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    So, You Wanna Be a Rockstar?

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    Join Christopher Thomas and other Diabetic Rockstars for a bi-weekly chat on all things diabetes... and all things ROCKSTAR...

    The first "Rockstar Radio" show was hosted by Christopher Thomas. The show started slow as CT introduced himself and discussed some of Diabetic Rockstar's purposes, but it didn't take long for the Rockstar Attitude to take over.

    Roughly 15 minutes in the first caller, Mike, chimed in. CT and Mike discussed how Rockstar has been able to reach a lot of people with a positive message, and helped many new diabetics by offering a unique home.

    - Discussion with "landileigh", co-founder of The Diabetes Resource, a website that is a one-stop search shop for all diabetics and their needs

    - A classic Christopher Thomas rant regarding the complete lack of awareness regarding diabetes, and World Diabetes Month, along with the failure of organizations like the ADA and JDRF to work together.

    - Arnie Franks talking about the political aspects of the American Diabetes Association

    - A SPECIAL call-in from former Diabetic Rockstar Vice President Dr. Bentley Gubar, who joined CT and Arnie in discussing ways that the diabetes community may be able to force change in the larger representatives and pharma companies

    The first show is under our belts, and it only gets better from here... JOIN US on November 15, 2009, at 6PM eastern for the next "So You Wanna Be a Rockstar?" radio show, where we will be discussing the aftermath of World Diabetes Day

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    life as a rockstar

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    life as a bret michaels look alike. taking your calls, questions,and discussuions.

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    Intro to the Visioness & Go Passion Rockstar Interviews

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    Rockstars! We want you on our show! This show is going to be the intro to the Visioness & Go Passion Rockstar Interview series beginning July 31st. We are so excited to be interviewing men and women from around the world who make a difference every day. 
    Brian and I will talk about what we hope to achieve with this series and how it can help you be a stronger entrepreneur or better person in life. Blog talk radio has given me the strength to overcome my fear of speaking and for Brian Mauk, founder of Go Passion, it's his new public speaking platform. His dream is to be on on stage public speaker. 
    Love & Smiles
    Carla Wynn

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    Rockstar Spud & TNA Conference Call

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    TNA Superstar Rockstar Spud takes your questions and discusses the new season of British Boot Camp 2 set to air on Challenge in the UK and Ireland this Fall, and the One Night Only “X Division Xtravaganza” Pay-Per-View event available beginning Friday, Aug. 1!

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    Rockstar Radio -- Episode 5 "Happy New Year!"

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    Join Diabetic Rockstar president Christopher Thomas, Director of Marketing Arnie Franks and other Diabetic Rockstars for a bi-weekly show on all things diabetes... and all things ROCKSTAR.
    Episode 5 of Rockstar Radio will focus on New Years! The decade is OVER! What's your resolution?
    Episode 5 also will feature a special guest!
    Just some of the things you'll find on Rockstar Radio: In Depth, "REAL" questions/answers, discussions on managing diabetes, special guests, medical professionals, special Rockstar announcements, industry news... and quite possibly an off-the-wall tangent or two.
    The show is new. Diabetes is not.
    Diabetic Rockstar- Social Network. Charity. Revolution. So, You Wanna Be a Rockstar? --

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    Rockstar Radio: Valentines Day (Show #7)

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    Light the candles, pour your favorite beverage and cozy up next to the computer speakers...it's the Valentine's Day edition of Rockstar Radio!

    Join host Christopher Thomas (Diabetic Rockstar president) and co-host Arnie Franks for another exciting edition of the radio show that has everyone talking, both diabetics (Addicts) and non (Abnormals).

    We'd sit here and tell you a whole bunch of topics we have planned, but c'mon, you know by now the script gets tossed out the window on Rockstar Radio...

    Make sure to tune in Sunday night, February 14, for the show--and feel free to call-in and join the fun!


