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    Ronda Rousey gets a new opponent at UFC 195, the woman's MMA movement

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    Tonight on The Majority Decision we are looking at why Meisha Tate is out and Holly Holm is in against Ronda Rousey at UFC 195. Did the UFC brass make the right decision to pass on a third fight between Rousey and Tate? Is it too soon for a shot at the title for Holly Holm? Plus a closer look at the other woman’s division in the UFC.

    All this and more on The Majority Decision every Friday and Sunday at 10 pm central. 

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    Chatting with James Cullen Bressack

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    Bursting upon the indie horror scene at the age of eighteen with his first feature My Pure Joy, James Cullen Bressack has been called "horror's new hope" (StudioCity Patch - Mike Szymanski) and "a talent to watch out for." (H.S.T.- Ben John Smith) as well as garnering rave reviews on almost every horror web site. Released by Media Blasters on their Fresh Meat Shriek Show label in 2012, the film quickly rose to the top of the best sellers list on Amazon.com in the horror category. His second feature, a real shocker, Hate Crime, was a festival favorite and garnered many awards.

     Bressack then made history with his next feature, To Jennifer, which was the first feature film shot entirely on an Iphone 5. The prolific filmmaker then made Pernicious, filmed in Thailand and due to be released later this year. His film, 13-13-13 followed and his most recent feature, Blood Lake, which aired on Animal Planet, was a top ratings getter. A winner of multiple Best Picture and Best director awards on the film festival circuit, James has become one of the few indie filmmakers Verified on twitter, where he has 70,000 + loyal fans.

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    Bryan James

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     As a writer, producer and actor, 

    Bryan James, who currently stars in the hit docu-soap series "Youthful Daze," premiering new episodes of the 4th season every Sunday; co-stars opposite with some of the most popular soap stars such as Jen Lilley ("Days of Our Lives"), Chrishell Stause ("Days of Our Lives"), Casey Moss ("Days of Our Lives"), and reality television star Scott Disick. Created to feel like 90's teen dramas such as CRUEL INTENTIONS and "Beverly Hills 90210," it's the story of Drew Castle (Bryan James) living in Los Angeles and attending a private high school called Westfield Prep while dealing with hidden issues with schizophrenia. The show has already generated over 100 thousand views (http://www.youthfuldaze.com/) this season and we would love to set up an interview with you and this multi-faceted actor on this rise!

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    Killa Shawn Cameron joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to give an update on his next fight and break down the latest boxing new and fights coming up.We look back at Paulie Malignaggi's liely last fight against Danny Garcia and Shawn gives his thoughts on the fight,Paulie's next step and Garcia in the 147 division.Also on the same card, Danny Jacobs beat an injured Sergio Mora and Cameron talks about what a Jacobs vs Peter Quillin fight will look like as that is a fight being talked about happening next.Shawn also gives his take on Floyd Mayweather facing Andre Berto in September,the whole Ronda Rousey debate,Mayorga vs Mosley and Santa Cruz vs Mares.

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    Two time world champion Amanda Serrano joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss further her thoughts on Ronda Rousey and her trainer Edmond Tarverdyan's comments that Rousey can become a world champion in boxing if she chose too.Serrano was one of a few women boxers who are willing to accept any challenge to face Rousey in the ring whether it be an actual boxing match ,exhibition or sparring.We get Serrano's thoughts on whether Rousey would accept a challenge from her and if they were to meet what she would expect from the fight.Serrano talks about the difficulty an MMA fighter would have against a true boxer and how it would end bad for Rousey.We also talk to Serrano about the vic darchinyan/Rousey sparring footage,Dana White,Cyborg,Floyd Mayweather and Serrano's next fight which will be September 10 at The Space in Westbury on Long Island.

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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch & Ronda White

    in Business

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: Rhonda White

    Topic of Discussion: What Is Your Platform?

    Rhonda's Bio

    Ronda’s 20+ years of experience as a single Mom and mentor within her community has afforded her an understanding of the challenges that may come before us. She managed to raise two very active children, work full time, while still volunteering in her community. These life experiences gave her insight into transitioning from surviving to thriving, as she overcame life's many obstacles. 

    Couple this with her expansive history in corporate America, which included Non-Profit, Real Estate, Retail Management, Higher Education and even the US Army; and it is easy to see from where her fighting spirit derived.

