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    Daily Gogetemism #203 Rats And Roaches

    in Lifestyle

    This is a show about people. People who are always telling on people and people that you can't seem to make go away.

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    This time around we'll be talking about the various types of feeder roaches, how to rear them,  and the benefits and disadvantages.  If we have time we'll go into question mark and domino roaches just because I think their nifty.

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    24. The Other Herpcast Discusses Feeder Roaches with Aaron Pauling

    in Hobbies

    Feeding insects is a barrier for many herpetoculturists interested in working with any one of the amazing insectivorous reptile and amphibian species.  Crickets have been the solution for most hobbyists but they are not a valid option for all keepers.  Alternatively, feeder roaches and isopods are a great choice of prey for many herp species.  These insects may be used as the primary feeder or fed with crickets to provide variety.  Aaron Pauling (www.aaronpauling.com) is going to help us cover the basic attributes and care requirements of these often misunderstood feeder insects.  The goal is, of course, to encourage hobbyists to enter into the realm of the “other” species.    

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    No... White People Are Not Afraid Of Black People.

    in Entertainment

    No... White people are not afraid od black people. 


    Man hids loaded gun up his butt. 

    Fox ignores Amtrak to learn how to make money off of lawsuit. 
    Baltimore gets rid of school money to build youth jail. 

    Veteran murdered in jail by cops. 

    Sandy Rios blames train crash on the gay folks. 

    meanwhile in Florida, white bar owner holds black couple at gun point. 

    Cops rape passed out woman because... they're cops. 

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    The Wonderful World Of Roaches

    in Pets

    Tonight's show is about the best feeder insect out there. I'll be talking with Cindy Bensaid about all aspects of caring for and breeding Roaches. So come chek it out. I've been wanting to do this show for a while now. So don't miss what should be a great show.

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    g0tDr0 radio

    in Music

    new music in news local and international songs include: cubicle, cold, roaches, and crazy

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    Oscar "WHITE", Sunset Bummer, New Jersey

    in Radio

    Academy president insists she is 'committed to diversity' after Oscars race storm over all-white acting nominees 

    So that's why the juice 'tasted funny': The moldy food, brown water and roaches of Florida's revolting 'high school of horror' 

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2914646/Moldy-food-brown-water-roaches-Students-reveal-disgusting-conditions-inside-Florida-high-school-horror.html#ixzz3P8Df3qdN
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    Newborn baby dies after mother 'douses it in flammable liquid and sets it on fire in the middle of a road'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2914684/Newborn-baby-dies-woman-douses-flammable-liquid-sets-fire-middle-road.html#ixzz3P8Dmenzl

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    Vetting potential political candidates: Why? Is it really important? Etc.

    in Politics Conservative

    It is hard to believe, but no sooner the 2014 Midterm Election  was over potential candidates for the next election cycle began coming out of the woodwork (some people would add like cock-roaches).

    A couple of weeks before the November 4th election, someone asked me did I believe "vetting" possible candidates was a necessary ordeal? I quickly replied, "Oh, yes!" and promised to explain my believe in detail after the election. Today is that day.

    Many people feel vetting is not needed and is in fact invasion of one's privacy. Others, like me, believe it is imperative to vett those "interested in running" for office.

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" with us this morning as we explore the the need, the process, possible questions and more about Vetting Political Candidates. Ask your questions and make your comments by joining in the convesation via chat room or by calling in live at 855-236-2486.

    See you at 8AM-10AM EST.


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    Bugs as Medicine

    in Health

    Roaches, scorpions, and wasps...Oh, My!  Bugs have been a source of herbal medicine for thousands of years.  But, they are also a source of delicious chow found in restaurants and street markets around the world.  So, let's clear some internal phelgm and invigorate stagnant blood with a few crawling friends.

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    Just Another Brick In The Wall with Host Kiler Davenport

    in Culture

    please anyone of you tell me what we are getting done here. I want all of you to really think about this and give me an answer. what are you doing that you can report that is above and beyond this bull shit here on fake book. how is this helping anyone or anything. its the same shit day in and day out. the same immature rants, the same empty post that go not one place that will save lives or create shelter for the millions that are homeless or the millions that are starving. it will not rid us of this rotten government that we have brought forth. it will not stop these complete airheads from multiplying like roaches. what will it take for you all to start having an adult conversation concerning this complex matrix.

    our show tonight will cover all of these things and so much more. we need to force ourselves from this complacency. we must open the gates of wisdom and have a very different conversation than we are having. things are not getting done, the children are not going to be safe, secure and healthy in this place. we have dropped the ball, we have failed. of course most of you would rather not talk about these things especially with Xmas coming up and the new year. and all of the other clueless empty lame air headed bull shit that consumes you and yours. we are in a big shit hole, we are drowning in foolishness and stupidity. we are having these very important conversations here at the station and we are talking to others around the world who really get this. what will be your next post, how will it change the course of this massive river. how will it stop this train that is moving so fast with no brakes. how will it make your life and the lives of those around you better, safer and more secure.

    we encourage all of you to tune in and listen or come on air and tell me what your feelings are on these matters.

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    Cowboys Got Their Assets Kicked- Time To Regroup

    in Sports

    When is a three point, overtime defeat a butt-whooping? When a talented team like the Dallas Cowboys get defeated by their arch-rivals. Cue the roaches! All the naysayers and haters have risen from the dead!

    KD Drummond and his crew of experts take on the Dallas loss to the Washington team, and break down everything that broke down. They spin it forward to see how the team bounces back against the first place Arizona Cardinals this coming Sunday. Another DeMarco Murray fumble keeps points off the board, while the coaching staff and Tony Romo fail to adjust to Jim Haslett's blitzing nature. To top it off, the defense fell down and couldn't get up.

    Blogging The Boys' Joey Ickes drops in along with co-hosts Keith Mullins, Patrik Walker and Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher to drop knowledge on the masses.

    Join us on Crunchtime as we bring real sports talk radio to your podcatcher. Let's work!