    ***PLEASE NOTE****
    This show's start time is 8 PM EASTERN, not 6 as usual

    We WILL have the Chat after at 9 PM Eastern

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    Rockstar Radio Episode #6 -- YoungStars Version!

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    The first Rockstar Radio, broadcast of 2010 was a special "YoungStars" episode, a show talking about diabetes and young people. Hosted by "Sugar Free Me" author Naomi Kingery, with co-hosts Christopher Thomas and Arnie Franks, the show touched on a variety of topics as the hour flew by.

    A few highlights
    (& some reasons you juuuust might want to listen in to a re-broadcast!)

    --Arnie and Chris discussing why you should not smoke (from first hand experience)
    --Naomi recounting her incredible diagnosis story, a tale of India, a coma and missionaries. Can't make that stuff up.
    --YoungStars plans for the future
    --Raising awareness of issues relating to young people, such as diabulemia

    Download the show by clicking the file below or visiting the show's website at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/diabetic-rockstar

    See you in TWO WEEKS at 6pm Eastern once again!

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    So, You Wanna Be a Rockstar? Ep. 2

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    Episode Summary

    The second Rockstar Radio show came the day after World Diabetes Day; the show covered a lot of topics relating to diabetes awareness and World Diabetes Day, and featured call-ins from DR Marketing Director Arnie Franks, Mentoring Director Michael Durbin, Brenda Bell and, in a surprise call, Christopher Thomas' very own mother!

    Show Highlights

    -- Christopher Thomas discussing what World Diabetes Day means to him, and how he spent the day

    -- A call from CT's mom, who wished him well... And gave him a little bit of grief over cursing on the internet. Chris responded with a brief discussion on his debilitating fear of clowns, blaming it on her!

    -- A passionate discussion on what the international community is doing differently than the US in spreading diabetes awareness and educating the public

    -- Trying to answer the basic question: What are we doing wrong with World Diabetes Day?

    Discussion Points:

    What does World Diabetes Day mean to you?

    How can we increase exposure for the Day?

    How can we better educate the public on the differences between the types of diabetes?

    Visit www.blogtalkradio.com/diabetic-rockstar OR click the file uploaded on DR and "Save As"


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    Rockstar Closer Radio: The Boiled Frog Theory

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    Crazy doesn't just show up at your doorstep one day with a butcher knife screaming at you.  Nope.  That's not how it works at all.  Crazy is sneaky as fuck.  It sneaks up on you little by little and before you know it, "FUCK!!!!! IT'S HERE - MAKE IT GO AWAY"


    Yep.  We all know it too well.  From crazy clients and business partners to crazy ex's.  Crazy rarely shows up to the party early.  


    This week I'm going to teach you a little something called "The Boiled Frog Theory" Simply put, you can place a frog in a luke warm pot of water and slowly raise the temperature, even all the way to a boiling death, the frog won't jump out.


    Psychologically the frog is committed to it's circumstance and it doesn't realize it's hot until it's too late.  Think about it; A lot of shit works like that here on Earth.  From selling to humans to boinging amphibians, we're gonna talk about it all on this one.  


    Make sure you share this on social media.

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    You Don’t have to Be a Rockstar to Succeed; Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

    in Self Help

    You Don’t have to Be a Rockstar to Succeed; The Fear of Putting Yourself "Out There"

    Alina and Craig  often hear this question from their EFT MBA business coaching students…"Do I really have to be a rock star to succeeded in my EFT practice?" Our answer will surprise you...tune in to find out how this common fear shows up in life and prevents you from having the thriving practice of your dreams.

    Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank are the hosts of EFT Mastering Business Acumen Radio, creators of the affiliated EFT MBA Practitioner Success Program. They are professional speakers, authors and EFT trainers for EFT Universe (EFTU), the Alternative Healthcare Provider (AHP) network and Matrix Reimprinting (MR). Further information can be found at EFTtappingtraining.com

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    Entrepreneur Rockstar Jay Abraham

    in Business

    Host Doug Atkin interviews Entrepreneur Rockstar Jay Abraham

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