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    All things Michigan State with Chris Vannini

    in Football

    There is a Big Ten game of some import this weekend, and to better understand it, we're chatting with Spartans expert Chris Vannini. We discuss whether this is a rivalary or not, Michigan State's 4th quarter troubles, what position groups they'll have the greatest advantage (and disadvantage), where Cook sits on the pantheon of great QBs across the country, and whether he'd like to fight a Joey Bosa sized Duck. Also, after the show, we break down some major Ohio State recruiting developments. 

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    Sports Reality Radio...BEARDOWN...Forte isn't a happy camper right now!

    in Sports

    Check out Rick and Curt this Saturday morning from 11am-12am for a pregame breakdown of the the biggest rivalary in the NFL, Bears vs Packers! If the Bears can't rush the ball Sunday are they in trouble? Matt Forte isn't happy about the rushing stats and blames blockers in so many words. We have the IHSA football power 20 rankings. St. Rita beat Mt. Carmel last week! And More!....Make sure you tune in and call and let us know YOUR REALITY! (347)838-8449! 

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    Episode II: Yammering Lew with Gavin: Gavin is BACK!!

    in Comedy

    Gavin and Lew talk about numerous topics such as Lew going WACKO in Vegas and losing 6.6 GEES on a 5 cent Monopoly slots machine!, the BLOOD rivalary or rather LACK of BLOOD lately between the two, thoughts on dating and online dating sites.  Also, Lew will discuss how his new yoga training is going.  Also, the phenomenon of HUMANZEES will be discussed.

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    ENCHSSPORTS Courtside- Wallace Rose Hill @ James Kenan

    in Basketball

    Join Garrett the guru at 7:30 pm on 2/10 for the county rivalary between Wallace Rose Hill and James Kenan. Broadcast time is 7:30 pm. (time subject to change) 

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    Black and Purple ReportMike Drakulich PittsburghSportsNation

    in Sports

    Mike Drakulich of Pittsburgh Sports Nation stops by "The Black and Purple Report to discuss week nine's Ravens-Steelers Sunday Night battle. Mike will be helping me preview Sunday night's game and what we can expect to see from both teams. Topics to be discussed include: week one' Ravens dominating 35-7 win over the Steelers, the latest injuries to Pittsburgh's James Harrison and Lamar Woodley, what the Steelers must do to beat the Ravens and the importance of this week's matchup going down the line concerning playoff positioning. Then, Chuck Finder, who covers the Steelers for CBS Sports stops by mid-way through the show to give the latest from Pittsburgh and will be talking about Sunday's game. Also, I'll be reflecting back on the week that was for the Baltimore Ravens and giving my two cents on what to expect Sunday night. Don't miss out on what should be another great show!

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    The Knee Jerks - Detroit Sports Talk with Eno and Big Al - Marvin Hagler Jr

    in Sports

    On tonight's show: We take a detour from your typical sports talk to interview Marvin Hagler Jr., son of the 4 time middleweight world champion, Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Marvin Jr. is set to step into the ring as he makes his Celebrity Boxing debut October 10 in Philadelphia. This bout is part of preparations for his big Celebrity Boxing match with Sugar Ray Leonard Jr. in February.

    Once we talk boxing and growing up with a famous farther with Hagler, we'll turn our thoughts to the past week of the Detroit Tigers. Obviously, the one game playoff in Minnesota's Baggiedome and the Miguel Cabrera "incident" will be prime topics.

    Also on tap for discussion are the Detroit Lions, and their one game losing streak, the in-state rivalary between MSU and Michigan, won by the Sparties and Eno and I try to figure out just what happened to the Red Wings in Sweden.

    To close the show, we'll also name our respective Jerk of the Week! Be here at 11PM every Monday night for the latest and greatest in sports talk...sports talk with a Detroit attitude!