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    Vòng Quanh Thế Giới 9.6.13

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    Chuong trinh hom nay: Ve hanh trinh tour di Dai Han - Nhat Ban mua thu voi su huong dan cua nha bao Do Thong Minh, len duong tu ngay 23 Oct - Nov 03, 2013.  Nhung hanh trinh tour di trong mua thu va dip cuoi nam 2013 cung nhu mua xuan va mua he nam 2014 ma AV Travel bat dau gioi thieu toi khach hang va quy vi thinh gia tren trang nha cua AV Travel. 
    Nha bao Do Thong Minh gioi thieu ve co do Nara, Nhat Ban. Tim ve kinh thanh Roma qua nhung hanh trinh tour di Tay Au voi AV Travel de nghe "cau be"

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    Torna a Surriento - Trở Về Mái Nhà Xưa

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    Robertino Loretti was born 22 October 1946 in Rome, Italy into a family of eight children. At the age of 10, Loretti delivered bakery products to local restaurants to help his family make ends meet. He was discovered and soughtafter when he performed at  wedding reception in his home town. 
    Loretti began his professional singing career at  Cafe Grand Italia  where Neapolitan actor, Toto, and a Danish TV producer, Volmer Sorensen, noticed his talent and  introduced him to the Danish TV audience. He became famous and sold milions of records.
    As Loretti reached adulthood, his voice changed and his singing career also took a different path.  He was no longer a young lad with a beautiful voice in the eyes of his fans but Loretti continued his singing career as he traveled through Europe, the US and Russia and appeared in concerts.  His popularity, however, diminished as a baritone performer. 
     Loretti was exceptionally popular in Russia and embraced by the circle of Russian singers - Muslim Magomayev, Tamara Sinyavskaya, and Joseph Kobzon. The Russian Cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova, made a special request  to have Robertino's records played before her space mission....more  www.avtravel.org

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