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    Literary Symposium - Robyn Peterman

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    Tonight's show features romance-comedy author Robyn Peterman. Her debut novel How Hard Can It Be? immediately captured audiences with its unique, zany characters and spawned a follow-up novella featuring Pirate Dave, the randy character who was the star of what should have been a career-ending romance (as featured within How Hard Can It Be?)
    Join us as we discuss Peterman's upcoming works, online presence, and how Pirate Dave is continuing to grace the online world with  his larger than life... persona.
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    Robyn Peterman - "How Hard Can It Be?"

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    Candi & Randy welcome author Robyn Peterman to the show to chat on her new book "How Hard Can It Be?"
    Based on a three minute pitch, Robyn secured her first book deal - a two-book deal - and has already had her first book  optioned as a movie.
    Listen in to hear how this debut author navigated her way through publishing offers to author success!  She, and her book, are very funny and entertaining.
    From Robyn's website: "What happens when an accountant decides to grab life by the horns and try something new? Apparently a pirate named Dave, a lot of pastel fleece, and blackmail—just to start with...
    "And only I could get arrested for a jewelry heist I didn’t commit—by a hunky cop whose handcuffs just might tempt me to sign up for a life of crime. Maybe I’ve found my calling after all..."
    How Hard Can It Be? is available on Amazon.com
    Check out more info on Robyn Peterman at her website.

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    The Robyn Paris Show

    in Film

    Join Jonathan Moody and co host/actress Morgan Tyler as they intervie actress turned filmmaker Robyn Paris about the film that made her a cult star The Room. As well as her new project, a mockumentary The Room Actors: Where are they now. Which you can help her out on Kickstarter with: 


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    Recording Artist Carly Robyn Green stops by #ConversationsLIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist Carly Robyn Green to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new project and the single WHAT LOVE IS ALL ABOUT.

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    Busting Myths Of Chronic Illness With Dr. Robyn Benson

    in Self Help

    Join Dr. Robyn Benson, for a powerful discussion on the myths that surround
    chronic illness that keep people scared, helpless and often frustrated while feeling there is no
    way out.  Imagine the cost of these beliefs. 

    Dr. Robyn will not hold anything back and will share the most valuable insights from
    her 22 year career treating patients (and as an author and speaker too)!

    In this exciting hour, you will gain:

    Confidence knowing there are potent tools you can use today to improve your health and wellbeing
    Assurance that it is possible to eliminate beliefs that have been holding you captive
    Clarity around the power of your choices 24/7 (from food, nutrient intake, movement and more)

    Peace of mind that you can still live your dreams and open yourself to greater possibilities in life
    Satisfaction knowing that your brain can be retrained for more vitality and pleasure
    An understanding of the  limitless pharmacopoeia of natural herbs/spices that help heal on a cellular level

    Stay online until the very end and Dr. Robyn will let you know about a life-enhancing program
    Breakthrough:  New Solutions for Chronic Health Challenges


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    Robyn Hessinger, Is Family Harmony Possible?

    in Self Help

    Families can be joyous, and also challenging, especially this time of year. Join Robyn Hessinger for this week’s Inspired Guidance radio show: Is Family Harmony Possible?

    The holidays are upon us, and for many, that means more time with family. For some, the relationships are joyous and loving. And for others, this can be a challenging time of year. Is it possible to have harmony in your family? Join Robyn for guidance, support and healing as she shares channeled messages and answers your questions about your family and relationships. This is your opportunity to receive free guidance. 646-200-3448.

    Robyn Hessinger is a gifted Intuitive, Medium, Angel Communicator, and Healer. She is also an Author, Speaker, Teacher and the founder of Inspired Guidance®. www.inspiredguidance.com

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    Milling About with Author Robyn Webb

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    Author Robyn Webb joins host Robin Milling to discuss her E-book 'The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide.' Inspired by her love of Paris and desire to live amongst the locals, Robyn crafted this how-to guide with detailed instructions on how to find the perfect Parisian apartment for your next visit to the city of lights.

