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    Are You REALLY Listening?

    in Youth

    For Effective Communications Month, teen hosts Robert, Ayana, Dylan, and Kaitlyn talk about our pal AL, or active listening. They also discuss when it's important to listen and avoid giving advice, and when we need to speak up to effectively communicate. Our guest is Laurie Best, Coordinator of Community and Volunteer Relations at Contact Community Services.

    If you need someone to listen to you, you can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or chat online at their website between the hours of 2 PM and 2 AM Eastern.

    Teen Talk is supported in part by Audible. Visit audibletrial.com/teentalkcny to start your 30-day trial and benefit Teen Talk.

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    Robert Mark Live On People Get Ready Group

    in Current Events

    Roberts Rant Tonight, News And Current New Information Will Be To Brought To Light Your Way To Truth!

    Please Call In With Your Topic Any Time Tohight.

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    Kellogg's Komments - QB Controversies and Promises

    in Sports

    Analysis! Interviews! Commentary! Join Greg Kellogg and special guests as they talk about everything from the absurd to the zany in this weekly football gabfest!  Join Wally Spurlin and Greg Kellogg as they talk about the NFL!

    Wally and Greg look at potential QB Controversies and Promises in tonight's show.  Specifically we will focus on the QB situations in:





    Tampa Bay




    Call-in Number: (347) 826-9620

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    Meet wise-cracking attorney Jack MacTaggart, hero in Chuck Greaves books

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes author Chuck Greaves.  Chuck's debut novel Hush Money , the first installment in the Jack MacTaggart series of legal mysteries, won the SouthWest Writers’ International Writing Contest and was named a finalist for numerous national honors including the Rocky Award from Left-Coast Crime, the Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, and the Audie Award for Best Mystery Audiobook of 2012.  In 2013, Jack returned in Green-Eyed Lady, which #1 New York Times bestselling author Douglas Preston called “the wickedest read of the year.” Chuck’s second novel Hard Twisted (Bloomsbury), a work of literary fiction based on a Depression-era true crime, was called a “taut and intriguing thriller” (London Sunday Times) and a “gritty, gripping read” (Los Angeles Times), and was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award in Fiction. His new release is The Last Heir. http://www.chuckgreaves.com.

    Thank you to corporate sponsors Michael Lowndes and PML Media.Inc. One the web at http://pmlmedia.com. Thank you to author/composer Robert Gregory Browne for our theme music. On the web at http://robertgregorybrowne.com.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. On the web at http://authorsontheair.com or on Twitter @authorsontheair. 


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    Heal NOW, find out how with Ed Strachar part 2

    in Health

    We Welcome Mr. Ed Strachar ( STRAY—CHAR as in Charcoal) A fascinatingly Powerful New Healer, now 53 and just realizing his power in the last 2 years. Ed heal multiple people over the internet and phone. His powerful energy can be felt at any distance. This guy however, is no “new age sissy” to use his own words. Born in the Bronx, educated as a mathematician (Electrical Engineer) and a former born again Christian, Ed was quite perplexed whom after 10 years of trouble, his devout Christian Pastors as well as many other healers could not remove the evil and demons that were plaguing him.     He does not fit the typical tree hugger mold of most healers. He has taught at West Point and the US Air Force Academy and Invented an Electronic Chip used in Aerospace. He also has trained many of the fastest Readers in the World and Created the Reading Genius program. Now, in Worldwide demand, we are fortunate to have him on our show where he will do a healing on the air for you to feel and experience.. So stay tuned

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    Cosmic Truth - Janine Regan-Sinclair interviews Dr Joseph Gallenberger Ph.D.

    in Spirituality

    Dr Joseph Gallenberger Ph.D.

    Dr. Joseph Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with thirty years’ experience as a therapist. In 1992 be began to investigate psychokinesis (PK) which is the ability to influence matter through non-physical means. PK can be used to illuminate light bulbs, bend metal and plastic,  sprout seeds in your hand,  influence computers, dice and slot machines, and create healing and abundance -  all just using the power of your mind.

    After achieving powerful PK results at a university laboratory, and enhancing his methods, Dr. Gallenberger began to teach this skill to groups. He has used his discoveries to host over sixty Inner Vegas Adventures™ where participants journey deeply into personal power. His students achieve dramatic physical and psychological healing, strong influence over dice and slot machines, and many marvelous manifestations in their lives.

