from high school, she went on to study at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC where she's an Alumni. She's studied with Penny Templeton and Hank Schob of The Penny Templeton Studio for on camera and at the Hunterdon Academy of the Arts for voice lessons. She's currently forming her own artist group in central New Jersey for collaborations and feedback. 
    Also, she loves being on set, whether it be in front or behind the camera. If you have any assistant positions open, she's always willing to learn with a fun, hard working, motivated team. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melissa-Damas-ActressWriter/370385389701251

    What WE Want is a Women’s Networking Organization dedicated to your personal growth and Business Development.Our Philosophy is to provide a platform for our members to build lasting relationships both personally and professionally. WWEW's gatherings offer unique venues to network, always with a theme and purpose. Our members are encouraged to stand out through vendor/sponsorship, speaking and hosting opportunities. https://www.facebook.com/whatwewant

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