    Robyn, who grew up in the hotel business as her parents worked for the famed Concord hotel was like Eloise of the Borscht Belt. A foodie, nutritionist and cookbook author, she changed to apartment renting in Paris for the excitement of cooking her own meals; even buying aluminum foil. She talks about some of the challenges she experienced the first time renting like getting the key into the front door! However she assures that rental agencies provide on-sight assistance when emergencies arise. Private listing services like Air B 'n' B come with a renter beware warning, as Robyn discusses the potential nightmare of being homeless on the streets of Paris when dealing with an owner.

    If you've never been to Paris and don't speak a word of French, don't fret as Robyn takes you through the process step by step so that you feel comfortable in your new surroundings without getting scammed!

    You can find Robyn's E-book at  Amazon




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    Robyn Hessinger, What is Going On?

    in Self Help

    "Help! I feel like I'm failing..." Have you felt this way recently? Has a friend or loved one come to you frustrated and out-of-sorts? Join Robyn Hessinger for this week’s Inspired Guidance radio show.

    You've been working on something - a relationship, finding a new job, changing careers, manifesting abundance - and it's just not happening. You keep trying, but nothing seems to be coming together, and it feels like you are failing. What is really going on? Join Robyn for clarity, guidance and support as she shares channeled messages and answers your most important questions. This is your opportunity to receive free intuitive guidance and answers! 646-200-3448.

    Robyn Hessinger is a gifted Intuitive, Medium, Angel Communicator, and Healer. She is also an Author, Speaker, Teacher and the founder of Inspired Guidance®. www.inspiredguidance.com

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    Robyn Hessinger, Moving through Grief and Loss

    in Self Help

    Are you struggling with grief and loss? Are you having trouble finding peace or moving forward? Robyn Hessinger for this week’s Inspired Guidance radio show: Moving through Grief and Loss. 

    Loss is often the most painful thing we experience as a human being. The death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or even the loss of a job can send us to a place of despair and hopelessness. What do our guides and angels want us to know during these times of grief and sadness? Join Robyn for comfort, support and healing as she shares channeled messages and answers your questions about your own grief and loss. This is your opportunity to receive free guidance and healing. 646-200-3448.

    Robyn Hessinger is a gifted Intuitive, Medium, Angel Communicator, and Healer. She is also an Author, Speaker, Teacher and the founder of Inspired Guidance®. www.inspiredguidance.com

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    Interview with Robyn Ottolini

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    Robyn Ottolini is a singer-songwriter who has been immersed in the magic of music since the age of 3. In her home town of Uxbridge, Ontario, she is known for singing throughout the halls of her high school. "Without looking, teachers know it’s me when I get into class," Robyn says with a smile. She remembers coming up with melodic ideas as early as ten years old and wanting to write songs. Piano lessons weren’t enough to satisfy Robyn’s musical interests, playing flute in the school band helped but, it was the introduction of the guitar where Robyn found her writing partner. Her earliest songs were written with her grandfather’s Harmony guitar from the 1950s.

    "I write songs about what I’m feeling and what’s happening in my life," she explains.

    Robyn has a fascination with the ocean. She believes ‘what you see on the surface is different than what is underneath.’ Her lyrics reflect her unique view of the world around her. She writes songs with a seasoned eloquence beyond her young age.

    When the opportunity to sing on demos for a local recording studio presented itself, Robyn jumped right in. Her original songs caught the producer’s attention. "It was Robyn’s unique vocal tone and the strength of her songwriting that impressed us" says her producers.

    Robyn's latest single - written by her & MIke Leaver - is the title track from her album Fairytales and Open Doors. 

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    Cleveland Inspirations feat. Robyn Hill

    in Family

    Have you ever been dealing with an issue and needed somebody to talk to?  You feel like you may need to talk to a counselor, but you're skeptical of whether they can really address your issue. Tune in as Mr. Yancey is joined live in the studio by Robyn Hill, Owner/Therapist at Robyn C. Hill Counseling and Professional Development Services and Executive Director at Virtue Inc. for Women. They will discuss Robyn's new book A Healing Conversation: Beginning Steps to Dealing with a Painful Past. You can call in with your questions and comments at (914)338-0665. You can also see Robyn Hill live in the studio on UStream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/who-has-the-power-radio-network .

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