    He is a senior facilitator at The Monroe Institute. Robert Monroe, who founded the Institute, was a pioneer in exploring human consciousness for many decades. Gallenberger trains a spectrum of Monroe programs and developed the Institute’s highly successful MC² program which teaches psychokinesis, healing, and manifestation.

    A dynamic, heart-driven speaker, Gallenberger is in demand internationally as a workshop presenter on topics such as psychokinesis, healing, and manifestation. His latest book Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health is receiving rave reviews. The book takes us on a wild ride into world of psychokinesis where mind, energized by the heart, influences matter. Inner Vegas will surprise you as it reveals what is possible when we apply intention and heart-centered energy to mold reality to our desires, and it will show you how to tame the dragons that you may encounter along the way.


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    Live At The Oasis: Soulfilled Monday

    in Music

    Felt like getting something smooth today, enjoy.

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    #ChatAutism with Our Non-toxic Sleep Expert, Bob Rasmussen

    in Caregiving

    Robert (Bob) Rasmussen is taking your non-toxic sleep questions live! Bob will be taking over the Generation Rescue Facebook page, answering all of your questions on optimizing your sleep, toxin-free with intelliBED! 

    Whether you want advice on how to reach the healing levels of sleep or you're looking for a great non-toxic mattress, Bob Rasmussen is here to #ChatAutism with you! 

    Bob Rasmussen is the CEO of IntelliBED. IntelliBED is a gel foam designed for mattresses. They are made to withold the body weitght and structure of the human form, alllowing for a lengthier use of time concernig wear and tear of a regular matress. Such matresses are designed for those who have back pain, fibromyalgia, and other sleeping disorders. IntelliBED is one of the most durable and non toxic cushions ever intvented. 

    Just head over to our Facebook page on June 19th, at 2:00 PM pacific / 5:00 PM eastern and leave your question in a comment for Bob to answer. 

    Can't wait to #ChatAutism with you! 

    To learn more about Bob Rasmussen and IntelliBED, visit intellibed.com or our event's page. 

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    Spotlight w/Najmah53, Straight Up w/ Thomas Abdul Salaam

    in Religion

    Spotlight w/Najmah53, Straight Up w/ Thomas Abdul Salaam
    1st HOUR: Spotlight is with Najmah53 Radio Personality, Promotional genius, spoken word artist, known for her honesty & bluntness. She spits honest truth, from her heart. She is about strengthening the Sisterhood & spreading her positive message to all who hear it. najmah53isspeaking@gmail.com
    2nd & 3rd HOUR: Straight Up with Thomas Abdul-Salaam aka Twin Servant of Peace is an open meeting of Muslims concerned with establishing community life with the vision of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed's New Africa as as we look forward to creating more social events, institution, and family orient project to meet the needs of the Islamic community.  Topics such as leadership, identity, social programs, youth, schools, health care and more as a starting point.  We are  planning a general gathering for the summer of 2013 in a working session to share our collective vision.  Every one is invite to participate on the raidio as well as attend the upcoming meeting.  Listen weekly for more details.

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    Attract Your Soul-Mate with the Law of Attraction #2

    in Spirituality

    This podcast continues part one on how to attract your Soul Mate with the Law of Attraction.  Robert Zink, the Mentor of Light shares some of his esoteric knowledge on how to increase your magetic power and thus attract your Soul-Mate.

    This particular podcast will have reference to an article, which provide meditational skills necessary to make this system work.  You Soul-Mate is waiting for you.  Perhap you have had dreams about your Soul-Mate, now is the time to attract your Soul-Mate and live the love and life you were called to enjoy.







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    CRAFT: An Alternative to Intervention with Dr. Nicole Kosanke

    in Relationships

    In today's episode of GUC we welcome back to the show, Dr. Nicole Kosanke the director of family services at the Center for Motivation and Change.

    Previously, Dr. Kosanke was on the show to talk about the book she co-authored titled, Beyond Addiction: How Science And Kindness Help People Change. You can listen to that episode by clicking here.

    Today Dr. Kosanke is back with us to discuss CRAFT, an alternative intervention method which teaches families how to encourage the substance user, in their life, to reduce use and enter treatment. 

    Dr. Nicole Kosanke is director of family services at CMC where she specializes in working with family members of people abusing substances. In 2008 Dr. Kosanke was featured in an O, The Oprah Magazine article about her client's experience in treatment at CMC, which was later published in O's Big Book of Happiness: The Best of O.

    Connect with Dr. Kosanke on Twitter.