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    Holly Stephey & RJ Comer new solo career & The Dance Hall Pimps!

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    RJ’s a city boy with swamp water in his veins, a profound disappointment to his parents, and the banjo-wielding front man of the blues rock show band Dance Hall Pimps. RJ’s Americana solo project fuses moody dark troubadour, classic smoky jazz, blues, and rock—taking him back to the days of playing music in bad places and sometimes fighting his way out of there. His unconventional use of plectrum banjo caught the attention of Deering Banjo Company, which included him among Deering’s sponsored artists.In 2009, RJ launched his first band the Dance Hall Pimps, who were quickly approached by two record labels. In 2012, the Dance Hall Pimps released their debut LP, Beast for Love, on Lakeshore Records. RJ and the Dance Hall Pimps recently released their second LP The Dead Don’t Walk—which dropped November 5, 2013 (Growling Moon Records).John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard) asked RJ to write the title track to his horror/comedy “SMOTHERED”. Six Dance Hall Pimps tracks are also on the soundtrack.RJ is currently working on his solo album, due out in 2014. There’s talk of him going to New Orleans to make the record.

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    The Malliard Report hosted by Jim Malliard has joined Take 2 Radio as a special host to talk about all things paranormal and more! Listen to his shows every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7pm EST.

    Fashion with Authors over looked?
    Metaphyics in the daily grind
    Which project do you call your baby?
    Youtube vs podcasting
    and finally facebook vs twitter
    pre interview release
    Do Paranormal Phenomena Exist? Mention the existence of paranormal creatures, mind reading, premonitions and other supposed mysteries of the paranormal, and most scientists will say there are no such things. However, polls show about half of Americans believe in paranormal phenomena.
    While scientists and Americans are divided over paranormal phenomena, there’s a phenomena sure to unite believers and non-believers alike. 21-year-old multilingual CEO, award-winning science fiction and fantasy genre novelist RJ Tolson‘s enterprise, Burst Out, and fellow millennial standout and fashionista Francis Maxwell’s, Preparation Fashion, are joining forces to empower writers, authors and other artists within literary industry. Want to learn more about this Phenomena and multilingual millennial RJ Tolson’s ever expanding ventures? Pennsylvania’s renowned paranormal radio talk show host, Jim Malliard of ‘The Malliard Report”, speaks with RJ Tolson about his path to success, published works and upcoming business venture with Francis Maxwell, a producer and host with the world’s largest online news network, The Young Turks.

    RJ Tolson’s award-winning Chaos Chronicles Book 1: Zephyr The West Wind can be purchased on Amazon and Itunes.Apple.com.

    RJ Tolson’s self-improvement book, Project Limitless Volume I: The Success Initiative, is available on Amazon.


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    The BYGP Locker Room Show (RJ Jones)

    in Football

    Join us, in the BYGP Locker Room, to hear from former JC All-American cornerback and Missouri Tiger, RJ Jones! There is definitely steps that need to be taken to be considered a divison 1A college prospect. In this episode RJ is going to share amazin advice for aspiring college student-athletes, who want to be successful on and off-the-field.

    Mr. Jones, is currently teaching at a very well-known charter high school in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a very unique perspective of what today's needs are for young kids. This is a can't miss show, for anyone who wants to go to the next level. Let's go!


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    Holly Stephey and RJ Comer" Porch Songs"

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    RJ Comer is a classically trained singer and composer .  Now he’s the banjo-wielding front man and primary songwriter of the roots rock show band, Dance Hall Pimps , & is branching out with an acoustic Americana solo project "Porch Songs"..  As a signed recording artist, singer, songwriter, and lyricist RJ’s music is fueled by a strong belief that there will always be an audience for good songs in the great Mid-Twentieth Century American musical genres as well as for contemporary songs inspired by that material. In 2009, RJ launched his first band the Dance Hall Pimps. In 2012, the Dance Hall Pimps released their debut LP, Beast for Love.  RJ wrote & co-wrote 8 of the 10 original songs on the debut LP, including the rockabilly single “Mommy Was A Zombie” and the big band/New Orleans throw-back and title cut “Beast For Love”.  RJ’s fusion of classic Dixieland jazz, bluegrass, and rock & roll styles on plectrum banjo caught the attention of Deering Banjo Company who have included him among Deering’s sponsored artists.  RJ and the Dance Hall Pimps are currently recording their follow-up to Beast For Love.With the Dance Hall Pimps, RJ is a physical showman and singer, belting out their songs above the band’s drums, guitars, organ, and horn section.  But RJ gets to explore his a quieter side on his solo Porch Songs project an acoustic mash-up of New Orleans jazz, country, soft ballads, Americana, swamp, blues, and acoustic rock.  With the Porch Songs project, RJ shows his softer side on acoustic Americana ballads .In addition to the recently-released first installment of six Porch Songs, RJ will go back in the studio and record traditional blues, country, acoustic rock & some covers for the next set of Porch Songs.  RJ will again return to his family’s music on a forthcoming jazz collaboration with DHP saxophonist, Steve Carr. 

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    Actor RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad & Switched at Birth): The Spotlight: Hollywood

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    On episode 48 we talk to Actor RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad & Switched at Birth)

    Actor RJ Mitte @RjMitte https://twitter.com/rjmitte http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2666409/

    Roy Frank "RJ" Mitte III is an American actor and producer. He is best known for his role as Walter "Flynn" White Jr. on the AMC series Breaking Bad. Like his character on the show, he has mild cerebral palsy.

    Hosts: Kinte, Tara Lynn Yardley Hickey 

    Productions information: 48 Actor RJ Mitte (4x03) 2/10/15

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    RJ Eskow & Andrew Jones • VS Sundays

    in Current Events

    Tonight we talk about the Ferguson Report and the persistence of institutional vestiges of Jim Crow--and its manifestation in Oklahoma.  Iran negotiations and Bibi's visit and the Republican modern Know Nothings' grasp of "foreign policy." Vanishing email and the implemenation of government transparency laws, viewed through the prism of Hilary's, Jebs, and the State Department email systems.

    DoJ's Ferguson Report (pdf)

    Vanishing email

    Embarassing letter


    Poltical satire from Culture of Truth. Jay Ackroyd moderates.

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    THOE - Prophet Mike Comer - Commitment I

    in Religion

    The House of Ephraim

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    THOE - Prophet Mike Comer - War for the Mind I

    in Religion

    The House of Ephraim

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    The Laws of Material Wealth with guest Stanley Comer

    in Spirituality

    Stanley Comer

    Stan will be "kicking off" a CRUSADE to help our Youth. It is called SAAVE (Students and

    Adults Achieving Victory as Entrepreneurs ). You can join SAAVE and he will put you on his for

    online presentations.

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    Richard Eskow & Dave Dayen • VS Sundays

    in Politics Progressive

    TPP. Why is the Transpacific Partnership the hill Obama is willing to die for?

    Why can't we have nice tihngs l? Why is it so difficult to implement obviously good public policy?

    Commentary from David Dayen  and RJ Eskow. With Jay Ackroyd. Political Satire from Culture of Truth. Follow @DDayen, @RJEskow, @JayAckroyd @Bobblespeak

    The 2015 Virtually Speaking Media Panel: Andrew Jerrell Jones, Avedon Carol, Cliff Schecter, David Dayen, Dave Johnson, David Waldman, digby, Gaius Publius, Joan McCarter, Marcy Wheeler, RJ Eskow, Stuart Zechman. Alternates: Susan Madrak, Sara Robinson, Spocko, Charles Lenchner.

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