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    PPF Interview with Roland Davis and James Mount of the Lockport Rampage

    in Sports

    Roland Davis (right) founded the Lockport Rampage in the winter of 2012, just prior to the 2013 western New York semi-pro football season.  Prior to serving in an executive capacity, he played for five years on the Lockport Rage semi-pro football team as a running back and linebacker.  He was also a standout player at Canisius High School.  In addition to his playing experience, he has been an offensive coordinator for high school teams in Arizona, Baltimore, and Buffalo.

    Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator James Mount (left) has a wide range of experience at a number of positions as a player and a coach at the high school, college, semi-pro, and professional level.  He was a standout athlete at Lockport High School where he started at defensive end and played running back.  After high school, he attended Chadron State College where he played inside linebacker, offensive line, and running back.  Following his collegiate career, Coach Mount played one year of arena league football for the Colorado Thunder.  Upon returning home to Lockport, he served as a coach in the Lockport Little Loop organization for six years. 

    Bios taken from http://lockportrampagefootball.com/home/

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    How to Meditate - One of the Best of Roland Live

    in Spirituality

    Roland takes up this question by addressing what most people's biggest problem is--they get upset too easily. What a person needs is not symptom removal (false meditations offer that) but the secret to not getting upset in the first place. Roland's specially designed meditations do exactly that. It hinges on being mindful, not willful, and it also depends on a sincere desire to know the truth. Roland has been helping people learn to be calmer and centered for almost 24 years. Listen in to this fascinating lecture.  Check out Drf. Roland's mindfulness meditation and his new 5 minute stress fix.

  • Roland Comtois author of & Then There Was Heaven: A Journey of Hope & Love

    in Lifestyle

    Roland Comtois (pronounced KOM-TWAH) is an expert in the inner voice is what we often call intuition or gut instinct. In many cultures accept that our inner voice emanates from that part of us that is connected to the universal whole and which seems to know things before we do.  It may warn us of impending danger or give us insight; it can make  us feel connected to people we have just met or make us uncomfortable with what should seem to be easy. 

    Doubters can be a powerful force, and not always a force for the good.  When we stare with fear and bias into the unknown, unlabeled or unproven, hard facts are needed

    If we believe in the afterlife, why can’t we communicate with those who have past?

    If we believe in instinct and intuition, then why not believe in pre-cognition?

    Many soothsayers, mediums and such who were otherwise good people were burned at the stake over the centuries.  At the same time, the afterlife has been a cornerstone for ‘believers’ for well over 4000 years. And those believers often trusted their instincts.

    This may be important to keep in mind while you consider those voices in your head that do, indeed talk to you! Heeding our Inner Voice

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    in Current Events

    Thomas Mikal Ford was born on September 5, 1964 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Martin (1992), Harlem Nights (1989) and Across the Tracks (1990).

    He recently completed four seasons on TV One's hit show, Who's Got jokes hosted by Bill Bellemy, as the hilarious Pope of Comedy.

    In the past few years Tommy has starred in more than fifteen films: First Impression; Hillbilly Highway; Ivy League; Who Did I Marry; unspoken Word; Douglass U; Dreams (the Movie); No More Games; Switching the Script; Hard Lessons; 4 Play; Mississippi Blues, Back Court And others. in Addition to a New Tv Series Called Basketball Wives.

    Over the course of a journalistic career that has seen him interview multiple U.S. presidents to the top athletes and entertainers in Hollywood, Roland S. Martin is a journalist who has always maintained a clear sense of his calling in this world.

    Martin is the host and managing editor of TV One's NewsOne Now, , entertainment, sports, and culture from an explicitly African American perspective. NewsOne Now starts weekdays via its radio platform at 7AM/ET, airing on Radio One network stations in select U.S. Markets and then transitions to TV One at 9AM/ET.

    , and is senior analyst for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, where his daily segment is heard on more than 100 stations and 8 million people daily.

    He is the author of three books


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    Heeding Our Inner Voice: The Gift of Intuition with Roland Comtois

    in Spirituality

    Do you pay attention to the messages of your Inner Voice? Do you follow your intuition some of the time, most of the time or all of the time? Our instincts are gifts bestowed upon us before we came to this present incarnation. In many cultures, we accept that our inner voice emanates from that part of us that is connected to the universal whole and which seems to “know” things before we do. It may warn us of impending danger or give us insight; it can make us feel drawn to people we have just met or make us uncomfortable. If we believe in the afterlife, why can’t we communicate with those who have past?