    Ronda’s goal is to empower others to find the balance between personal and professional development, family life, and blissful living.  She is devoted to sharing the steps to tear down the boundaries that have held so many back from living an empowering life.  She is innovative, audacious, and has a heart to empower women to live life to the fullest and understanding their worth. Her energy and wisdom is contagious, and there is no doubt that YOU will be inspired!

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    Ronda Rousey vs Serena Williams: Who Do You Got?

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    Get ready for a hard-hitting show tonight like Ronda Rousey and her knockout blow on Bethe Correia in UFC 190 last Saturday.  We are loaded with talk of the most dominant female athlete in the country, which is a sudden battle between Rousey and Serena Williams, who has dominated tennis this year.  Each panelist will weigh in on who he or she believes is the most dominant. We will also begin our NFL divisional preview with the AFC North and NFC North first on tap.  Who will win the division?  Who is a team lying in the weeds ready to strike?  Who will bring up the bottom of each division.  We also premiere a new segment on The Core Show entitled "What's Angering Derek in the World of Sports" in which this week's focus will be on Tom Brady and how he's handled himself in the ongoing saga of Deflategate as through the eyes of Derek Taylor, host of 5G Sports Talk on Sunday nights.  That's just a few highlights of how we will thrill you.  There will be more.  At the end of the day, we are loaded for bear and ready to make waves for you.  BOOM!   

  • Anderson Silva versus the NSAC, Ronda Rousey beating up men, and random news

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    This time on The Majority Decision we will review Anderson Silva’s crazy meeting with the NSAC and the train wreck that it was. Apparently the former UFC champion was looking for enhancement, just not in the cage. We will also take a look at few quick news items that happened this week Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate both believe Rousey would beat up Floyd Mayweather. Plus another top 10 UFC fighter signs with Bellator and maybe a quick look at the upcoming UFC Fight Night on August 23rd.

    The best MMA news and opinion every Sunday and Friday night at 10 pm central. 

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    Ronda Rousey vs Floyd Mayweather talk, 2 0n 2 MMA, UFC news, other MMA thoughts

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    On tonight's episode of The Majority Decision, you can expect a grab bag of random topics that range from UFC news to Ronda Rousey versus Floyd Mayweather and more. 2 on 2 MMA fights are groing in other countries, and there is a group trying to get them approved here in the states. We will discuss the thought of 2 on 2 MMA and group versus group MMA. 

    All this and more every Sunday and Friday night at 10 pm cst. 

  • Ascension Soul Wisdom W/Rev James Ellis -Free Readings Monday

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Ascension Soul Wisdom - We all know things cannot stay the way they are. We need to step up and become world changers. I am here to help. I have done readings for many many years. Call in early to get a free reading.





    Disclosure Policy:

    This is done for entertainment purposes,

    It is very important that you do not live your life from a reading or channeling .

     A reading or channeling  is to assist you to determine choices, that you feel are in your best and highest interest.

    I have the right to provide a service to a client or not.  

    No psychic is 100%  accurate- I have a high accuracy rate, but only God is perfect.

    I am not a doctor and you should never cease medical treatment except if you are medically released . 

    I do not diagnose illness. I do I do not claim to cure illness.

    All psychic work offered on this website falls under this disclosure policy and is for entertainment purposes only. Obtaining services I offer releases me from all responsibilities from the choices you make based on your readings, healings, and channelings.

    All  clients  must be 18 years of age or over. By calling in it is deemed that you verify you are 18 years of age or older. 

    If you do not understand and need clarification on any of the disclosure policy, you may submit your requests in writing.  

    Be Love Always

    Rev James 

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Let's Do Our Part To Stop The Killings In Our Neighborhoods

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Let's Do Our Part To Stop The Killings In Our Neighborhoods

     Blessings beautiful family and welcome back to another amazing show! Crime in our neighborhoods are at an all time high, murders, rapes, robberies etc. The question is , what are we as a people going to do about it? That is our topic tonight, "Let's Do Our Part To Stop The Killings In Our Neighborhoods!" We have Reverend Mark Olds Founder of The MidWest Minority Think Tank joining us as well as Jeanie Lamar, Business woman and mother of 2 sons who where shot, one of which was fatally injured and killed. We also have joining us Clarence Johnson aka c.t.a. clay the analyst. Clay is an inspirational rapper who's mission is to uplift his people and to bring healing to the world. Please join us!