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    Star Trek: The Motion Picture directed by Robert Wise (The Day The Earth Stood Still) blasted into movie theaters in 1979. There are parallels to J.J. Abram's current big box office hit. Star Trek hadn't had much attention for years and the movie had a huge budget, all star cast and a huge marketing launch. We discuss the origins of the movie from the aborted TV show Phase II, why Paramount almost launched a TV network back in the 1970's and much more.

  • Frissito (Refreshment)

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    Oktoberi Tema: Hamarosan

    Hangolodjatok rank, es frissuljetek fel az Awakening Zone WebRadio magyar nyelvu adasaban! Havi temank az elmult honap Crimson Circle esemenyeirol beszamolo: Ahmyo elvonulas es a szloveniai Tudatossag Megnyitasa hetvege.

    Amennyiben a BlogTalkRadio-n hallgatnak, szeretettel meghivjuk az Awakening Zone-ra (link), ahol chat-et es tobb hasonlo radioadast talal.

    Musorvezetok: Thomazy Timea és Gulyas Robert

    Idopont: 2014. oktober 27. KEDD 19:00 ora.

    Vendeg: betelefonalo hallgatok (skype: azfrissito)

    Ajánló: Havi rendszeressegu, magyar nyelvu Radio Show mindenki szamara, aki szeretne egy uj es masmilyen Radiot hallani az Uj Energia perspektivajabol.

    Termeszetesen a radioba be is lehet telefonalni es kerdeseket is lehet feltenni az epp aktualis temaval kapcsolatban, vagy akar a radioadas kozben mukodo chat-szobaban is kerdezhet barki.
    Short English description: It is a hungarian monthly radio show presenting from the New Energy Perspective.

    Hosted by Timea Thomazy & Robert Gulyas, every last Tuesday of the month @ 7pm Hungarian Time; 12pm (Central USA GMT-6:00)

    Language: Hungarian

    Music (license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US):


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    Three-Time Emmy Winner Bill McCloud Host Week-4, Living on Higher Ground Teleseminar

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    Just when you thought you'd heard everything there was to hear about overcoming setbacks, along comes an expert versed in amazing comebacks. Five-time nominated, Three-time Emmy Winner, Bill McCloud is week-4 guest host of the FREE 4-week, Living on Higher Ground teleseminar. Bill is author of the highly acclaimed book, Setbacks Create Comebacks, he worked over 20 years in the broadcasting industry as an award winning cinematographer for shows such as Benson with Robert Guillaume and Wide World of Sports. During this episode I will discuss Bill's remarkable career and how he is going to show you how to effectively navigate these challenging economic times and prosper. Register for the Saturday, August 8, 10 AM, EDT teleseminar session at: http://livingonhigherground.eventbrite.com

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    Unconditional Happiness & The Mysteries of Psychic Experiences Unveiled

    in Spirituality

    First Hour
    Robert Mack
    Unconditional Happiness
    Rob has been many things in his life: a valet, a movie theater cashier and usher, a furniture mover, a professional model and actor, a janitor, jobless, a consultant, and more. Now he writes and speaks to people about ways to live happier, healthier, and wealthier existences. He also serves as the Resident Life Coach at Miami Life Center at South Beach.

    Second Hour
    Dr. Rita Louise
    The Mysteries of Psychic Experiences Unveiled
    Each of us has had at least one experience where we knew something was true but could not explain how we knew it. Maybe you knew who was on the phone before you picked it up or you followed a gut feeling, which turned out to be right. Yet most of us have not been taught how to access and use our most creative and powerful ability - our psychic ability. Loaded with down to earth examples of ordinary people having psychic experiences, this lecture reveals how you may already be using your psychic abilities on a daily basis. Dr. Louise demystifies the concept of being psychic, dispelling the notion that being psychic is something one can only be born with.

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    Dr. Deanna Davis - Author, The Law of Attraction in Action

    in Self Help

    Dr. Davis will share how to live with intention and how to put the law of attraction in action

  • SITM: NBC Sports' Keith Arnold on Notre Dame-Michigan Matchup; NFL Fantasy Notes

    in Sports

    The www.a2iwheelandtire.com / @a2iwheels guestline presents NBC Sports’ Keith Arnold (also of Bleacher Report) during Thursday’s Sports in the Mitten Michigan-Notre Dame preview special.

    Arnold goes in-depth, discussing roster moves, strengths and weaknesses of coach Brian Kelly’s Irish, and personnel matchups. Conversely, Adam Biggers does the same for Michigan. Don’t miss the 45-minute discussion with the Notre Dame insider. It could be the last Irish-Wolverines pre-football-game talk in a long, long time.

    Breaking: ND announces home-and-home series with Ohio State in 2022 and 2023. Great timing, right?

