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    The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away

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    Sharon Babineau- Professional Speaker, Author She is a decorated Canadian Armed Forces soldier, mountain climber, hockey player and volunteer. Her proudest accomplishment is the honour of being a mom. Sharon has been recognized for the important work she has done at home and in Africa and is the recipient of many awards including — "Volunteer of the Year", 'Heroine in the Home" and "Queen Elizabeth Il Diamond Jubilee Medal" and most recently the recipient of "YWCA Women of Distinction 2013" Sharon and her daughter's story (which she will share today) has been featured in print, radio, TV and featured on CBC's show "No Opportunity Wasted." hosted by Phil Keoghan (host of the Amazing Race) and Oprah Winfrey Network Canada — Life Story Project. Sharon is the author of her daughter's amazing story —"The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away" and contributing author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul — Family Caregiver", "Chicken Soup for the Soul — Hooked on Hockey", & Best Seller "Embrace Your Authentic Self". She is a founder of Maddie 's Everlasting Wish a charity started in her daughter's memory that works to empower youth to make a difference. Sharon is an advocate and speaker for youth, she has presented to over 30,000 students inwisSHARON Canada and the USA. She also keynotes at conferences and organizations.


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    It's Your Turn, Rockaway

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    Mark, Healey, the Managing Editor of the Wave and host of "Riding The Wave" will take calls this week on the podcast...

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    We Talk Holiday Wish Lists - For you HEALTH!

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    9 p.m. EST Wednesday Dec. 10
    (347) 994-1216

    This week on DDP Radio, Robert, Mike and Stacey talk about the holiday season and strategies we're using to make it a healthier one than last year!  We're smack in the middle of a time of year that includes plenty of festivities, extra food, longer to-do lists, and yes, sometimes some good-old fashioned family tension.

    The holidays don't always mean 100% happiness but they don't have to completely side-line you either.  It's possible to weather the tough emotions, stay the course with healthy eating, and not shop till you drop. And then there's the matter of the Holiday Wish List. A great strategy preferred by Terri Lange (The Godmother of DDPYOGA) is the idea of tailoring a list of goals for the month of December so January won't feel like such a square-one drag.

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    Angel Healing House - I Wish You Well No Matter What

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               In today's program, Candy Hough and her angelic family, The Posse of Angels share insights on how wishing someone well, not only at holiday time but all year round, does not have to be dependent on whether we align with a person, whether we agree with them or whether we even like them. We actually choose to wish someone well, more for ourselves than with the other person.

              Claire Candy Hough is a Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Practitioner, international radio host on Angel Healing House Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-healing-house,  Author of "Angels of Faith" http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/angels-of-faith-book/  and a Writer. She communicates directly with her angelic family, 'The Posse of Angels'. Through her international business Angel Healing House http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/  Claire Candy provides healing, empowerment and direction in a loving, honest and no-nonsense manner. Her clients receive very practical advice to positively and proactively transform their lives to peace, joy and self-love.

    Be Prepared to be Inspired, Enlightened and Uplifted!!!

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    Be Careful What You Wish For

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    Because of a technical glitch, we'll be trying this again.  We all have hopes and dreams but sometimes we ask and don't see that we get the answers to every request, just not always in the way we think we should get them.  Today we talk about how to ask and how to interpret what happens after we ask, pray or wish for something.  Are you willing to ask differently or interpret your life differently to get a different result?  It can be life changing in the best of ways to be open to looking at your life in a whole new way.  Join us live or enjoy the archive at your convenience.

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    The Best Gifts Every Artist Should Have on Their Holiday Wish List

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights ways to sell your art on-line. On today’s show Leslie is joined by AHA December co-host Margaret Sheldon. Join Leslie and Margaret as they review a list of the best gifts every artist should have on their holiday wish list! Don't miss out on this very inspiring show!

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    "Brooklyn's" Only Wish- Is To See Brooklyn NY on Candace UnScripted!