    Many believe they don’t have special gifts, but they are certainly there; they just need to be developed. A psychic medium is one who developed their gifts over a number of lifetimes, and in this lifetime they share those gifts with others to help them rediscover peace.

    Life is all about eternal connections…from the relationships we share every day to the love that transcends time through eternal memories that have the power to change lives. Each of us has the ability to tap into those heart-to-soul connections for messages of hope and love whenever we need them. You only need to look inside…and remember.

    Roland Comtois (pronounced KOM-TWAH) is an expert on the Inner Voice, what we often refer to as intuition or gut instinct. An internationally acclaimed psychic medium, channel and speaker, Roland is the bestselling author of And Then There Was Heaven: A Journey of Hope and Love  and 16 Minutes…When One Breath Ends, Another Begins. Roland’s mission is to bring absolute acceptance and understanding of everlasting life and the existence of heaven to as many people as possible.


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    Ep 93: Roland Hinds on Relationship Choices

    in Books

    Join Angela Lauria of the Author Incubator as she interviews speaker, radio host and relationship mentor Roland Hinds about the publishing of his book, Are You The Right One For Me? Whose Choice Is It Anyway?. Somewhat ironically enough, given Roland Hinds' background as a relationship mentor, the book came out of his own experience with a failed relationship. The book is for people who are having problems with their relationships and draws from Roland's own lessons about all the things that people can anticipate going through a relationship that had failed, and how to get back into the world of dating again.

    Read more and get the transcript here: Roland Hinds on the Author Incubator.

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    Equestrian Legacy Radio's CAMPFIRE CAFE' with MARY KAYE & ROLAND CHEEK

    in Entertainment



    GARY HOLT welcomes the talented, award winning MARY KAYE to visit and share her music around the CAMPFIRE CAFE'.

    We visit with ROLAND CHEEK co-founder of Back Country Horsemen of America, author, philosopher and former radio personality.  Join us for interesting conversation and a preview of his latest book "Sapphires at War".

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard WorldWide Online Live and On Demand.

    Visit our great Sponsors and Download our FREE Mobile App today on our Website www.equestrianlegacy.net 

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    Let's Talk Marriage with Rev. Roland Stringfellow

    in LGBT

    Rev Roland Stringfellow Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church in Detroit will join Ina, Michelle and Terry in conversation about same sex marriages from a different aspect. He was involved in Prop 8 and he was legally married in California. What it meant to be legally married in California and have recognized in Michigan only for a minute.He took part in the marriage of 323 people that are now in limbo until Michigan decides their fate.Why were people rushing to get marriage licenses knowing it would be for a brief passing moment in Michigan? What was that atmosphere like there and how does it affect the movement?

    Show starts at 10:30 est, 9:30 cst, 8:30 mtn and 7:30 pac time. Press 1 to speak


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    Roland Stringer is My Guest, Tuesday, April 15

    in Books

    In 2000 publisher Roland Stringer created Secret Mountain, a record label and publishing house that has brought together musicians, illustrators, songwriters and authors with the intention of creating a wealth of book/CD combinations with musical influences from around the globe. 

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    Replay of March 29, 2012 with Roland Comtois!

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's show will be a replay of the March 29, 2012 program with author and medium, Roland Comtois.  Roland is the author of And Then There was Heaven and 16 Minutes, When One Breath Ends, Another Begins.

    This is one of my favorite shows!  I hope you'll enjoy it!

    We will not be taking callers for readings - all calls are a part of the original program.

    Have a blessed week and attract miracles!

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    Roland Comtois and 16 Minutes...

    in Spirituality

    Roland Comtois joins Kate to share the release of his beautiful, healing new book: 16 Minutes: When One Breath Ends Another Begins.
    The path of grieving the physical loss of someone we love is grueling. 16 Minutes holds the safe space to grieve and choose to live again without your loved one whose physical body has died.
    Join Kate and Roland as they share the love that is eternal! To learn more about Roland, please click into his website: Blessings by Roland.com, here.