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    ERA COP Community Online People Brain Trust

    in Spirituality

    Era as in Time, Space, Matter, Essence, Mind, Conscious Thoughts and who we know, believe, think we are while here on this planet. As Long as there is life there is hope! We share that we are not alone in the universe. Cosmology Metaphysics Philosophy of Life is part of who we are and why we are here! Theresa J Morris our Host shares a Co-host TEAM EFFORT with Thomas Becker, Tommy Hawksblood, Bill M Tracer, Diana McClintic, and other friends who explore the NOW as present among friends. We offer a Cosmos Connection Community to the public of  our paranormal spirit club an awakening fellowship membership driven association. Authors, artists, gamers, producers of tv shows, want to share an annual  meet and greet conference. Our Educational Research Association Community Online People uses acronym ERA COP.  A Panel of Radio Show Host formed a Peer Review Journal educational communication purposes. Our Mission is to Communicate our Future desires for both planet and species in a holistic review journal and radio show. We share ACE Metaphysicians Cyberspace Culture Club in weekly meetings to discuss'US inside the WE of Co-Creations. We are Co-creators of the internet online experiences. We share also Extraterrestrial Contact experiences (ECEs) and share Education Energy Classes. as a rise in the vibe of our tribe of Authors, Analysts,Researchers, Producers, We share as Energy Healers, Lightworkers, Truthseekers. Dream Analyst, Hypnotherapist, Love Relationships Mentors, Self-Worth  Guidance Counselors, Spiritual Life Coaching, Angel Communications Counselors, Deceased loved ones,career forecasts, financial & money creations, Ascension and new age spirituality, soul mate connections. 

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    Hitting the Pavement with Cop Block

    in Politics

    Tonight we hit the streets LIVE with Kory Watkins on Cop Watch to continue the discussion of Police Abuse and what can be done to rein in overzealous and abusive Law Enforcement Officers.

    Fresh from a Cop Block protest in Arlington Texas, Chuck (Smithfix) Smith invites you to chime in and share your views as we WATCH THE WATCHERS and INTIMIDATE THE INTIMIDATORS with cameras in this live broadcast from the  streets of Arlington Texas


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    SuddenlyHUMAN: a discussion on Cop-out Spirituality

    in Spirituality

    More and more these days people claim to be "Spiritual" rather than religious. For some, this has freed them to expore new beliefs and to experience the divine in a very real and personal way. Yet for others this has merely become a way to dodge any genuine work towards their spiritual development, or worse, just an excuse to avoid going to church/temple/mosque/etc. Please join our hosts, Jon and Stephen, as they discuss when claiming to be "Spiritual, but not Religious" is for real and when it's just a cop-out.


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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!

    in Politics

    Tonight on Cop Block and Open Cary with Kory Watkins:

    Tonight on the radio show I will have members of "Hell's Saints" on to talk about their open carry group in Michigan.

    Afterwards, we will talk about the panic button in Austin and our recent visit.

    You won't want to miss this. Finally, we will take a plethora off phone calls on police accountability and so much more.

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    Wednesday Night Rogue Show

    in Hockey

    Wednesday Night with The Rogue Crew

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    THE FLASH TALK Podcast Episode 16 - S1 Ep 16 Rogue Time

    in Television

    As Barry begins to relive the previous day, Dr. Wells realizes what happened and warns Barry not to change any event for fear that he will create a bigger problem as the universe balances itself. Barry does not listen and instead captures Mark Mardon before he can kidnap Joe. Meanwhile, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory return to Central City. Leonard sends his sister Lisa after Cisco, whom they force to rebuild the cold and heat guns, and a third gun for Lisa that turns people into gold, under threat that they will kill Cisco's brother. Barry realizes that Dr. Wells was right, and his actions have resulted in Cisco's kidnapping and Iris rejecting his romantic advances. Cisco returns and reveals that Leonard tortured his brother until Cisco revealed the Flash's true identity. Barry goes after the Snarts, and the two develop an uneasy truce: Snart will not reveal Barry's identity, will no longer kill innocent people, and stay away from Barry's friends in exchange for Barry not locking him away in the particle accelerator. The Reverse-Flash kills a local reporter and destroys evidence linking Dr. Wells to the death of Simon Stagg. The reporter's vanishing causes Barry to think Joe might be right about Dr. Wells.

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    ERA COP Education Research Association

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    Theresa J Morris has ERA COP as Education Research Association CommmunityOnline People on TJ Morris Radio Network. Thomas Becker, Tommy Hawksblood, Bill M Tracer, and Theresa J Morris Panel. TJ Morris ET Readings – Register on Paypal with email account TJMorrisET@gmail.com. TJ Morris dba ACIR-ACO-Tarot Readings and Educational Research Association (ERA) Community Online People (COP), ACO Ascension Center Organization, ACE as both Ace Folklife Historical Association and ACENonprofitInc.com. Fostering educational excellence in spiritual fellowship growth, education, and continued research for the communication of truth. To promote student achievement in preparation of global competitiveness in communication online practicing skills. We specialize in art, culture, education, and research. We provide a spiritual gathering place online for private and group counseling, classes, seminars, publications, video tapes, and media of spiritual education, research, in products and services. Classes, events, radio shows, seminars, are formed to discuss workshop materials, revelations, teachings, and experiences of transformation. Share healing love and light in a trusting environment continually supported in a spiritual journey path of enlightenment. A community online Internet spiritual educational self-growth, self-improvement, communication skills, speechcraft, and leadership abilities. Students and teachers for world peace. Donations are welcomed and accepted as we are set up as a nonprofit education and research organization called ACE Nonprofit Inc. for Art, Culture, Education and Research. Theresa Janette Thurmond, Monroe, Louisiana, USA, December 26, 1951 married, had four daughters all born in Texas. Became a private investigator, legal investigator, then worked for DOD, Ascension Center Psychic Network, USACDL-OTR 7 yrs, Newspaper Reporter, Author, Radio Host, Life Coach, Social Entrepreneur, Agent, Consultant, Organizer.

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    Gun Blazing Cop kills 7 year old girl

    in History

    Cop will not be charged for the murder of a 7 year old black girl during filming of a reality show.

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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!

    in Politics

    On this Friday’s edition of “Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!” we will have Kenneth Rogers of Kokomo, Indiana on. We will be talking about his open carry group "Open Carry Kokomo, Indiana" and what they have been doing and why. After that, we will have a cop block veteran on the show. Deo Odolecki from Cop Block who holds down the Greater Cleveland Cop Block. We will discuss some of the wild events that are going on in Ohio with police overreach and abuse. Deo is the man and knows a lot about police accountability. Later on, we will take phone calls all the last hour about anything on the topic of guns, open carry, police accountability or other political issue. We are going to rock the air waves this FRIDAY! 10pm Central time!

    Hit the LINK to join us in the chat room and listen on your computer


    Call on your phone to just listen or to speak to the Hosts and guests- (347) 857-4397

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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins

    in Politics

    Tonight is the launch of “Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!” on We Resisters Radio.

    We are excited to have Kory join us with his proven commitment to open unflinching activism.

    Kory Watkins, Super activist spawned during the Ron Paul campaign is now active in many different things. Ran for a small position in local county politics and won, taking 60% of the vote. Shortly after that he helped lead the Open Carry and Cop Watch movements in North Texas.

     Hundreds of people active with him and thousands of supporters behind him. Now bringing his activism to the air waves to help further educate and motivate others to join the movement.

    Join us in lively discussions of all things Liberty Activist.


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    The Rogue Show

    in MMA

    Ya we are back so lock up the kids and hide your wives. 

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