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    I happen to be at a Starbucks getting my regular coffee fix, when I met Jennifer, as we were talking she told me about how she came to believed in miracles when she gave birth to her daughter Brooklyn-Here's what she said-"My daughter Brooklyn, is  6 years old and was born with a rare Genetic Adrenal Disorder which is life threatening and causes her to have a compromised immune system. Simply put, her Pituitary and Adrenal Glands do not function. This causes her to often be sick and in the hospital. There is NO Cure for her condition but she takes medication and shots to keep her alive and healthy. Even after having many scary episodes which causes her life threatening side affects and a few times causing Full Cardiac Arrest, shes a very happy, extremely bright, determined little girl who doesn't have a real understanding of how serious her condition is. Thankfully she hasn't had any major episodes in the past two years and even on the days she's not well enough to go to school she is still determined to do her school work at home. I've started this campaign to make her ONE very simple dream come true while she is still well enough to travel. The one and only thing she's wanted to do in her life is to visit the city of Brooklyn and walk across The Brooklyn Bridge. In her innocent mind she truly thinks the city is named after HER and when I ask if she can have ANY wish in the world her answer is always the same... "Momma I want to go see My city and walk across My bridge." As a single mother of three beautiful children I decided to dedicate my life to them, their education and Brooklyn's health. It was an extreme financial sacrifice to make taking over Brooklyn's care 100% of the time as her Medical Case Manager and her nurse around the clock.All I want for my Daughter is to make this fairly simple dream come true for her.

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    Better than Before: Jane Wilkens Michael: Wish upon a Spa

    in Women

    Today on the Jane Wilkens Michael ....Show Better Than Before, Jane's guests are Nicole Romano Uribarri, renowned personal trainer, yoga teacher, dancer and fitness coach at Exhale mind and body spa, and Laura Benger, Exhale's National Spa Director. They will discuss the Fitness Retreat Weekend at the legendary Gurney's Montauk Resort and Sea Water Spa, along with sharing the latest wellness and beauty trends, tips and secrets for looking and feeling Better Than Before. David Moeckly, a Specialist Pharmacist in the Express Scripts Oncology Therapeutic Resource Center, will give advice and healthy living tips on what to do before, during and after a diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer.

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    Soul healing Miracles - I wish you a very peaceful Hollidays Season

    in Spirituality

    Soul healing Miracles RadioBlog Shows with master Peter Hudoba Spiritual teacher from Vancouver BC Canada

    Master Peter Hudoba is first Disciple and Worldwide Representative of Master Sha.
    He has dedicated his life to supporting Master Sha and the Divine mission, serving in any way the Divine chooses for him.

    Master Peter’s professional background is in university education as a highly successful teacher and researcher.

    As a Worldwide Representative of Master Sha and a Divine servant, vehicle and channel, Master Peter travels worldwide to teach and offer soul healing and enlightenment.

    Master Peter’s desire is to teach anyone to heal oneself and others and to help people to reach enlightenment.

    His book My Soul Enlightenment Journey with Master Sha, can be a model for transformation for any spiritual being.

    Master Peter is a lineage holder of one of oldest Daoist traditions in the world and leads special classes to most dedicated students of Dao.

    He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he offers public lectures and personal consultations.


    Master Peter’s Connections:

    My Facebook

    My Blog

    Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre Vancouver

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    Young Black Man--What's With the Death Wish? Just Asking!!! PT 1

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    In a follow up to an earlier broadcast, Dr. Williams pushes the question of the death wish that many of his young Black brothers have. He goes on to push the question, “Young Black man~ you claim that you love your mother—if that be so, why are you in a hurry to get shot to death and in due course have your mother view you in a casket????? Dr. Williams does not and will not judge anyone; he is merely asking the question. He will then give the answer—stay tuned and hear it! It will NOT be his opinion; it will be drawn from the WORD of GOD--Str8 and Uncut!!!!!!!!!!   

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    Candice Russell from American Idol aids Make a Wish Foundation

    in Lifestyle

    Singer-songwriter Candice Russell released her debut album, So Much More (Reflect Records), in 2013, which has led to a wide variety of requests from across the nation. But when Make-A-Wish Oregon contacted the American Idol (Season 11) alumni to help fulfill the wish of a young fan in her hometown of Portland, Candice immediately said yes.

    Seven year-old Baybeblue Campobasso always dreamed of starring in a music video, and thanks to Make-A-Wish Oregon, that dream has come true with the just-released music video for Candice Russell’s song, “So Much More” - which stars “Blue” and her family. Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/gYoCbV1eVNA.

    Blue, who is battling a severe neuromuscular disorder and relies on a wheelchair, loves watching music videos on YouTube and swaying to the rhythm, says her mom, Cyndy Ledoux, and the healing properties of music bring her joy.

    Candice has handled more than a few obstacles of her own. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with Graves' Disease, an immune system disorder similar to hyperthyroidism. She received treatment, but medications led to complications. And while she still deals with challenges as a result, she's determined not to let it hold her back. The songs on her debut album reflect major moments in her journey, which haven't always been easy. 

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