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    "Communism 2.0", a new book by Ileana Johnson, economist and author

    in Politics

    GUEST:  Dr Ilena Johnson Paugh, author & economist....she has written a new book called "Communism 2.0", a look at communism in Romania 25 years later.....why is communism (or socialism) popular again with young people?   what are the lessons for the US?  how are Europe's economic problems, such as the financial crisis in Greece or unemployment in Spain, driving some people to the slogans of socialism?

    we will also look at the Keystone Pipeline veto and recent enrollment figures for Obama Care.



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    Episode 1369 - Michael Boldea LIVE from Romania

    in Spirituality

    Minister Michael Boldea

    Website: www.handofhelp.com


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    Taxes, jobs numbers, Greece & ObamaCare with Dr Ileana Johnson

    in Politics

    GUEST:  Dr. Ileana Johnson, author and columnist.......we will discuss the latest Obama budget, the new taxes and a look at the US economy....she recently published a new article:   Taxes , taxes, everywhere......she is the author of two books:    "Echoes of communism", a memoir of her days in Romania.......and "UN Agenda 21"......







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    Raluca Vrabie, M.D. treating IBD , Crohns and Colitis with a diverse skill set

    in Motivation

    Dr. Raluca Vrabie was born in Bucharest, Romania, under communism. She lived there until the age 13, then emigrated through Austria to the United States.

    She resides in New York almost the whole time since (high school at Stuyvesant in Manhattan, college at Cooper Union in the Village, medical school and residency at Mount Sinai on the Upper East Side). After travelling to Philladelphia for a fellowship at UPenn, she came right back to begin her career at Winthrop Hospital in 2010.

    She currently lives in Forest Hills with her husband, whom she knows since high school, and started dating in college. Her Husband is Chinese and a programmer for the Intercontinental Exchange. They have twin girls.

    She is interested in inflammatory bowel disease because treating it requires so many diverse skills: procedural aptitude, an understanding of the immune system, the ability to communicate complex concepts simply, etc. never bored at work. She thinks her patients are amazing people, for accomplishing all that they do with this disease burden in tow: marriages, children, masters’ degrees, spin classes, quitting IV drug use, divorces, moving to a new country, running a diner.

    Winthrop Gastroenterology Associates, PC
    222 Station Plaza North, Suite 428
    Mineola, NY 11501
    (516) 663-2066

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen Host

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    Carmen Harra, Ph.D.-2015 Predictions and Calls for You with Scott Cluthe

    in Spirituality

    Join Scott Cluthe on FACEBOOK 

    Free Book from Scott Cluthe 

    CALL IN : 347-308-8478

    Carmen Harra Ph.D., with Scott Cluthe, Host & Producer of Positively Incorrect ! Radio, share Carmen's powerful Intuitive gift with you tonight !

    ?Carmen Harra is an internationally acclaimed intuitive psychologist, author, relationship coach, spiritual teacher, and karmic counselor. Originally born in Romania, Carmen began touring throughout Europe as a singing sensation in her teenage years. Carmen remained committed to her education, graduating from Babes-Bolyai University with a degree in philosophy and one in philology. Carmen reinvented her career and engaged in what she did best: offering divine guidance to others.

    Carmen also opted to expand her metaphysical skills and earned Ph.D.'s in Hypnosis and Alternative Healing from Albert University. Carmen earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and her book,Everyday Karma, has been translated in 20 different language.
    Carmen met Denise Rich (wife of billionaire Mark Rich), Courtney Cox, Senator Warner and Jennifer Lopez. Carmen's TV includes Fox News,NBC,Good Day New York, and more. Carmen has been featured in NYT,New York Post,New York Daily News,Vogue,New York Magazine,US Weekly and more.

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    Leah Yoder is Turtle Travels- Romania

    in Paranormal

    Leah will share her stories From Her Lastes Journey to Romania " Romania is a place of mystery and adventure. You never know what you will see or experience. Vlad the Impaler Also know as Dracula is part of the rich history. They dont talk much about the Dracula aspect of their history. My trip was an awesome experience that I will charish and hopefully be able to repeat next year with Darkness Radio"- Leah Yoder-Turtle Travels

  • WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Nick Hunt

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    Walking the Woods and the Water: In Patrick Leigh Fermor's footsteps from the Hook of Holland to the Golden Horn:

      In 1933, the eighteen-year-old Patrick Leigh Fermor set out in a pair of hobnailed boots to chance and charm his way across Europe, "like a tramp, a pilgrim, or a wandering scholar." The books he later wrote about this walk, A Time of Gifts, Between the Woods and the Water, and the posthumous The Broken Road are a half-remembered, half-reimagined journey through cultures now extinct, landscapes irrevocably altered by the traumas of the twentieth century.