    Also, John Gustin updates us with his #fantasyfootball thoughts presented by FanDuel, telling us why he wouldn’t draft Eli Manning and why he absolutely loves Denver’s offense. He talks Lions vs. Giants, who play Monday night at Ford Field—he’ll be there and report back on the Sports in the Mitten blog with written and audio content.

    Take $1 from your account to start a new one. Join FanDuel.com’s exciting weekly #fantasyfootball leagues and win BIG money. Use the promo code “SITM” to get started. FanDuel will match listeners up to $200.

    Let Adam and Roman’s team of pros at A2i Wheel and Tire in Holt, Mich. take care of your car’s needs with award-winning service and expertise. Call (517) 214-1044 or visit on the Web at www.a2iwheelandtire.com or follow on Twitter


    Follow Sports in the Mitten @SITMBigAndKid

    Follow Adam Biggers @AdamBiggers81

    Follow John Gustin @JGustin113

    Follow Keith Arnold @KeithArnold

    Follow Fan Duel @FanDuel


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    Shark Week Edition

    in Politics

    Ben Goodman moderates the Fastest Hour in Political Talk! Interesting guests, exciting topics, and the panel that comes to play: Robert Burack, Matt Cavedon, and Bob Bowen.

    We're also joined by guest panelist Pete Christopher, co-host of "Drive Time with Benny and the Jet" on WMEB 91.9FM in Bangor, Maine.

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    The Dog Doctor - Furry Scurry Live Remote

    in Pets

    This week's show will come to you LIVE from the Annual Furry Scurry to benefit The Denver Dumb Friends League. Join us at Denver's Washington Park at 9AM Saturday, May 2nd. You could win an iPod Shuffle! The Dog Doctor is hosted by well respected canine behaviorist Dr. Robert Forto and is presented by Denver Dog Works in Colorado. Dr. Forto has 19 years experience in helping dogs with behavior problems and their human families and his work with service dogs and as a professional dog musher. The Dog Doctor show will demonstrate through guests, call-ins and discussion the ways to establish a balanced relationship with their dogs in canine training and sports and working dogs.

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    08/04/2009 - On Point wEJ

    in Legal

    Special Guests:

    Tonya Parker(Candidate for 116th Civil District Court), Judge Cass Callaway (Municipal Judge and Candidate for Dallas County Criminal Court of Appeals #1), Judge Tena Callahan (302nd Family District Court), Chris Wilmoth (Candidate for Dallas County Probate Court 2), Judge Robert Burns (Texas Criminal District Court 1), and Judge Lennox Bower (County Criminal Court 2).

    Don't Miss This Show!

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    POZIAM - Tom Donohue - Who's Positive

    in Health

    Tom Donohue, thirty year old, son, brother and uncle of three, is the founder director of Who's Positive; a group of individuals infected, affected, sharing real stories about real people with a real commitment to humanizing HIV through firsthand accounts of young adults living with HIV. Since finding out about his own HIV-positive status in October 2003, Tom has dedicated his life to providing opportunity and encouraging HIV testing and raising awareness, a of HIV and its consequences in his peers.

    Tom has served as part of the commission for LGBTA Equity at Penn State; was the director of the Pennsylvania State AIDS Watch from 2003 to 2005; and was a co-coordinator for the Nor-Easter caravan of the Campaign to End AIDS. For World AIDS Day 2004, Tom was featured on MTV's Jumbotron in New York's Times Square as one of fifty notable HIV/AIDS activists in the world. Tom also served on the board of directors for the North Central District AIDS Coalition in central Pennsylvania and has advocated at the State Capitol of Pennsylvania and the nation’s capitol on various occasions.

    Tom has spoken to many schools across the country. He was the keynote speaker for the Congressional Global Youth Leadership Conference, he’s been featured in various books and national media outlets such as CNN, NBC News, LOGO and Network. Tom is also a published writer writing articles for publications such as The Advocate and the Global Health Council’s AIDS Link.

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    The Christian's Guide to God's Law of Attraction

    in Self Help

    Join Constance and her guest James Patrick Watson, Author, Life Coach and Public Speaker as he shares about what the Bible says about the Law of Attraction. Did Jesus use the Law of Attraction, what the law of attraction is and how to use it, how he manifested 5 big goals in his own personal life using the Law of Attraction and what are simple steps that you can begin using today in your own life to create the life of your dreams.



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    Piper Laurie, Robert Osborne at Port Townsend Film Festival

    in Movies

    Joanna interviews Peter Simpson, Artistic Director of the 9th Annual Port Townsend Film Festival in Washington. Peter was part of the organizing committee of film lovers who decided to form their own film festival modeled after the popular Telluride, CO festival. In 1999, Rocky Friedman, a highly respected local film lover who restored and operates Washington’s only remaining nickelodeon, was joined by Jim Ewing, Jim Westall, Linda Marie Yakush, a five-person operating committee – that included Peter – and more than 200 volunteers to form the Port Townsend Film Festival, a grand community effort that celebrates great films and filmmakers.

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