      Aged eighteen, Nick Hunt read A Time of Gifts and dreamed of following in Fermor's footsteps. In 2011 he began his own "great trudge"—on foot all the way to Istanbul. He walked across eight countries, following two major rivers and crossing three mountain ranges. With only Fermor's books to guide him, he trekked some 2,500 miles through Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

      His aim? To have an old-fashioned adventure. To slow down and linger in a world where we pass by so much, so fast. To discover for himself what remained of hospitality, kindness to strangers, freedom, wildness, adventure, the mysterious, the unknown, the deeper currents of myth and story that still flow beneath Europe's surface.                   

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    Stiri de pe Noul Pamant - Integrarea fiintei – Calea catre Iluminare

    in Spirituality

    Procesul de integrare reprezinta procesul de devenire a propriului nostru UNU - din UNU ne-am nascut si urmeaza sa devenim propriul nostru UNU.

    Am creat de la nivelul sufletului nostru multe aspecte, pentru a ne intelege calatoria si a intelege cine suntem cu adevarat. Odata ce realizam acest lucru, ele incep sa vina inapoi, sa se intoarca acasa.

    Aceasta viata este viata integrarii – suntem aspectul desemnat sa ascensioneze din milioanele de aspecte pe care le-a creat sufletul nostru.

    Vom aborda toate aceste subiecte in emisiunea noastra, avand in vedere ca procesul de integrare nu inseamna altceva decat iluminarea.

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    Communism Comes to America

    in Politics Conservative

     Elements of communism have entered our society and are growing.  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh was born in Romania during the communist era of Nicolae Ceausescu.  A survivor of communist utopia and its indoctrination, she immigrated legally to the United States in 1978 and became a proud naturalized American citizen by choice in 1982.

    She wrote Echoes of Communism to dispel the romantic version of communism taught in American public schools. Her second book, Liberty on Life Support, contains short essays on American Exceptionalism, Economics, Immigration, and Education.

    U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy, a best seller at Amazon describes and provides evidence of the advanced implementation in the United States of global control of our private property rights, of our economy, and of attacks on our sovereignty in the name of protecting the planet from environmental damage.


    Tags:  Ileana Johnson, communism, socialism, Romania, democrat, Obama, Agenda 21, American Exceptionalism, economy, property rights, America

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    Weekend Edition: The Weekend Vigilante & The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Guest hour 1: Author Gregg Jackson

    Guest hour 2: Michael Boldea, grandson of Dumitru Duduman: Mike Boldea was born in a small northern Romanian Village.   At the age of nine, his entire family was deported from Romania for smuggling Bibles.  His grandfather, Dumitru Duduman started an outreach ministry called “Hand of Help” of which Mike is now Chairman. 

    Guest(s) Hour 3: Augusto Perez & Marcus Samuel: Augusto Perez is a Cuban-American evangelist and powerful deliverance minister who has been commissioned to lead Gods People Through Turbulent End Of Times.

    Marcus Samuel  is a powerful anointed prophet of God with a Radio Show bringing awareness to the needs of our brothers and sisters in the pine ridge reservation and to all other Indigenous tribes. He brings a message of hope, healing and restoration to the entire Body of Christ.

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    in Entertainment

    Sunday, November 16, 8 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds explores the life of Prima Ballerina Irina Baronova. Joining Halli at her table to discuss her new book IRINA BARONOVA AND THE BALLETS RUSSES DE MONTE CARLO is Baronova’s daughter author and actress Victoria Tennant.

    Baronova was a Russian-born ballerina and actress who was one of the Baby Ballerinas of the Ballets Russe de Monte Carlo, discovered by George Balanchine in Paris in the 1930s. Baronova’s first principal role was Odette in Swan Lake, partnered by Anton Dolin, which she performed at just 14 years old. Born in Russia, forced to flee to Romania because of the Russian Revolution her parents took her to Paris to study ballet at the behest of her dance teacher. From there Baronova traveled the world adored by all, retiring from dance to marry Cecil Tennant, Victoria’s father.

    Victoria Tennant is an Emmy nominated and Golden Globe nominated film and television actress. Best known for her role in the iconic TV mini-series The Winds of War and War and Remembrance, in which she appeared as actor Robert Mitchum’s on-screen love interest, Pamela Tudsbury, Tennant also starred with her former husband, Steve Martin in two of his films All of Me and L.A. Story.

    Miss Tennant will be appearing at the Miami Book Fair International November 16-23rd in downtown Miami at Miami Dade College.

    A conversation with actress and author Victoria Tennant on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, Sunday, November 16, 8 pm ET. Tune in at Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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